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How Did You First Find CL?

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TicTacTash wrote:
I was actually looking for different colour palettes for powerpoint presentations I'm doing at work. I found the site on google, browsed through it, and I LOVED all the artistic inspiration! The beautiful combinations of colours, and textures created by every-day-people made me stay, and I LOVE it! :D
Kinda similar to me!
I needed a gradient - and quick!
Not a 2 hue gradient you can make with those online generators -
So I googled and stumbled here ^^'


I've know about the site for some time, and can't remember what brought me here, but it was probably a Google search or some Interweb linkage.

I joined up just recently, because of a friend that spoke long sentences about this site, containing many wonderful adjectives. And now I can see why :)


I found a link to it when I needed a colour program for something. Someone was helpful and linked me here. :)


I found it from a random blog I was reading! And it's been super fun, even though i've been here just 1-2 weeks :D


kudos to theme designers! they shared it to contacts:)


Just moved to a new flat and was searching for great colour combination for my sleeping room. So I found this site and I am really nosy ;)


Did a search for 'online interior designers' and 'online color specialists'


i was looking for a website i used a few years back: couldn't remember the name, so i found myself here. and boooooy am i happy


i wz actally googling beautiful patterns and i saw this AMAZING pattern!!! n den i reached here!!!


My friend linked me and told me I had to start making things (she was very insistent).


I was in a forum on and someone posted a palette and mentioned she made it here; I came over tonight and started making my own. :) I'm looking forward to playing more on here and talking with other lovers of color.


I play on many roleplay forums, or did at one point. I found a link to this place in their copyrights, for a background they had made to be used as a pattern background in one of their site banners. I remember it was a souleaters fan site.


I was on Twitter looking to change my background and in a roundabout way found myself here second day in a row. I think it's a great site. and plan to become more familiar with the application.

Thank you whoever developed this..


Nice. I hear they use our work for their wallpapers and themes. I havent used twitter but I'm guessing thats how you found us? Btw, I found Cl looking for a tool to help me build a palette for a website design =) Its been quite a find.


I found it through using Themeleon for Twitter.


I first found this site two or three years ago through a Google search, but rarely used it for much else but strictly academic schoolwork every so often. I always admired and appreciated it as a tool, but I started this year when I thought I might be able to create my own palettes and patterns and when I started to do some very novice art on the computer. It's an excellent tool for mapping out how colors look next to each other, but what really drew me was the amount of support people gave each other.


I was honestly looking for a different website, but it led me to this and wa-la!


I downloaded a wallpaper app called Pattern Wallpapers. I loved almost all of the patterns and found out in the apps about section that all of the wallpapers came from here. I finally decided to come here and check out what it was all about.


twitter , I was changing my background and found you guys
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"What a coincidence, they appeared when I started to be very active here, and hey look they give me explanation about what they WE/Are doing"
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DinkiDi wrote:
Me: Are you aware that advertising from your company is currently spamming an art and design website called
Dave: Hello! My name is Dave
Me: hi Dave
Dave: Where do you see that ?
Me: Does you company endorse spam advertising of its products?
the site iS
it's a community for artists and designers
yesterday someone created an account there and since then has been putting up an endless array of spam ads for your company
Dave: Not aware of this at all
Me: I can make you screenshots
it's giving your company a terrible reputation on the site I can tell you.
Dave: Would be great if you can provide with screenshots
Me: doing it now
Dave: Thanks
see all the ones I circled in red?
that is the spammer for your products
if anyone clicks on one of those, it redirects to your site
they have put in some sort of malicious code
atm they have almost brought the site to its knees
nOw, this is a big, worldwide community of artists and designers
Dave: Oh, I see now
Me: so I'm sure as a reputable company this is not what you'd want
Dave: I can tell you for sure that it is done not on our behalf. Most probably some of our affiliate wants to get more traffic. I will report this information to our managers
Thank you for this information
Me: thank you very much. It seems you have an affiliate doing you a lot of damage
I hope you manage to fix this
I'll let our community know, Dave
Dave: Are you related to this website anyhow or you use it as an artist?
Dave: Cause I see that it is done by account SpyMan
Me: yes that's the name the person took
I use it as an artist
I don't have any relationship to the site
just thought I'd try to see if we could do anything, as the spamming is driving us all nuts
Dave: Got it. Sorry for that. Hopefully would be fixed soon
Me: thanks again. Nice talking with you Dave
Posted 1 hour ago
daca inca ai contu de ce dracu faci altu

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