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How Did You First Find CL?

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Well for me it is easy... I found it in the back of my brain where good ideas (and lots of not so good ideas) come from.

I'm curious to know where all of you first found or heard about the site... so, how did you become a COLOURlover?


I typed in colour lover at

despise, this entry.
so I looked around for a bit and decided to join and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


clicked the link on some colourlover´s page. and soon got addicted :)


i found it on wikipedia, reading about colour.


I first heard of CL from some wickedly creative guy that I thought was little nuts. ;)


I use Mozilla firefox and the great add on called stumble, you tick your preferences i.e. graphic design and painting and wammo it sends up all these new randomly picked sites that relate to your likes..............and this one was a big winner my biggest problem will be moving on to the work I need to get done now I'm hooked


A friend of mine told me about that site during a msn chat session, so I checked, and I got hooked too.


Was reading an interesting post at Boing Boing... I followed the link to the point of origin which tuned out to be a Suicide Girls blog. Scrolling down past the original topic's entry, I saw a cool post about COLOURlovers. I clicked a link provided and the rest is history.


I was swindled into it!


The link was posted over at DigiShopTalk...a digital scrapbooking forum that I frequent :)


I *think* I googled color tools. That was forever ago. I just know I couldn't live without the site now :)


Through the kirupaforum aaages ago when you told us you owned the site :D


I met this guy at a starbucks. He had really crazy hair and I think he may have been half giant. Anyway he kept going on and on about this site and I decided to check it out.


A post somewhere on Kirupa…


In MyYahoo appeared suggestions of cool sites. I entered right then, but I registered about four months later, although I checked frecuently the site. I think I didn't understand qhat the site was really about. Then I got a COLOURaddict, ans still I am.


I found CL while I was on the google hunt for the colour scheme generator at


I found CL when I was asking in a german Board for good sites with colour palettes and such things. Now I´m here =)


I read about it in a magazine I picked up at a doctors office.


I read about it too... in a WebDesign, brazilian magazine. :D
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Posted 3 minutes ago
Hey, lovely people, let me ask you a question: do you ever experience the CL+ toolbar button fading out and saying Not connected for prolonged periods of time while you can browse COLOURlovers without any issues?
Seahorse Girl
Seahorse Girl
Posted 15 minutes ago
Seahorse Girl
Seahorse Girl
Posted 1 hour ago
Posted 7 hours ago
And had a wonderful time. Wendy and her husband took me there, hey have such a nice place and her husband Bill is really nice too. I've been so depressed so it it was very therapeutic to go!
Posted 11 hours ago
1. I don't care whether you support my campaign or not. Besides, thoughts of witch hunts, branding irons, welts, etc. are perverse, those pictures all come from you, I deny them. My ultimate rebuke, after a lot of explaining, and encouragement, tells someone I can't respect their actions because they violate my code of honor, after which I ignore them until they shape up. I don't go any further. So it's best you don't participate in the proposed action. If that is the way you think, I certainly would never hire you for faculty in a private school.

2. Damages in euros etc. I am not discussing. I'm talking about Art. Best practices, and originality. If someone doesn't care about those after mild and mannered discussion, when you confront them with date stamped proof of their actions, then I cannot further respect them as an artist. I'm free to speak my mind about that. That doesn't mean I want them to quit the site or go jump off a bridge, certainly not hang them. That just means I know how they behave going forward, and I'm free to form an opinion about them. People can form whatever opinion about me in return, based on my art, actions and deeds. I've worked hard to become an asset to this site. I like to think I have earned respect because of it. But I never count on it.

3. I don't care whether you could follow every minute of this discussion for two weeks. I don't care that my discussion about and endorsement of appropriate shame appears in a forum that appears around the world. That's what public forums are for. People should be able to speak their minds, right or wrong, and be able to freely make mistakes, or conversely, excellent points. When a topic has had no action for two weeks, you should understand it's a dead topic. If you revive it, you beat a dead horse, or you're trying to begin a new horse beating. I bet you didn't even look at the date. That is on you.

4. You are correct that memories attatched to shaming are carried for a long time, that is my point. "If my mother had caught me doing such a thing, she would have tanned my behind." "My old teacher would have had a heart attack." "My grandparents would be rolling in their graves." "My sister would have been so disappointed in me," etc. Those are generally good lessons, that we have internalized, admitted to, and grown past. Administered to us by people who care.

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