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How to convert Pantone to Benjamin Moore

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Does anyone know how to convert Pantone colours to paint colours like Benjamin Moore? I know theres a gadget out there that converts any colour to benjamin moore but it costs like $300. Does anyone know if there is a website that converts colours??
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Posted 15 minutes ago
Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce a new COLOURlovers Plus! update that's being rolled out to you all in the following days. The update is mostly a reaction to the broken sponsorship purchases that the community has been having to deal with recently, as well as some overall improvements in both usability and stability.

CHANGELOGVersion 2014.12.23
NEW ad blocking*
NEW sponsorship payment extra confirmation step
NEW quick notification settings
UPD various minor improvements

The above in a little more detail, for those interested:

*Ad blocking is a temporary addition to the extension's feature set, turned on by default. If you haven't heard yet, there have been long-unresolved issues with the purchase of sponsorships, and it is currently not possible to renew sponsorships nor to newly become a sponsor. Generally I'm very conscious about avoiding to negatively affect the revenue of COLOURlovers, but until sponsorships are available again, this feature is here to stay, for everybody.

I've added an extra confirmation step to the sponsorship purchase on the sponsor page to prevent unwanted payments.

A non-sponsorship-related addition is the new quick notification settings. You can now easily put CL+ on "do not disturb" from both the right-click context menu on any page, and the right-click menu of the extension's toolbar button. Slightly updated button styles make sure you know what kind of notifications to expect at all times.

Finally, I've tweaked the way clicking on the toolbar button opens up tabs, hopefully for the better. Your notifications and love notes now always open on new tabs, ensuring that you never lose any work in progress when you click on the button.

Updates are automatic. You can also make a clean install directly from the
Chrome Web Store™.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you run into any problems.

Happy holiday to you all, and thank you for using COLOURlovers Plus!
Posted 52 minutes ago
Posted 1 hour ago
I inherited my father's long black lashes, so I don't wear them. I tried them once for a party, and while they looked really cool, it was a bit much, so I don't really wear them. I could hardly see with all those eyelashes on plus my own, and ended up taking them off a couple of hours later. I'm pretty much a just-mascara girl, no eyeshadow or any other makeup, although when I was a teenager I liked brown shades for brow highlights, as I have black eyes and lashes. I would love to try this beading thing some time for fun, though, as I love vintage fashion and makeup styles. I read somewhere (can't remember which blog) that they still make a couple of brands of the beading paste, so maybe I'll try to find some and give it a try. Happy Holidays!
Posted 2 hours ago

Posted 2 hours ago
ya, I think I found that image, but not much info on this.
yesterday I bought gold and silver glitter eyeshadow from Sephora with a hot magenta lipstick, I think I'm gonna wear on Christmas. @Angkar, have you used fake eyelashes? I've never tried but would love to even though I have pretty long eyelashes. I think fake lashes look more dense.

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