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Opposites Contrast!

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Bold vs Pastel Old and New, Retro, Gothic and Conservative Ect!
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Worf Thaddeus
Worf Thaddeus
Posted 55 minutes ago
HI Ludi,

I will ask Darius to help you. <3

Ludi wrote:
Hi all,

I have a huge problem with my subscription... basically it ran out ages ago, but my account is still 'stuck' with all the subscription functions. Which is fine, except that because the subscription has technically run out, whenever I try to change any subscription features, it doesn't save anything. And because the system thinks I'm still subscribed, I don't have any way of renewing my subscription. So in a nutshell - my settings are all frozen and I can't either set them to default or change them at all.

Is there some way that I can 'unfreeze' my account and get my subscription renewed?

Any help will be much appreciated.


Posted 5 hours ago
3 above
2 below
Posted 6 hours ago

Song I Used to Know
know you are there
There Soon
soon enough
enough said

Next Word: Said

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