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Menswear - Textiles for Fall

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This is a hard one. I havent bought any european mags on menswear this year, feel out of touch... men can be sooo ultra conservative. i thought the man-skirt would fly but it didnt (McQueen's butcher apron in leathers was interesting, but a tad on the BDSM side - scarey) Anyway - random thoughts... lets start with the shirts... searching for some good approriate patterns...
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Posted 40 minutes ago
Yes I was wondering why I couldn't access her account, but if I remember correctly, I have come across this once or twice before with other users.
eighteyed wrote:
I don't think she's a spam account. I think she has a glitched account, which I have seen a few times here. Here's what I wrote:

To: Lady Witch Fraya
Just so you know, no one can click on your home page. It's a rare bug that can happen here. And worse, the site administrators won't be able to fix your account, because of all the spam and other issues that take priority. If I were you, I would make a new account, and tell everyone you have interacted with that you have a different account name. I don't know what is happening with your homepage, but if people can't click, they can't friend you. I'd like to be able to welcome you to the community... but I can't. So welcome, in an informal way!
Best Wishes,
Seahorse Girl
Seahorse Girl
Posted 2 hours ago
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Seahorse Girl
Seahorse Girl
Posted 3 hours ago
Posted 3 hours ago

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