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What are your favourite shoe brands.

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I feel as if I'm stuck in a bit of a style rut at the moment, as we hit the summer. Rather than buying another pair of Converse or Dr Martens from cloggs.co.uk, I want some new ideas. I'd rather buy shoes online. I like this site as it has free returns. It saves the hassle of traipsing around lots of shops only for the uninterested assistant to tell you they don't have your size in stock.

I'm a fashion student and unfortunately not Victoria Beckham. I'm on my feet all day and unfortunately have no personal chauffeur- so they need to be pretty practical. Any suggestions much appreciated.

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Posted 2 hours ago
i need help (and thank you in advance).

i made a palette and a pattern. how do i apply the palette to the pattern i made. both are separate right now. when i pick my pattern and say color it - it will only let me choose new colors not my created palette. when i do the reverse - pick my palette and choose pick a pattern and search - my pattern doesn't appear as an option. do i need to join them with another program?
Luna Rosa
Luna Rosa
Posted 4 hours ago
Posted 8 hours ago
D i t a *

Posted 9 hours ago
carriechez wrote:
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I have the same problem. I try again sometime later.
Posted 12 hours ago
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