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Find Color Synonyms with the HP Color Thesaurus

Find Color Synonyms with the HP Color Thesaurus

HP has been doing some very cool things around color lately. One thing I recently stumbled onto is their Color Thesaurus. You enter in a color name and it gives you 4 similar named colors and 4 opposite colors. I used the tool to create the basic color wheel info below, but dive in and find out what colors are similar to Rose, Grass, Aqua, Ivory, etc.


This is Red

Ruby Red
Crimson Red


This is Orange

Orange Juice
Pumpkin Pie
Burnt Orange


This is Yellow

Dirty Yellow
Greenish Yellow
Mustard Yellow


This is Green



This is Blue

Dutch Blue
Sky Blue


This is Blue


The HP On-Line Color Thesaurus

The results that are returned are a large color square with a rendering of the color if it was found. If the name was not found, for example “greeb” was entered, then the next nearest color name in terms of edit distance, in this case “green”, will be returned. So no you won’t have to remember how to spell fuchsia. In addition to the colored square are the corresponding RGB and hexidecimal values. Finally there is a note about how common the color name is. Below this are the color synonyms and antonyms. Each column has smaller color squares rendering the color names and the names with links so that you can easily click-through to these names. The results are based on analysis of 20,000+ color name database in English collected from a 20+ language ongoing online color naming experiment.

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Color Palettes in Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase)

Color Palettes in Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase)

Almost all of us use Adobe products in our professional and hobby design lives, but the new release of CS3 made it very hard for developers and websites like ours to allow users to get their palettes into the CS3 suite of products. CS3 uses a new format for storing color palettes aka schemes / swatches and Adobe kept their .ase file format a secret so that only Adobe Kuler could export to this format... Well, we're not very good about NOT sharing the color love... so Chris our skilled code engineer poured over all the specifications and documentation on the file format to figure out how to share that .ase love with everybody.

The Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) File Format - Source Code

For any other color lovers, developers or creative individuals who would like their applications and websites to be able to spit out .ase color palettes...

Here is the .ASE Source Code we are using.

Downloading .ase Color Palettes from COLOURlovers

COLOURlovers has over 200,000 user created palettes with more than 25,000 being added monthly. Not only is the community a creative and fun place to share color ideas... those ideas can be used in several professional design programs.

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The Color Sense Game from Pittsburgh Paints

The Color Sense Game from Pittsburgh Paints

I can't tell you the number of quizzes I've taken over the years trying to get an outside opinion about what's going on inside my head, but the ones I've found most interesting are those that ask questions of the senses -- other than sight -- to find your "inner" colour. No matter where you go, however, the underlying theme with all of these quizzes suggests colour in personality, or personality in colour.

By age five, almost all of us have a favorite colour. Associating ourselves with that colour, surrounding ourselves with it, and forsaking all others (at some point) is common place. But what if your favorite colour doesn't meet your inspirational needs? What if your energetic orange room doesn't let you relax? What if your deep blue room doesn't energize you? What if you need a different set of eyes to see what's missing? Looking to expand on the colors you already know any love? Here are some places you can go to find out just what to do.

The Voice of Color

the voice of color by pittsburgh paints   

Paint is the cheapest and most dynamic way to change a room. While accuracy is always called into question, what interests me most about this room colour test is its approach. Found here on our very own forum, Pittsburgh Paints brings their answer to the typical, over-simplifying colour-personality quiz by asking about what tastes, smells, textures, and principles you hold in the highest. With Pittsburgh Paints, it's all about you and your radically subjective world.

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Apartment Therapy: Fall Colors Contest

Apartment Therapy: Fall Colors Contest

Our friends over at ApartmentTherapy.com are putting their third annual fall colors contest to see who has the most color loving home. Win Up To $2500 from a total of $7500 in prizes to be awarded! - Thanks to subsomatic for reminding us.

How colorful is your home?

Apartment Therapy: Fall Colors Contest

WHAT: Our Fall Colors Contest is a contest for all color lovers. We're looking for the boldest, most beautiful, most colorful home in the world.

WHY: Color is a powerful part of interior design, and the cheapest way to change a room, but few feel comfortable using it. To inspire confidence, we're going to share all of the best color homes, tips and sources, worldwide.

I've Got Color! - Fall Colors Contest 2007

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Colors of the World’s Best First Class Experiences

Colors of the World’s Best First Class Experiences

Have you ever flown first class? Have you ever really wished you could? Well, the top ten from Forbes' World's Best First Class article seems to shoot down every actually-comfortable, well-padded seat I've walked past. From bed-chairs to private nooks, Heaven seems to recline at 40,000ft.

What are the Colors of a First Class Experience?

Taking a look at Forbes' Top Ten was almost like a journey itself, but not through airspace -- through color. The planes I've been on were all typically calming, hospital colors, but the concept photos from these airlines -- ranked tenth to first -- make me consider spending a little more money next time I fly, and a little more time shopping around, because all of the best colors are all around the world.


Qatar Airways

first class aboard Qatar Airways


Qatar First-Class

   qatar airways logo

Flying first-class here means access to a separate terminal in Doha that mimics a five-star hotel with several fine-dining restaurants, a medical center, and a spa with sauna and Jacuzzi. On board passengers get caviar service, full-size pillows, white linen mattresses, Australian wool blankets and Bulgari toiletry kits. The seats are 79 inches long, have 15-inch LCD screens and come with a 23-inch meal table that allows dining for two, just as in a restaurant.

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Color Inspiration: Where Did You Come From?

Color Inspiration: Where Did You Come From?

Because of the influx of immigrants to the United States since the very first ships carrying pilgrims arrived, it seems that people always think of their origin countries first, even three or four generations after their families have arrived. Although college loan applications, and even some job applications, have it narrowed down to African, Asian, Hispanic, and White, hearing labels like Irish-American or Japanese-American when describing oneself is not uncommon. What I always found difficult about this was that I would have to choose one country out of however many might be in my history.

chinatown market

Like most Americans, my bloodstream is a mess with heritage. I always say Irish, though I know there are a few Germans and a French Canadian swimming around in there. In fact, while thinking of this, family members appeared in my head scolding me for not remembering certain parts. So, let's get away from names and labels in order to avoid disappointing someone out there.

What colours represent your cultural heritage?

What colours are involved in the national flag?

Are there colours that have been accepted as representative colours other than the country's flag?

What colours are involved in the food? The drinks?

Create a palette and share your cultural background.

Here's one that I made:

blending of cultures

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Show Me What You’re Workin’ With

Show Me What You’re Workin’ With

Some of us were born into the internet on a T-1. Some of us still call Dell for help. Some of us built our own way into this place. Some of us get calls from relatives about how to fix the internet. Regardless of how, we all stepped in here at some point.

Today, I'm asking you to show me just that.

How do you get online?

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Better Health Comes in Quiet Colors

Better Health Comes in Quiet Colors

Whether you have insurance or not, whether you're in the worst pain you've every felt in your life or not, it always seems like an extra hassle to get better sooner, because that means waiting for an hour, filling out paper work. Talking. Everyone hates going to the doctor's office.

Except me.

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Colored in Your Favourite Place

Colored in Your Favourite Place

Starting with my annual hike on Earth Day, I try to spend at least one day every two weeks outside, hiking. During the summer months, this can escalate to maybe even twice a week, but I'm fortunate enough to have a sprawling national park very near to my home. I consider it one of my favourite places on Earth.

With all of the valleys in my area carved by glaciers, cliff tops are somewhat commonplace. Seen from below in the image below, these cliffs have spawned many daydreams, many stories, and many conversations.

below cliffs

Though typically it's the view that brings me there, the cave running from the top to the base is beautiful as well, and usually keeps cool when the summer days forget to bring breezes.

Got a favourite place where you go to find some quiet?

A place where you bring all your friends during the summer? The winter?

Got a favourite place to take photographs?

... got a favourite place?

Make a palette of its predominant colours and share it with us.

Here's what I came up with:

earth and sky

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Experience New Color

Experience New Color

Computer monitors are given a range of Red, Cyan, and Green to compose all the colours that we see. While it's not the primary colours we learn in elementary school, these are the colours our eyes work with.

Understanding that, the following article uses the concept of an afterimage to show you a colour that isn't in your monitor.

I'd almost wonder if someone has made the colour you're about to see in the image here. Just follow the instructions, and the brilliant colour comes easily.

See if you can capture the colour from the image's effects.

Make a colour based on what you see, and post it here.

Share what you see.

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