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Technicolor Fashion: The Royal Tenenbaums

Technicolor Fashion: The Royal Tenenbaums

Once a month, we'll be taking a look at fashion in film--characters, colors and costume design. Working together to create a believable persona, in the movies, the clothes often quite literally make the man--or, in the case of today's film, they make the boy (or girl) the man (or woman) used to be.

Director Wes Anderson's 2001 The Royal Tenenbaums centers on the dysfunctional Tenenbaum family (loosely based, Anderson has said, on the Glass family of most of J.D. Salinger's novels). Each of the once-great family members has, as the movie starts, fallen from great potential at an earlier point in life, and the film follows the family as it tries to rise--or at least reshape--again.

Part of the characters' intense internal struggles is externalized in Anderson's typically stylized world by the iconic looks put together by costume designer Karen Patch, who worked with Anderson on films prior to The Royal TenenbaumsBottle Rocket and Rushmore.

"In every film there’s a place to make a character stand out in an iconic way, but you have to find the right place," Patch said in a 2008 article in W magazine. "You have to be careful because a year after you design something, when the film comes out, a look could be over. So you want to do something quite classic."

For the Tenenbaum children, Patch selected looks both classic in terms of real time--1970's-inspired pieces still relevant for the 2000s--and classic in terms of the characters' pasts.


Margot (the adopted daughter), Chas and Richie--grown when the film starts--were, viewers find out, a group of talented kids. Margot wrote and staged plays, Chas was a financal genius, and Richie was a tennis prodigy. But as they grew, their early success stalled out, and, like their parents, they're each in a rut. Their situations are easily spotted with a quick glance at the adult wardrobes, which really aren't all that different from the childhood wardrobes.

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Print Pairing with The Glamourai's Kelly Framel

Print Pairing with The Glamourai's Kelly Framel

In late 2008, stylist and designer Kelly Framel thought she had something to contribute to the growing personal-style blog community. And considering the response to TheGlamourai.com, which Framel started in September that year, it seems the style blog community agrees–Framel's carved out a reputation for herself, her style and the bold, statement jewelry she creates with new and vintage materials (she loves vintage herself, though we'll get to that in a minute).

"Because of my blog, I’ve made like-minded friends all over the world, worked with brands I never thought possible, launched my jewelry line, and redefined my career and role in the fashion world," Framel said. "It requires more time and hard work than I ever imagined, but at the same time it is so rewarding."

Framel's also gained a reputation in the blog community for innovative color and pattern-mixing, revealed in even the briefest of glances through the photos of Framel's everyday costumes, as she calls them. She's offered mini tutorials on the art–which can be one of dressing's trickiest–on her own blog, and she kindly stops by the Fashion Channel today to give us a few tips and tricks, as well as a heap of pretty photographic inspiration.



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Etsy's Inspirational Palettes: Spectrums of Green

Etsy's Inspirational Palettes: Spectrums of Green

The wonderful Etsy team invited our Fashion Editor, Lindsey to  pick out some of her favorite greens on Etsy right now. See the original in the Etsy blog.

Lindsey Baker, a.k.a. heroinepretend (name is from a Belle & Sebastian song!), is the editor of COLOURlovers' Fashion Channel and a style columnist for Omaha, Nebraska's alternative newsweekly Shout!, among other writerly things. Visit her at COLOURlovers.

Colloquially, the word "green" is as complex as the color can be itself: it represents envy and the healthy-heart chakra alike, acidic and sweet by turns, inexperience and growth simultaneously. If it can be boiled down to any one thing, perhaps green would be, simply, life. And maybe that's why we yearn for it every spring, revel in it all summer, and bring it inside when the seasons change. A constant reminder of freshness and serenity, green offers us an instant connection to our natural environment — undoubtedly why it's the token color of the eco-friendly movement.

With three green-hued color palettes from COLOURlovers as inspiration, these Etsy picks reflect just a handful of the moods the colors evoke.

"Jet Screamer"


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COLOURlovers Love Style

COLOURlovers Love Style

The proof is in the number of community groups that draw color inspiration from all things fashion–what members are wearing, what they see in magazines and on runways, what designers they love, and what muted, bright and brilliant palettes and patterns they dream up.

Today we're looking at just a handful of the style-minded groups here at COLOURlovers. Don't see yours? Tell us all about it. Starting one of your own? We'd love to know about it, too. In the meantime, here's what some of the fashion-inclined color lovers are up to.

Foto Decadent


Inspired by editorial shots in the Livejournal community of the same name, Foto Decadent turns the avant-garde into unexpected couture palettes and patterns. Lovers typically attach a photo of their inspiration, too; here's a brief sampling of what's in the group's repertoire right now.

Business_Class Old_Era

Colours I am wearing today

The unofficial style diary of COLOURlovers, Colours I am wearing today offers its 141 current lovers a way to share their daily ensembles--at least from a color standpoint--with fellow lovers. Lovers are encouraged to detail which colors and patterns match which items of their wardrobes, but that isn't a requirement. Sometimes, an idea based on the color choices and titles alone can be inspiration enough.

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MAC Cosmetics' Spring Color Forecast. What's Yours?

MAC Cosmetics' Spring Color Forecast. What's Yours?

MAC Cosmetics has released its spring color trend forecast, and all hands on the radar are pointing toward saturated brights: cheery, popsicle pink; citrusy coral; rich, reddish plum; and warm amber.


hot_pink avilluk_lovers_red

plum_wine Amber_E28129

The pale side of each spectrum is represented as well for those who prefer a subtler attitude:

pale_pink pale_coral

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Technicolor Fashion: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Technicolor Fashion: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Once a month, we'll taking a look at fashion in film--characters, colors and costume design. Working together to create a believable persona; in the movies, the clothes often quite literally make the man. And in some cases, they make the real life looks we love for years afterward, much like the iconic heroine of today's film in question, Breakfast at Tiffany's.


Based on Truman Capote's 1958 novella of the same name, Breakfast at Tiffany's was brought to the silver screen by director Blake Edwards in 1961. The story follows the perhaps unlikely romance between writer Paul Varjak, portrayed by George Peppard, and gold-digger/wannabe-socialite Holly Golightly, portrayed by Audrey Hepburn.

Holly boasts an extensive wardrobe, and the most famous piece in it appears in what's one of the most recognizable scenes in American film history: the opening shot, in which we see Holly eating a pastry out of a paper bag, ostensibly on her way home from an all-night party.


The black, floor-length dress Holly wears--paired with over-sized black sunglasses and a massive draped pearl necklace--are our introduction to the lineup of ensembles designed for Hepburn by Hubert de Givenchy. The Italian designer dressed Hepburn in nearly all of her films, and the idea of every outfit was the same: simple, functional pieces with an emphasis on line and shape.

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Tokyo's Most Colorful Style Silhouettes

Tokyo's Most Colorful Style Silhouettes

In the past, we've brought you on a visit to Tokyo's famed Harajuku district, where Japan's youth show off their flair and individuality by dressing in brilliantly colorful costumes and strutting their stuff for an always willing cameraman or two, but haven't you wondered if perhaps there's more to Japanese style than just girls who look like living dolls?

Tokyo's cutting edge fashion sense certainly doesn't stop at the borders of Harajuku. Allow me to take you on a tour of the beautiful styles of the various districts!



Ginza's fashion is comparable to that of modern metropolitan cities such as New York. If you visit the main boulevard that runs through the district (called Chuo-Dori), you will see such fashion landmarks as the ten story Chanel flagship  store which boasts a gigantic video screen for fashion shows, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Cartier and more. In other words, Ginza is about high-end indulgence, so bring your credit cards!

[Luke Robinson]


Shinjuku fashion is much more relaxed in comparison to Ginza's. Girls favor colored stockings, frilly tops and skirts, hats, boots and long, oversized pieces to complement. Layers are key, as with most experimental Japanese fashion. It's easy to see why these girls always look so ahead of the times. You'll also see the new "Forest Girl" trend in full effect there. Leave it to Japan to transcend all the usual trends and invent their own!

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Green Goddess

Green Goddess

I don't know what the weather's been like in your neighborhood, but it's been too cold and too snowy for too long in mine. At least two months ago, I changed my Gmail background to bright green grass, because, well, I haven't seen any for so long. I'm counting down the days to spring--but I think, before it gets here, I can add a little green to my closet to get my fix.

Fortunately for green lovers, spring fashion offerings include a healthy dose of the color, from one end of its spectrum to the other. Seafoam, celery, turquoise, kelly, hunter--all the greens are available, and they're all easier to work with than you might think. Pair brights with fellow bright colors--purple, blue, raspberry--or pretty pastels. Mix and match pastel greens with brights, but steer clear of multiple pastels. Layered, varied pale colors will date you--or make you look like an Easter egg. If you do want to go all pale, choose coordinated pieces for a monochromatic look.

Today, I've scouted out five spring finds--a cardigan, dress, handbag, pair of rain boots and necklace--and put each together with another piece, along with color inspiration, to help you find your inner green goddess.

Anthropologie From-the-Green Cardi, $128; J. Crew Broken-in boyfriend chino short, $49.50.

Anthropologie From-the-Green Cardi, $128J. Crew Broken-in boyfriend chino short, $49.50.
A 1950s-inspired cardigan gets a modern boost from loosely fitted, breezy shorts. Add a pair of basic red flats and a slouchy T-shirt for weekend errands and backyard get-togethers.

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Get Creative With Wardrobe Remix

Get Creative With Wardrobe Remix

Some fashionistas have a simple approach: buy well-made pieces by reputable designers, add to closet, mix and match and go. It's a simple formula, and there's certainly nothing wrong with it as it often produces a very polished silhouette. However, some fans of all things stylish may find this straightforward buy-and-wear process doesn't suit them and they need something more to channel their creative tastes. A little bit of do-it-yourself, if you will.

If you consider yourself in this latter group, you may find you spend your time making your own scarves, buying basic pieces and modifying them, nosing through your local thrift stores in search of treasure, or always on the hunt to find a way to share your creations. Sure, you can sell them on Etsy, but what if you would prefer to share them with other DIY fashion fans, perhaps share ideas?

Enter Wardrobe Remix, a DIY street fashion community started by Tricia Royal in September of 2005. Since its inception, the Flickr group has ballooned up to 14,500 members and welcomes head-to-toe shots of whatever your heart desires when it comes to stylish ensembles. It's a great way to meet other fashion-savvy DIY crafters, as well as discover new blogs and show off your own creative vision (many well-known fashion bloggers  have gotten their start posting there as well). Here are a few of the group's standout entries of late -- we hope you enjoy them!

[jayandlaura] [Blog]

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RYZ Shoe Design Contest: Winners Announced

RYZ Shoe Design Contest: Winners Announced

One thing this community isn't short of is creativity around playing with color. Using our pattern tool to make designs for a RYZ shoe helped create more than 1,500 contest entries. As with any contest with so many great entries, choosing an overall winner was near impossible. We used your votes (more than 20,000) and our panel of judges to make the hard decision... and the winner is:

Suwaili by Darkstar

You can Pre-order the COLOURlovers shoe here.

Along with the grand COLOURlovers winner, there was also one original pattern winner:
Polygon Camo by MEKAZOO

This original pattern will be added to our library of patterns for your enjoyment.

Thanks to all our lovers for participating in this great contest. We look forward to working with RYZ more in the future and finding new and interesting ways to use our pattern maker to color your real lives.

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