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ColorSchemer Touch: Overview & Giveaway

ColorSchemer Touch: Overview & Giveaway

Many of you know about our COLOURlovers iPhone App - ColorSchemer Touch, but do you know all you can do with it? I wanted to do a quick highlight of all it's features, so let's get down to it!

At this point in development, ColorSchemer Touch allows you to do the following:

Peruse COLOURlovers current Palette Creations... tapping once on a palette will bring you to the Palette information.

Palette Information includes author, loves, views, comments, rank and when it was created along with the colors used.

Full Screen - To get a bigger and more beautiful show all this palette has to offer, just tap on it (again in the information screen) and it will expand full screen. WOW!

Color information includes the COLOURlovers original titles as the default display.

Just tap once over the color area to display the Hex Values for each color, tap again to see the RGB values and another tap brings you back to the original titles.

Creating Palettes in So Many Ways!

There are so many cool tools for creating your own palettes!

  • - Use the standard color wheel
  • - Play around with LiveSchemes (which may need it's very own post to cover how cool it is)
  • - Use PhotoSchemer to grab colors from photos you have on your iPhone (or take a new photo).
  • - Or use the Spectrum

And Yes, you can make palettes with varying widths!

When you're done making a palette, why not share it?!

I'll end with answering some questions that might or have already come up...

  • - Yes, we're hoping to develop an Android version at some point in the future.
  • - Yes, eventually it will have more COLOURlovers site features on it (such as perusing patterns!).
Do you have additional questions? Feel free to ask!

The Grand Giveaway!

WeI'd like to give away FIVE copies of ColorSchemer Touch! Tell us how you would use the app if you had a copy and how much you dearly want it. :)

If you already own it, please feel free to let us know how you use it!

You have until Friday, July 22nd, 2011. Entries will stop at 1pm (USA PST).

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Palettes used in this tutorial:
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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Successful Color Combinations

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Successful Color Combinations

There are some colors, when paired together, that just look good. They make sense, they match. There are also those colors which, put side by side, make your eyes burn. Ok, maybe not actually burn, but you know what I mean.

The question is: why? Why do certain color combinations look serene or exciting and others garish or completely boring? I want to explore the why of color combinations, some of the science and some of the psychology and how you, as a business person, can put those colors to work for you.

Covering Some Color Basics - Intro to Color Theory 101

Before we dive into the “why” of certain color schemes and how to use them to speak to your potential clients, let’s cover some color basics to make sure we’re all on the same page. COLOURlover pros and veterans, feel free to jump to the next section.

For the purpose of this post, I’ll be using the Red/Yellow/Blue color model as the primary colors on our subtractive color wheel (this subtractive wheel is what painters and artists use). For a look at the use of the Cyan/Magenta/Yellow color model used by printers, feel free to take a look at our recents posts discussing RGB versus CMYK conversions.

The Red/Yellow/Blue color model is what most of us grew up learning. Arranged in correspondence with the wavelengths of light, the original color wheel was invented by Isaac Newton. We wrote a complete history of the various color wheels recently, if you are curious and want to know more.

The color wheel that most are familiar with usually looks like this:

Secondary colors on this wheel are made by combining 2 primary colors. Likewise, tertiary colors are formed by mixing a primary and a secondary hue.

Source: Eva Williams

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Fashion to the Rescue: Japan Relief

Fashion to the Rescue: Japan Relief

I think we can all agree that fashion lives in a pretty little bubble, untouched by the issues that we as its consumers must face on a daily basis.  But where there is art there is heart and the fashion industry is no exception.

Due to the disaster that recently devastated Japan, the country is in desperate need of assistance from the global community, and many designers and online retailers have joined forces with aid organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Proceeds from sales of select items will go to these groups among others!

Threadless.com Rebuild Japan Tee's. 100% of net proceeds from the sale of this tee will go to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund.



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Threadless + Steven Alan Pattern Design Challenge: Using Seamless

Threadless + Steven Alan Pattern Design Challenge: Using Seamless

Threadless, well known for it's community-designed, community-picked (aka "scored") t-shirt designs, is partnering up with Steven Alan for a fun, Fall Pattern Design Challenge. We LOVE Threadless because they empower artists and create portholes of success, no matter who you are or where you are at in your art career/hobby. In turn, this produces a wide range of awesomely unique clothing for the rest of us to wear.

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Spring 2011 Dresses: 60's Housewife Trend

Spring 2011 Dresses: 60's Housewife Trend

Spring is here and to usher in the warmer weather, feast your eyes on these lovely spring dresses. Some upcoming color trends that you can expect to see are uplifting and energizing colors like coral and magenta. You will also see some soft, pastel hues like lilac and sage and nautical colors like cobalt blue and aqua. The classic muted, subtle tones like black and white are almost always in style and this spring is no exception.






One of the biggest trends is the 50s and 60s silhouettes coming back. (Think Jackie Onassis Kennedy and full 50s prom skirts.) The 60s housewife look is definitely hitting the runway in sheath hourglass-shape dresses that cinch in the waist and hips. Other current trends to look out for include lace, crochet, macrame, asymmetrical necklines, and tail hems (that's when the back of the dress is longer than the front.)

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Vibrant, Muted or In-between? - Spring 2011

Vibrant, Muted or In-between? - Spring 2011

The serene and cozy, but heavy and monotonous black, blue, grey and brown shades of Winter are melting from our minds and we're ready for those bright, warm colors of Spring. Undoubtably, we won't be short on color options, and telling from these three designers not everyone is on the same page when it comes to Spring colors. So, we'll just have to wait and see what colors flourish on the street this spring.

Mini Market

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Inspiration: The Last Range of Colours by Miles Aldridge

Inspiration: The Last Range of Colours by Miles Aldridge

The Last Range of Colours by Miles Aldridge was shot for Vogue Italia back in 2007. These playful, ultra saturated photos are quite fun despite the confused, uninterested, insensate, comatose, insensible looks of the models--all great adjectives, and pretty much the complete opposite of any that would be used to describe these colors.

Click on any of the images to create your own palette.

the_last_color_range the_last_color_range

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Rocking Color on New Year's Eve

Rocking Color on New Year's Eve

If there's any good excuse for a new party dress, it's New Year's Eve. Once the holidays wind down--after the family get-togethers are over and the kitchen is finally clean--the last day of the year arrives with no obligation other than to celebrate the year that's passed. It's a true celebration, and maybe that's why ladies trend toward the brightest, shiniest, most fun components of their wardrobes. Of course, there are different kinds of New Year's Eve parties, and several go-to fashion sites have recommendations at the ready. The Fashion Spot has a few ideas for formal and casual events, WhoWhatWear helps you transform pants and skirts into party-worthy ensembles--New York Times style reporter Eric Wilson even offers dressing advice from a few drag queens: "I think feeling your very best is knowing that you’re comfortable in everything you’re wearing," said DJ Lina Bradford. "Having something too tight or that you’re not feeling is a no-no." Because around here, we feel color, I've culled 10 bright cocktail dresses to get your wardrobe creativity flowing. My advice? Find something you'd want to wear again, doll it up with a pile of bangles or a big crystal necklace, and have a great time.

[Gryphon, Rag & Bone; http://www.shoplesnouvelles.com]
Happy_New_Year! Happy_new_Year_[3]

New_Years_Eve happy_new_year

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Technicolor Fashion: Marie Antoinette

Technicolor Fashion: Marie Antoinette

Once a month, we'll be taking a look at fashion in film--characters, colors and costume design. Working together to create a believable persona, in the movies, the clothes often quite literally make the man. Or, in the case of today's character, they make the 18th-century queen-to-be.

Marie_Antoinette Marie_Antoinette

Director Sofia Coppola's 2006 Marie Antoinette is loosely based on the real life of its title character, the Archduchess of Austria who married Louis-Auguste, the Dauphin of France, in 1770 at the age of 14. In history and in the film, the marriage isn't consummated--a sticking point in the story. Instead, Marie (portrayed by Kirsten Dunst), who has little political sway and finds herself frustrated with life at court, throws herself into more frivolous pleasures--clothing, gambling and makeup. When the king of France passes in 1774, the Dauphin (portrayed by Jason Schwartzman) becomes king--making Marie Antoinette the new queen.

Versailles Marie_Antoinette

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Drawing Art from Fashion

Drawing Art from Fashion

Another inspirational set of fashion illustrations is on display, this time at London's Design Museum. "Drawing Fashion," featuring works from the collection of Joelie Chariau, founder of Germany's Galerie Bartsch & Chariau, is the first exhibition in London to be devoted to fashion drawing over the last 100 years. The drawings showcase 20th- and 21st-century looks sketched by illustrators such as Erté, Lepape, Antonio, René Gruau and Mats Gustafson for houses including Chanel, Dior, Comme des Garçons, Viktor & Rolf, Lacroix, and Alexander McQueen.

[Lingerie, Antonio for Elle France, 1966; At Home, Antonio for New York Times Magazine, 1967]

Fishnet_Stockings French_plaid

ce_nest_pas_de_la Yellow_Submarine

"I have always responded to drawing as strongly as to finished paintings as they show us the working of the artist's mind so clearly, and I have always loved fashion drawing for the same reason--plus the fact that the good ones show us the way the designer's mind also works," said the show's curator, fashion historian Colin McDowell. "True fashion drawing has a very special role in fashion creativity--something rather forgotten today by many of the slick illustrators who have a certain skill but nothing at all to say with it. A good drawing illuminates the clothes not only for the public but frequently for the fashion designer himself. The works on show at the Design Museum have been carefully selected to show fashion drawings not as mindless exercises in empty technique but as works of art in their own right."

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