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The Colors of Fernando Brízio: Renewable Clothing

The Colors of Fernando Brízio: Renewable Clothing

Turin has been named 'design world capital for 2008,' and one of the many exhibitions running this year is 'flexibility - design in a fast changing society.' The idea behind the show is this: since it is predicted that 90% of the worlds population will be living in cities by the year 2050, the already complex life of cities will rise to an even more complex state, and we will need designs to meet our increasingly complex needs. One designer at the exhibit in particular has grabbed the blog world's attention, thanks to coverage by designboom, with the creation of his unique "renewable fashion."

Photo by muscolinos

Fernando Brízio's 'renewable fashion' is a customizable, and reusable, dress where the color pattern is created by placing felt tip markers in pockets placed all over the dress. After placing your collection of markers in your dress, just sit back, have a drink or two, and watch as your dress becomes a unique expression of yourself and your maker collection. When you get tired of you color scheme or your markers start to dry up, just throw it in a wash and your back to a new palette.

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Color Lovin’ Your Sneakers: Custom Kicks

Color Lovin’ Your Sneakers: Custom Kicks

As any cool kid will tell you, the most important palette you can wear is on your sneakers. Luckily, most of the shoe industry is right on track with the newly developing long-tail, Limited Edition, Artist Series, Custom Designed and DIY markets, which includes any color lover who has the perfect palette to show off on the streets.

Custom Sneakers


Most of the major brands have jumped on the DIY sneaker design track, but not all the sites are the same. While I didn't go through every shoe site, here are a few that even if you are not about to buy a new pair of shoes, will at least keep you busy and distracted as you go through all the colorway options available.



  • Shoes: 12 styles
  • Materials: Canvas, Suede, Leather
  • Colors: 30 colors and patterns
  • Delivery Time: 2 to 4 weeks
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Summer Swimwear Color Palettes

Summer Swimwear Color Palettes

There is no better time to show off color than during the summer, and many designers are doing just that. Taking the cue of the summer season, designers are creating some very inspiring color palettes for us to enjoy. Here are a few of the more dramatic and bold color palettes that, if worn, will expose any true color lover.



Insight's personality encompasses a lifestyle that surrounds everything surf, skate, art, music, fashion and popular culture. They just want to design clothing that they themselves would want to wear. It isn't high science, however they do have good ideas and good ideas can be priceless and that is one (of the many) secrets behind the labels success.



Classic, fun, feminine, and sexy are what Shoshanna is all about in creating her signature swimwear and apparel. So no matter what season it may be, dive into something new.

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Color Inspiration: Tattoos

Color Inspiration: Tattoos

Tattoo artists face a unique set of challenges when it comes to color. A canvas such as skin, each with its own unique tone, will seemingly change the appearance of every color used. For the tattoo artist, taking into consideration and working with the natural tones of each individuals skin creates a unique challenge. However, it doesn't deter them from creating inspiring color palettes that are even more stunning when complimented by the clients natural tones.

Header image by Adventure Addict

Here is a selection of tattoos, accompanied by a few words by each artist, from the top four artists' galleries (based on a secret algorithm) from tattooartists.org.

Alli MacGregor

I tattoo out of Inspired by Ink in Columbus, Ohio. I like to do neo traditional, big bold color work as well as color realism.

img    Swallows & Flowers
This is a large tattoo on the ribs of a girl from Kansas City. We went with swallows and small flowers to keep the image simple and feminine.



img    Gem Owl
I had a lot of fun with this piece. I tattoo a lot of owls and this piece was a bit different for me.



Alli MacGregor
I started this sleeve at the Dayton Gem City Heart Attack convention. The images depicted are from the movie Princess Mononoke. As you can see we have a lot more to go. I had a lot of fun with this. I am thrilled to be doing this piece because Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most amazing animation directors in the world and his movies display so much beauty.

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Summer Dress Color Palettes

Summer Dress Color Palettes

There is no better time to show off color than during the summer (apologies to those of you in the other hemisphere), and many designers are doing just that. Taking the cue of the summer season, designers are creating some very inspiring color palettes for us to enjoy. Here are a few of the more dramatic and bold color palettes that, if worn, will expose any true color lover.

If you ladies, and adventurous gentlemen, are wondering where I might have come across such a selection of dresses, my search started at NOTCOUTURE, from there I ran into a few online boutiques which can be seen when you click on the image/designer links.

Dress by Wenlan Chia

Twinkle designer Wenlan Chia's collection takes feminine dressing to a new level. Expect whimsical designs with bold patterns and bright colors.

Dress by Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci, was an Italian fashion designer and politician. He and his eponymous company are synonymous with geometric prints in a kaleidoscope of colors.

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Peacocks Of Fashion: The Brightly Colored Shoe

Peacocks Of Fashion: The Brightly Colored Shoe

There are many women in the world that will never be caught dead in anything other than a tan or black shoe. As a woman, I understand the importance of such staples in one's collection, but somehow feel my life would be a little less fun without the brightly colored shoes that are in mine. Of course, women's shoes in general have a long history, and they have meant many things to both men and women alike. A shoe can match a bag, complement an ensemble, or make a bold statement all on its own. Here are a few insights into the colors of shoes (and what they sometimes communicate).

Photo by kalandrakas

The red shoe
Depending on who you talk to, a woman who wears red shoes is either brave and fashionable or she is advertising her status as a lady of the night. It's amusing to think there could be such contrasting reactions, but red tends to make a statement in all types of fashion, and shoes are no exception. Many women view red shoes as a symbol of power, much like a feminine version of a men's "power tie". To date, if a woman chooses to wear any brightly colored shoe outside of her basic neutral choices, it tends to be a red shoe.

Photo by PinkMoose

The primary shoe
You don't see a lot of shoes in primary shades on women, and there's a reason -- it takes a very specific type of personality to pull it off. Not unlike the colors themselves, a shoe in a primary shade is attention-grabbing, and unless a woman focuses on collecting clothing to complement such footwear, it's likely shoes of the same hue will sit in the back of the closet. With the recent popularity surge in eighties-inspired fashions, primary colors for the feet have made a bit of a comeback, but who knows how long they will will stick around.

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Color Inspiration: Umbrellas

Color Inspiration: Umbrellas

The umbrella or parasol, brolly, gamp, parapluie and bumbershoot, as it is also known in other names, is one of man's oldest artifacts. Its long history spans great empires and interminable distances, and has been on record since there were records for things to be on. The history dates back just far enough that there is no conclusive evidence or agreement among brolliologists, those who study umbrellas, of the its true origin. Nor is it agreed upon whether it was first used as protection from the sun or from the rain.

Below is a wonderfully interesting article about umbrellas that I found over at the Big Site of Amazing Facts, mixed in with a little color inspiration.

482438_316460b100.jpgPhoto by dearootumbrella 1

The umbrella is so old that brolliologists can't agree on its origin, or decide whether it was first used for protection from the rain or the sun. They do know that it was employed as an item of religious and ceremonial regalia from the earliest days of ancient Egypt. Egyptian mythology held that the visible sky was actually the underbelly of a god stretched from one end of the earth to the other like an immense umbrella. Hence, in contemporary art, priests and Pharoahs were often placed in the shade of an umbrella to symbolize royal and religious power.

Assyrian tablets dating from 1350 B.C. depict a king leading his retinue while servants shade the royal head with a long-handled parasol. In India, a religious group known as the Jains called their ultimate heaven of perfected souls by a name that translates as "The Slightly Tilted Umbrella."

2427520147_d457d3c9f8.jpgPhoto by Elizabeth Thomsenumbrella 9

The early Greeks used the umbrella as a symbol of productivity and sexual aggression, usually associated with the god Bacchus, and they carried umbrellas in many of their parades and festivals. In later centuries, the Greeks put the umbrella to a more utilitarian use as a sunshade, and developed sunshade hats similar to the sombrero.

The Romans, too, used parasols against the sun. Women attending chariot races in the amphitheatre sometimes dyed their parasols to denote their favorite chariot team. If you've ever attended a football game in drizzly weather and have been annoyed to no end by umbrellas blocking your line of vision, you may find it comforting to know that the Romans had a similar problem at their games, with a hot dispute over parasol use finally decided by the emperor Domitian, in favor of the sunshade.

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Color Inspiration: Fixed-gear Bikes

Color Inspiration: Fixed-gear Bikes

The reasons to ride a bike are aplenty: infinite MPG, exercise, no pollution, and my favorite, no sitting in traffic. While bikes can't offer a solution to every commuting situation, bike communities around the US have been growing, and so have the number of custom color palettes found on bikes.

Looking through the gallery at Fixed Gear Gallery it was easy to find inspiring color palettes from the thousands of user uploaded images of fixed-gear bikes. Here are a few:

bike 1

Bikes are a great canvas to showcase color compositions, and it doesn't just have to be about painting your frame, with simple color additions in the way of grip tape or saddles, down to the tiniest component, there are many ways of creating a unique color palette, one that could even inspire the people stuck in traffic to ride a bike.


bike 2bike 3

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The Colors Of wear palettes

The Colors Of wear palettes

We love color lovers, especially when they love COLOURLovers, and extra especially when they integrate COLOURlovers into their love of spreading the love of color. Such as, our member wearpalettes.

There once was a blog named The Sartorialist who changed the way fashion was viewed and how trends were passed along from city to city, for the better, we hope, as we hope all things are for the better.

One day, a graphic designer by the name of Daniel thought it would be a good idea to archive the inspirational colors of the clothing that he was seeing. Daniel turned to The Sartorialist and their archive of photos to start his journey into the creation of wear palettes. Little did he know that such an idea, was such an idea. One that would touch the hearts of so many, simply with color.

This is the story of daniel and the blog wear palettes.

The Sartorialist

About Wear Palettes

wear palettes is a blog for color and fashion inspiration. Drawing from the archives of street fashion photos from The Sartorialist, the blog has collected nearly 1600 different palettes, and allows you to search the archive using 22 different tags, if you are looking for color specific inspiration. The creator behind wear palettes is Daniel, a Swiss graphic design student who first had the idea of a clothing color database for one of his school projects.

I sat down with Daniel, at our respective computers located halfway across the world from eachother, to have an intimate chat about wear palettes, COLOURlovers, and fashion.

The Sartorialist

COLOURlovers Meets wear palettes

COLOURlovers:Tell me about wear palettes?

Daniel: It is a collection, a database of palettes taken from The Sartorialist street fashion pictures. It has almost 1600 units and I update it everyday. Also, the palettes are categorized by color and you can sort through the palettes for colors you are looking for.

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The Art Of Tokidoki

I'll never forget the first time I discovered Tokidoki. It was about two years ago, and I was walking in downtown San Francisco with a friend when I saw a girl walking down the street in front of me carrying a Tokidoki bag. Being a fan of cute art and vivid colors, I followed her (discreetly!) for several blocks, trying to identify more about her fantastic purse. Of course, it wasn't long until I had solved the mystery, and soon enough I had more Tokidoki bags than I would ever need.

Italian Tokidoki creator Simone Legno founded his company in 2005 with the help of business partners Pooneh Moohajer and Ivan Arnold. The word Tokidoki means "sometimes" in Japanese, which Legno gives more background on in the form of a little enclosure card that comes with the majority of Tokidoki products. His story started back in 2003, when Pooneh Moohajer and her husband Ivan discovered Legno's website. Pooneh was the co-founder of popular cosmetics line Hard Candy, and she saw something distinctly marketable in Legno's design style.


Legno released his first collaboration with the company Le Sportsac in Spring 2006. The bags met a tremendous reaction from fans, who soon were rabid to collect any and all things Tokidoki. To this day, the bags that are out of print fetch up to $400 on Ebay. There are also multiple fan sites who categorize all the releases and aid collectors in finding the bags they want to add to the burgeoning collections. The best of these is Tokidoki blog, which not only updates on the bags but all the other collectibles as well. It's an excellent place to begin if you find you have a gnawing hunger to own one of these delightful creations.


Legno's signature style caught the eye of the designer toy world quickly as well, and soon many collectible sculptures were available. While he has collaborated with most major designers, the most popular series seems to be the one made by STRANGECo, who released two major lines, Cactus Friends and Moofia. The Cactus Friends were small animals wearing cactus-like armor, such as the little green dog Bastardino. The Moofia series was based around milk products. Fans reacted positively to these as well, as they were not only adorable but also affordable. Having been welcomed into the designer toy universe with open arms, Tokidoki found itself reaching a whole new group of fans.

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