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Colorful Like A Feather

Colorful Like A Feather

Who knew a feature could be so inspiring! Feather artwork is nothing short of beautiful. People have experimented in a variety of ways to create different kinds of feather art. We have put together a collection of some of our favorite and most inspiring feather features.

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Feathers have become a huge trend in the fashion industry, though you can see them a bit on clothing, accessories are where feathers inspire beyond belief. Earrings, hairpieces, and just about everything in between get an extra fashion kick when adorned by feathers.

Source: Frau Grau

Source: Yellow, Earrings

Source: Colorful Feathers

Source: Etsy


Source: Hair Extension, Colorful Feather


Source: Etsy

Source: Brit


Source: Peacock

Source: Feather, Watercolor 

Source: Etsy

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