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Keeping Up With Fashion Trends. Neon + Colorful Handbags

Keeping Up With Fashion Trends. Neon + Colorful Handbags

Color-blocking has become all the rage in fashion these days. As far as handbags go, designers are following suit by offering their most popular designs in a variety of hit colors of the season. These choices allow you to spruce up any look, and add that pop of color in any of your favorite outfits.

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These bags are not the only ones to fall in line with this new trend, no matter the price point, the designer or the look you want, you will find a variety of colors popping up in your favorite bag. With spring just around the corner, this is a great piece to lighten up your winter wardrobe.

Source: Balenciaga

Released in 2005, the Marc Jacobs Stam bag was named after model Jessica Stam and has become his most popular handbag for sale. Each year this bag is released in a variety of popular Spring and Fall colors for the given year. You better believe they added a tangerine color in the Spring 2012 collection.

Source: Marc Jacobs Stam

If you have yet to notice, there are two very popular trends right now. One is the shoulder clutch, the other is mustard yellow. Rebecca Minkoff solves both these problems with her basic collection of bags. The shoulder clutch has proven to be an extremely handy piece to have in your closet. It gives just enough space for the basics, without having to lug around those massive handbags that us women have grown to love. Speaking as someone who loves the largest size handbag possible, I have to say, a shoulder clutch is quite refreshing to put my essentials in. Although, I always have a full purse waiting for me if I need it, since it is apparent I can't travel lightly.

As for the mustard yellow, this color just seems to match with anything. It is also a little less loud than a tangerine, purple or neon green, but it still acts as a statement piece.

Source: Rebecca Minkoff


No matter what look you are going for, getting a colorful bag will enhance your wardrobe so much more and make every outfit you have previously worn, look totally new. When picking the perfect color bag, make sure you choose a bold color that you love, but also something that matches a variety of different pieces in your closet. You wouldn't want to have to retire some of your favorite threads because of one handbag!

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I adore those neon purses. One of each, please!
Me fascina esta pagina, iniciare mi creatividad
wow ,i;ve not seen such designers bags b4 .dey r sooooooooooooo cuute.
hola estan padres
Nice !!!

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