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The COLOURlovers Gift Guide, Plus Exclusive Mugo Discount & Case-Mate Giveaway

The COLOURlovers Gift Guide, Plus Exclusive Mugo Discount & Case-Mate Giveaway

Some people are tough to shop for, but not to worry because the COLOURlovers gift guide has a little something for everyone. This guide is full of colorful ideas from our favorite stores as well as some wonderful DIY projects that are so darn easy to do for that person that deserves something special. Check out the gifts below, and if you want even more ideas, make sure to check out our curated Gift Guide on Pinterest. We have lots of goodies over there too. So here we go!

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For The Cooks: For that aspring chef in your life here are a few things that will brighten up their kitchen and spirits as they spend their days making magic in the kitchen. The bowls are perfect for serving and a hand-held blender is great for the friend that makes mashed potatoes or protein shakes and doesn't want the hassle of all the clean up. If you want to go the extra mile, consider getting a recipe book and filling it with your favorite family recipes and collect favorite recipes from family and friends. These gifts are sure to be a hit for that lovely cook.

1. Bowls, 2. Recipe Book, 3. Blender, 4. Cutting Board, 5. Knives

For The Nesters: Finding a unique and colorful piece to brighten up the home is always a good route to go for the friend who just moved or the couple who just married. The perfect pieces can add a little hint of color in the right spots and will be a staple in their home for years to come. Made By Girl offers custom colorful prints so you can add a last name to be hung in the living room or a baby's name for the nursery. Either way this gift will be a thoughtful addition to any home.

1. Candle Holders, 2. Knot Pillow, 3. Lamp, 4. Custom Name Print

For The Men: Oh the men. Us ladies can all agree for shopping for men isn't the easiest of tasks. So here are a few colorful and unique items that will get them excited. Let's highlight "The Present" a brand new clock that takes a full year to complete. The purpose and thought behind this idea is very interesting and worth checking out. Other items include a Tattly box, filled with faux tattoos, and a Tokyo Flash watch. It is worth giving honorable mention to a gift that is just as awesome, but a little different. Quarterly.co offers unique packages curated and sent by top designers and influencers. If your guy wants a little inspiration, this is a great way to go.

1. Tattly Box, 2. "The Present" Clock  3. Quote Books 4. Tokyo Flash Watch  5. Crumpled Map

For the Crafter: For that creative person in your life, consider an easy DIY project that will make all the difference to them. Yarn Letters, Wall Art, or a DIY holiday ornament are great suggestions that will add something special to their collection of goodies. And the best part is, they will keep your gift for years to come and always remember where it came from.

1. DIY Letters 2. DIY Wall Art 3. Ornament, 4. DIY Dryer Balls

For the Gals: I chose a few great ideas for any girl, but of course the list could go on and on, couldn't it? Colourful headbands or some statement bangles will be well-received by that special gal in your life. Last but not least are a pair of sparkly shoe clips that she can add to any pair of shoes to give it that extra special something.

1. Headband, 2. Bracelets, 3. Bando Shoe Clips

The Tech Snob: Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. There's always that one person on your list who has to get anything techy the moment it becomes available. So what does someone like this always need? Something to organize, show off and/or protect their investments.

1. CableDrop Cord Clips 2. SHOWWX+ (iPhone, iPad, iPod) 3. Lemon Yellow Elephant March - iPad Sleeve 4. Kindle Fire Case

Who couldn't use a cable organizing system? They come in a variety of colors so go loud, muted or plain white for the extreme minimalist if need be. A simple, yet affordable gift or stocking stuffer.

Anyone in love with their iDevice would be amped to receive something to utilize it even further by enabling it to show off their photo gallery as a slideshow, movies and even streaming content. Lastly, Etsy is chock full of sleeves, cases and covers for almost any tech device at decent prices and many amazing colors and pattern schemes to choose from.

1. mugoplayer 2. case-mate DIY cases (done COLOURlovers style) 

Finally, if you're trying to find that super unique gift for the computer user and music lover on your list, check out a mugo player. These super funky designer dual MP3 & USB characters will be a fast favorite!

Mugo gave us an exclusive COLOURlovers 25% Discount Code to be used at checkout, good until December 31st, 2011.

The Mugo Discount - 25% OFF Code: MUGOLOVERS 

Every techy of course has one of the latest smartphones on the market, so spruce up their rig with your own handmade pattern or palette you designed on COLOURlovers with the case-mate DIY (image uploader). DIY cases available for: iPhone 4/4S, 3G/3GS, Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, iPod Touch 4G and Blackberry Bold 9900. 

The Case-mate DIY Case Giveaway

Case-mate gave us one (1) code for a FREE DIY case!

How to earn this: Post in the comments what your most ideal colorful gift is for yourself. You may post more than one, but must at least be one or you will not be considered. Random selection will pick the winner. Contest ends: December 12th, 2011 at 11pm PST.

Creations used on case-mate DIY case examples:

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The pico projector can throw infinite colours on the wall! that is my choice!


Allison, we love all of these colorful gifts! We're especially interested in The Present Clock . But how could we not love a color wheel for our wall?


Oh gosh, can we all go shopping together?
I'd be in heaven!

Liebling, I'm adding those gloves to my Pinterest boards!

Waitasecond. Is that a mermaid tail mug?? Wow!


Yeah. I saw Judy's mugs on Etsy earlier this year, so I convo'ed her and asked her if she could add a Mermaid Tail to the mug instead of the regular fishy scale handle. She loved the idea and made two for me. One in those colours, and another in reds, yellow and oranges. Honeslty, it's my favourite mug ever and I have one at work and one at home. I get all sorts of comments. She was nice enough to credit me in the comments on the item for giving her the inspiration. It's kinda fun to know that I had that kind of impact on someone elses creations.

I also had someone convo me about some of my patterns on spoonflower and they ended up making a beautiful quilt from colours and patterns that I had created and sent to her. It was so much fun! I get so much inspiration from here and from Etsy, it's nice to know I give a little back sometimes.


Follow the contest rules then. post something unique to the post here (i.e. something NOT in our selection that is colorful). :) OR you won't be included in the giveaway.

lmmlisa wrote:
I would love a kitchen aid mixer in aqua! =)
however, what i really need is one of these cases!
i have had an iphone for 2 weeks with no case =(



@Penina & @Liebling

oh boy!! that mermaid tail mug... do DIE FOR! thanks for posting such fab stuff ladies!


@arogers hah. yes, I try to make it as clear as possible. :)


Oh @sspela those eggs are hilarious!


@sundancer what a funny cross stitch!!


Wow, Quirinya!
You are someone else I would love to go shopping with.
I love those bags!


An array of different color Classic Lacoste Polos!

Accompanied by an array of color block Lacoste shoes!


Thanks for show casing my palettes!!!!

: )



Love this kneeling pad for gardeners and so affordable, too! From Burpee.com
Or this bedding from Anthropologie! (make that anything Anthropologie)

Love love love these cases by the way. I recently cracked my iPhone case and asked my husband for one of these for Christmas. ::fingers crossed::
Thanks for all the great posts and contests, by the way! (just one more reason I'm totally obsessed with Colourlovers!)


@Wspmphsgal So glad to hear! :) couldn't get the burpee gardening kneeling pad to attach but the bedding is adorable!

Thanks for playing & thanks for the feedback! :)


Time is up! I will run these on Tuesday and post here in the comments who won

I will be sending the winner a LOVE NOTE as well (your internal COLOURlovers email). So make sure your notifications are set to notify you! ;)

- Molly
Community Curator / Blog Editor


Oh, I want that comforter and one of those bags and the bowls and the... This is a bad thread for me. I need to win the lottery or sell a large painting or something. ;)


Winner Announced

Annnnd our winner is Liebling! Congratulations!

- Molly
Community Curator / Blog Editor

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