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Colette Patterns Gives Us Five Favorite Prints

Colette Patterns Gives Us Five Favorite Prints

Hi everyone, I'm Sarai, sewing writer and pattern designer for Colette Patterns. In honor of the release of my brand new book, The Colette Sewing Handbook, I thought I'd share a few of my all-time favorite textile prints for making clothes.

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In the chapter on fabric in my book, I go over a range of different types of prints and patterns, from florals to stripes. For me, there are a few types of prints that I always fall in love with at the fabric store.


1. Schumacher Sunara Ikat | 2. Amy Butler Lark Glamour Kasbah Persimmon Red | 3. Annette Tatum Bohemian Ikat Diamond Pink

Ikat is a style of fabric weaving used throughout the world. Traditional ikat fabrics can be found in diverse cultures, from Japan to Guatemala. The graphic patterns are often produced in rich colors, and the resulting designs work so beautifully for everything from clothing to decor.



1. Turquoise seersucker | 2. Premier Prints Canopy | 3. Seersucker stripe in hot pink

To me, stripes are the perfect print for layering. I love mixing stripes with dots, stripes with florals, stripes with more stripes! But the best thing about using stripes in sewing is the ability to make really interesting design changes, just by changing the direction of cutting. You can make a dress with a vertically striped bodice and horizontally striped skirt, for example. Or add a panel of diagonal stripes. They are so much fun to play with.



1. Thai Silks Large Dot Charmeuse | 2. Thai Silks Small Dot | 3. Thai Silks Multicolor spots

And speaking of dots, polka dots are another perennial favorite on my sewing table. Black on white dots have always been my favorite, but just about any dot is irresistible to me. They're just fun and playful.



1. Premier Prints ZigZag | 2. Richloom Antique Satin Trolley Stripe | 3. Remix Zig Zag

Printed chevron fabrics are fun to work with, like stripes but a little more eye-catching. I use them sparingly in clothing since they can be a bit dizzying, but when they work they really work.



1. Thai Silks Rose Garden | 2. Carolina Herrera Rose Brocade | 3. Thai Silks Midnight Rose

There's something so classic about a rose print. Being from the city of roses, I admit to being partial to this particular flower.


So what are your favorite prints?

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OOOh!!! So excited to see my pattern template featured- http://www.colourlovers.com/pattern/1689322/%28optimism%29
Great post...The patterns selection is beautiful. It would be nice if you also give credit to template makers.
Nice post!!

PS: True, the template creator's name doesn't show up on the badge - and license does stipulated it... maybe just add the template badge at the bottom?
+ Thanks for adding the source of each fabric pattern!

Thank you! This post made me re-try seamless! Gosh, it's so much better than before! =)
I'm all about the plaids and paisleys. Maybe not at the same time, though.
@Any I will add the templates ... I guess I was thinking that you can access the template author by clicking through the colored template. But in this case we were focusing on the print/template itself.

Glad everyone is enjoying the post. :) Sarai is quite talented!
thanks Molly, in the future, another option would be to add template designers name at the bottom of each colored pattern.
I am so glad my template was chosen for this great post.We can all see Sarai made a great job here.:)
Wonderful ... they all are ! :)
Yes...all the patterns and fabrics are wonderful!! I especially like that Thai Silks Multicolor Spots. Imagine if Seamless had a transparency adjustment for the shapes...we could do stuff like that!
Maiyaee wrote:
Wonderful ... they all are ! :)
= )

= ))
== ))
Wonderful !!!

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