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Betabrand + COLOURlovers: Color a Plaid Shirt Continued Voting

Betabrand + COLOURlovers: Color a Plaid Shirt Continued Voting

Betabrand, an online-only clothing company that produces limited-edition batches of clothing and accessories, recently paired up with COLOURlovers in the contest, Color-A-Plaid Shirt Contest by Betabrand + COLOURlovers. The contest turned out to be a huge success with over 5,000 entries!

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To enter the contest, COLOURlovers simply had to color a pre-picked plaid pattern - Betabrand2, which had been created by one of our very own Lovers, sec9586. After coloring the pattern it produced a plaid shirt mockup of the finished product.


The contest is closed and nine finalists were chosen by the Betabrand design teamVoting on these nine selections will be open until NOON (12pm PST) Monday, August 22, 2011.

The Finalists

Betabrand chose the finalists not by the amount of LOVES each pattern/palette got. Simply because this would have been unfair. COLOURlovers had added the ability to LOVE the designs and share them for the fun of the contest.

"Our design team narrowed it down to 9 finalists not based on the number of loves on Colourlovers - because patterns that were created at the beginning of the contest would have an unfair advantage to those created toward the end. As for not picking a winner, but rather narrowing it down to 9, we decided to do that because we were so thrilled with the volume and quality of submissions that we wanted to keep the love going!" - Jared @ Betabrand

The nine finalists in no particular order...

Hipster Plaid by bcrider

cloud nine by martino

*colour hunter* by Sunny21327


Esin by JHarris

All Across America by underground railway

Harcourt by fumbles

nightingale by rotten



Congratulations to those who made it in to the last round and a big THANK YOU to EVERYONE who entered. It was a lot of fun and we look forward to more contests like this.

Don't forget to vote!!


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5000 entries! Epic! I'm feeling a bit sorry for sec though... imagine the number of notifications!
@escapepea HAHAHA!! yes, sec's notifications probably blew through the roof. LOL
i wonder if order plays a part in the voting process...?
Good luck to the finalists!
kay sizzle wrote:
i wonder if order plays a part in the voting process...?

The order in which you read this post? If so, can't help that - and I doubt. But on the Betabrand voting page, it reordered upon refreshing the page to deter any order inflection. We should know the winner soon! :)
I still can't believe my design is up there with those eight other AMAZING entries. *channels Wayne's World* I'm not worthy!!!

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Thank you all for voting #colourlovers! The winner is Easter Ribbons Two!
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