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Vibrant, Muted or In-between? - Spring 2011

Vibrant, Muted or In-between? - Spring 2011

The serene and cozy, but heavy and monotonous black, blue, grey and brown shades of Winter are melting from our minds and we're ready for those bright, warm colors of Spring. Undoubtably, we won't be short on color options, and telling from these three designers not everyone is on the same page when it comes to Spring colors. So, we'll just have to wait and see what colors flourish on the street this spring.

Mini Market

Spring Pixel Fashion | Reed + Rader for V Magazine

"Digital fashion mavens Reed + Rader present an exclusive editorial for magazine.com, featuring some of spring's most vibrant prints and colors worth whipping you hair over." Photography Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader | Styling Jessica Bobince

pixel_fashion_green pixel_fashion_red

pixel_fashion_blue spring_pixel_fashion

Meadham Kirchhoff

"Working in candy colors of lavender, yellow, and pink, then veering into carnal reds and blacks, Meadham and Kirchhoff festooned their clothes with girlish gimmicks. Ruffles, poufs, bows, glitter, you name it. The look was sickly sweet, emphasis on sickly..." - Style.com

Meadham_Kirchhoff Meadham_Kirchhoff_2

Obvious Clothing

obvious_lolly lolly_obvious

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Oh, how I want one of those pixel shirts!

Color Specialist

For Spring I love vibrant but not neon hues. Love the pixel fashion!


My take on Spring 2011 colors:


Love the vibrance of those pixel shirts.


I like more of the girly pastels. They complement me well. The really bright neons look silly on me. i do like to wear a glitzy neon under a more simple piece like a blazer. Just so it isn't the main focus of the outfit.

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