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Is anyone selling your own handmade goods on Etsy? If you are, leave a link to your store here, and tell us how you decide what colors to use in your crafty creations!


I'm a long time fan, but not selling anything... Kaili has a store though

divebomb djingle

i was wondering how the buyers can be assured that the goods sold are crafted by the people selling


I've been pondering it for several years. Might finally get it going soon!


My etsy store is right here and I decide what colors to use based on my favorite colors and whatever seems HOT right now which is definitely lavender and hot pink.


I have a shop on Etsy. Been there for a few years


I have a wee shop on Etsy that I update much less often than I'd like. Here it is:

I've had a lot of inspiration for colours from palettes here on CL and I'll often work out a palette for a piece here. There are also times where the colours come together in my head based on what material I'm looking at and how light affects it. Right now I'm working on pieces that incorporate bits of Indian textile - that inspires all kinds of wonderful colour ideas.

Thanks for the links to more amazing shops! I never get tired of the artistry on Etsy.

@divebomb I'm not certain how you could be sure but from the various artisans I've spoken to at Etsy, their passion and knowledge of how each piece is created told me that they are making their own stuff. I would welcome questions anyone has about any of my pieces - maybe you could ask the artisan about an item you're interested in, if you're not sure it's handmade. People generally love to talk about their own work. (:


This is mine:

here's mine:

I sell illustrated art prints, so I pick my colours depending on the illustrations.. although i do tend to go for softer palettes


Mine carries all vintage sterling silver jewelry so far, so the palette is fairly monochromatic:



Well, I don't have an etsy space yet but am very excited about finding a place called redbubble. I think it started in Australia. It is a pretty cool place to sell your work and quite easy to use + lots of ways to interact with people (plus the encourage people to be nice!)

Here I am there:


I've just opened my etsy shop, and I choose my banner from a photographs I am planning to sell. I also choose soft colors.


Here's one of mine- I based the Etsy banner off of my website banner to keep a consistent look-


I'm new to this site & learning my way around still....but having fun!
Here is my Etsy shop



Just joined. What a cool site...just stumbled across it...
I'm a designer and have just started by own business.


nice business colour,and creating innovative look


nice site cardinall!


I created a group for Etsy users, anyone is welcome to join.
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