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The Color Sense Game from Pittsburgh Paints

The Color Sense Game from Pittsburgh Paints

I can't tell you the number of quizzes I've taken over the years trying to get an outside opinion about what's going on inside my head, but the ones I've found most interesting are those that ask questions of the senses -- other than sight -- to find your "inner" colour. No matter where you go, however, the underlying theme with all of these quizzes suggests colour in personality, or personality in colour.

By age five, almost all of us have a favorite colour. Associating ourselves with that colour, surrounding ourselves with it, and forsaking all others (at some point) is common place. But what if your favorite colour doesn't meet your inspirational needs? What if your energetic orange room doesn't let you relax? What if your deep blue room doesn't energize you? What if you need a different set of eyes to see what's missing? Looking to expand on the colors you already know any love? Here are some places you can go to find out just what to do.

The Voice of Color

the voice of color by pittsburgh paints   

Paint is the cheapest and most dynamic way to change a room. While accuracy is always called into question, what interests me most about this room colour test is its approach. Found here on our very own forum, Pittsburgh Paints brings their answer to the typical, over-simplifying colour-personality quiz by asking about what tastes, smells, textures, and principles you hold in the highest. With Pittsburgh Paints, it's all about you and your radically subjective world.

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AI CS3 + Flickr + In The Mod Mashup

AI CS3 + Flickr + In The Mod Mashup

What do you get when Dr. Woohoo mashes up Adobe Illustrator CS3, Flickr and In The Mod: Color Analytics? A free swf Panel that runs inside AI CS3 that allows you to search Flickr & In The Mod, view the colors from each image or painting you select and then save them directly to the Swatches Panel in AI.

Adobe Illustrator CS3 + Flickr + In The Mod mash-up from dr woohoo.

The inspiration for the Flickr integration comes from a variety of sources – watching what Mario and Marcos did with Kelvin’s Flashr; looking at the photographs of the Ronin, Annie Liebowitz and Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir; and of course the colors we see all around us – in the orchids and the sunsets – whose combinations are simply perfect.

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Color Inspiration: Blends, Gradients, Steps, Oh My!

Color Inspiration: Blends, Gradients, Steps, Oh My!

Blend, Gradient, Steps... whatever you call them, they're fun to make and to look at. I tried to organize them as best possible, but it honestly is difficult to categorize these things. First we have blends where all the colors are in pretty much the same hue. Then blends to black or gray. Analogous blends are of colors that are near each other on the color wheel and I threw the rest in complementary blends as they, for the most part have colors across the color wheel from each other.

Monochromatic Blends _oo _oo

[L] AlterEgo <3 peachbelle

cherry valance Almost spring

Attack! 200-240 Degrees By10

a cold day blue fader

deep down Be Mine!

'Dowager's Greens a whole room

' Choy Bourgeon de Tilleul

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Colourful Allusions vol. 1

Colourful Allusions vol. 1

Though printed in black and white, great literature is bursting with vibrant colour.  In this rebus-style puzzle, color words and parts of words have been replaced with colored boxes.  Try to guess the exact hue of each.  Roll your mouse over the colored boxes to reveal the missing words.  Click the colored boxes to learn more about each hue.  Special thanks to Paul Dean for his colorful research.


Moldorf is word drunk. He has no veins or blood vessels, no heart or kidneys. He is a portable trunk filled with innumerable drawers and in the drawers are labels written out in white ink, brown ink, red ink, blue ink, vermilion, saffron, mauve, sienna, apricot, turquoise, onyx, Anjou, herring, Corona, verdigris, gorgonzola. . . .
—Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer, 1961.

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Text Color Brain Teaser

Text Color Brain Teaser

Phillip Miller Eberz over at found this fun little color and text brain teaser posted on a middle school wall in Texas... He took the brain teaser and created a page that reloads a new assortment of colors and words on every refresh of the page. We created an example of the brain teaser below.

How far can you get without messing up?

This is based on a little brain teaser i found posted on a wall at Murchison Middle School, in Austin, Texas, USA. The point is to say the name of the color of each word, and not the color named by the word. So if you saw Blue you would say "Red". I strongly recommend you do this aloud in front of someone who can see the page and check you. You're likely not to notice when you make a mistake.


White Yellow Purple Red Gray Yellow Blue
Orange Pink White Red Gray Red Gray
Blue Purple White Blue Green Blue Orange
Blue Green Red Gray Green Yellow Orange
Pink White Orange Green Orange Green Pink
Yellow Blue Gray Green Red White Blue
Orange Blue Green Gray Blue White Purple
Orange Green Purple Orange Pink Blue Orange
White Red Green White Gray Pink White
Orange Red Purple White Purple White Purple

Click over to the The ColorText Brain Teaser to reload a new set of colors and words.

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