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Vintage Art by Summit Avenue

Vintage Art by Summit Avenue

Joell Norberg of Summit Avenue is an artist, vintage junk collector & designer of templates & graphics for creative people. You can find her eclectic mix of work on Creative Market, where you'll find gorgeous designs, such as vintage flowers, ribbons, beautiful backgrounds and more. Be sure to check out the vintage holiday digital papers. They are fabulous!

Laurels and Wreaths

This pretty set of laurel branches, wreaths & divider designs are perfect for using in scrapbooking, invitations, websites/blogs, logo design and lots of other creative applications.

Vintage Lace Borders

Here you'll find some pretty lace borders to decorate your favorite projects. These are perfect for blog dividers & decorations, page layouts, crafts, albums and photo frames!

Think Spring Digital Art

This fresh set of organic, hand drawn designs & word art will have you feeling happy spring time thoughts in no time!

Vintage Doodle Frames

A delightful set of hand drawn frames are perfect for any picture.

Divine Vintage Paper Frames

Chalkboard Facebook Tabs and Web Icons

Make your Timeline stand out and look more professional with custom App Buttons! These are also great to use as social icons on your blog or website.

Vintage Typewriter Key Social Icons

Add some stylish Social Media to your blog or website with these vintage Typewriter Key design icon buttons.

Vintage Holiday Digital Papers

This pretty set of vintage holiday patterned papers are wonderful for all your holiday photo & craft projects!


I hope you have found these design as inspirational as I have. Let us know what you think.

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Meet Prixel Creative

Meet Prixel Creative

Prixel Creative is comprised of a husband and wife team (Kendra and Justin Skinner) located in Springfield, MO. Together they share a passion for great design and premium photography. They have a collection of great Lightroom presets to enhance your photos and beautiful hand drawn graphics to add to any design project. All can be found at Creative Market.

Lightroom Presets

These beautiful Lightroom presets help you to add some unique color and highlights to your photographs.

Rose Garden

This set of Lightroom presets help add a touch of nature and natural color to any number of photos.

Subtly Sweet Lightleaks

This set of presets offers your photos a sweet finish and a subtle touch of color.

Vintage Lightroom Presets

Take your photos back a few years and move your skills forward with this set of vintage Lightroom presets.


This set of doily graphics allows you to mix and match to make lovely shapes and custom combinations.

Hand Drawn Paisley Pieces

These gorgeous hand drawn paisleys are great for organic patterns and backgrounds. You can find them both in PSD and Vector formate on Creative Market.

Hand Drawn Arrows

Below you can see a beautiful set of hand drawn and very unique arrows in vector format. The set comes with 30 different styles.


An assortment of machine and clock gear shapes in vector format, which include 35 total gear shapes.

Speech Bubbles

Hand drawn speech bubbles for are great for multiple uses.

Borders and Frames

So much thought and love went into these beautifully hand drawn borders and frames.

Ornate Lines

Ornate lines are ideal for bordering or highlighting hand written text.


What do you think of these beautiful creations? You can check them all out (and see more) at Creative Market.

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Creative Fonts from Yellow Design Studio

Creative Fonts from Yellow Design Studio

Are you looking for a fun and creative font that isn't expensive? Then, check out the amazing font families from Yellow Design Studio. You're sure to be impressed by the quality and type of these font families.

Thirsty Script Rough from Yellow Design Studio

Thirsty Script by Yellow Design Studio

Veneer by Yellow Design Studio

Melany Lane by Yellow Design Studio

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10 of the Most Creative and Colorful Website Designs

10 of the Most Creative and Colorful Website Designs

I've searched the web for some of the most creative and unique web design designs to inspire you to create an awesome blog or website of your own. Check out my favorite picks from around the web:

Bagigia: This is probably one of the most creative websites out there. Not only does the site feature parallax design, it's page navigation is completely unique and interactive. You can navigate the page by scrolling with your cursor, using the circle navigation panel on the bottom right hand side, or dragging the mock "zipper" along the bottom of the page. As you transition from page to page you get to experience the unique features of the Bagigia products, it's truly a unique and interactive experience.

IndoFolio: What I love about this page is it's unique parallax design that involves horizontal scrolling. As you transition between pages you find that the background picture transforms and moves with you making page navigation fun and exciting.

Thibaud: This awesome portfolio design is one of my favorites because it allows users to select their preferred method of site navigation. You can alter and change the way that you navigate the portfolio by selecting various styles at the bottom of the screen.

Dulla: I love the animation and hand drawn illustrations featured on this site. The landing page is so creative, it draws users in and makes them want to learn what the site is all about.

Organic Grid:This landing page is so colorful and fun. I love using the navigation elements to experience new and different artists.

The Kennedys: I just think this landing page looks SUPER cool. I love all of the flashing colors and amazing illustrations. I feel like I could just stare at this page for hours upon hours.

VlogIt: I absolutely love the navigation on this site, it's so much fun to watch the images change on the site and navigate through this interesting circular panel.

Ray's Lab: I love how colorful the artwork is on this landing page. Simply because of its colorful layout and design, I'm intrigued to learn more about the site.

Tori's EyeI love the animated background on this site, and how the site continues to change and adapt to your actions and movements.

Tamron Island:This site looks so cool, it makes me want to visit this amazing land and never leave. It simply looks SO cool and navigation around the site is creative.

I hope you've enjoyed some of my favorite picks of the most creative website designs from around the web. If you're looking to start your own site or re-vamp a site you already have, check out these awesome themes and templates from Creative Market to get you started.

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Colorful Photoshop Text Effects and Tutorials

Colorful Photoshop Text Effects and Tutorials

I absolutely love stunning text effects that are easy to create. There is so much that you can do with Photoshop, that I could never come up with on my own, so I thought I would share some of my favorite text effects and tutorials on how to make them.


Grunge, Glowing Text

In order to create this awesome text effect, check out these products from Creative Market:


Concrete Style Text Effect

I love this fun and funky grunge text effect. If you're looking to create this, check out these products from Creative Market:

Copper Text Effect

If you want to create this awesome text effect, check out Creative Market's resources:

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Design Inspiration from How About Orange

Design Inspiration from How About Orange

Looking for some design inspiration? How About Orange is an amazing site by Jessica Jones, a graphic designer based in Chicago. In addition to corporate identities, marketing collateral, and a popular line of home d├ęcor fabrics, Jessica is the mastermind behind How About Orange. How About Orange is more than just a craft and design blog, it's an amazing resource filled with DIY tutorials, free printables and fonts, desktop wallpapers, decorating ideas and so much more.

I have to admit that I have become completely captivated by all of Jessica's amazing DIY tutorials. I want to try each and every one of them simply because they look SO cool. I've hand selected a few of my favorites from Jessica's DIY section.

How to Make a Paper Bow

DIY Posters with Cut-Out Lettering


DIY Origami Style Necklace

In addition to featuring a multitude of amazing DIY tutorials Jessica finds the best of the best free design downloads. I've included some of my favorites below:

Watercolor Desktop Wallpaper

Cherry Swash Font

Printable Chalkboard Gift Tags

I'm absolutely in love with this site there is seriously so much on here, I can't stop looking through all of the different sections and features. If you're a designer, or just getting started, check out Jessica's 'Useful Resources' section. There are tons of websites, programs, and tutorials to help you learn a lot of cool stuff. Below, I've featured some of my favorite resources that Jessica has discovered...I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Generate Mini Typographic Posters

Beer Label Generator

Make sure to check out all Jessica has to offer at How About Orange and start getting crafty right away!

Still haven't found what you were looking for? Check out Creative Market for some more inspirational ideas and cool digital downloads.



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Creative Wedding Invitations

Creative Wedding Invitations

I'm getting married soon and going through that difficult period of trying to figure out the perfect set up, party, and reception for my wedding. I'm quickly learning that there are so many different elements that go into planning the perfect wedding. You have to think about the dress, the venue, and then what everyone is going to be doing. It seems like a lot of work...
One of the first things that has to be done is picking out the perfect wedding invitations. I went through the internet trying to find some of the best wedding invitations, and I hope you enjoy them. If you know of any great invitation designers make sure to leave the info in the comments below.

Fox Grove Designs has a variety of really cool wedding invitations. I love all of the elegant details and sweet touches that really make these designs unique.

Bunglehouse Designs based in Alabama, features sweet invitations that really make me feel right at home.


I discovered Pickle Doodle Designs today and absolutely fell in love with their unique style and flair.

It's going to be so hard to pick the perfect wedding invitation.

If you're a designer or you're looking to design and add some flare to your wedding invitations, check out Creative Market's resources that are perfect for weddings.

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Looking to Get Social?

Looking to Get Social?

It seems like everyday a new and innovative social network is popping up. I become totally entranced by each and every APP or website that offers the ability for me to connect with the world across the internet. Do you ever feel the same?

The use of social icons on your website or blog can really be advantageous to attracting new customers and readers. In addition, adding social icons to your portfolio allows you to reach a wider range of people. Each social network tends to reach a different type of audience and if you can tap into each of those different groups of people you will dramatically increase the reach and distribution of your content.

There are so many different ways to get social, but having icons for your readers to click through on your blog or website is one of the easiest ways to connect. I've selected a few of my favorites from Creative Market to help you start getting social:

Featured Image Source

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Creative Business Cards

Creative Business Cards

I love seeing all the cool things designers come up with when it comes to business cards. There are so many quirky and creative templates and formats for giving your information to a client, friend, or colleague. Check out some of my favorites:

Creative Market offers a wide variety of creative and innovative business card templates to help you portray the message you desire, check out some of my picks:

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Colorful Cat Art

Colorful Cat Art

Cats are constantly trending across the internet, and I can see why...they are so cute. These artists have really brought cat art to a whole new level. I love the interesting color choices in all of these art pieces and the different ways people have portrayed cats.

Can you come up with some crazy and colorful cat art of your own? Check out Creative Market's resources for cat lovers:

Cat Vectors and Cat Clip Art

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