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Covering up with Color: iPad Smart Cover

Covering up with Color: iPad Smart Cover

The way that Apple has built it's product line off extreme minimalism both in color and design has always been intriguing to look back on. It becomes such a huge deal when they decide to add any sort of color to a particular product design. So this morning when I woke up and started slimming down my inbox, I couldn't help but click on the iPad 2 Release simply for the main showcase image...

Can you say, drooool? Don't get me wrong, I love minimal, clean, sleek white, black or even shades of grey, but when it comes to color choices the artistic side of me takes over. Then there's the dilemma of choosing which color I want. If I had an iPad, if I had an iPad 2 - I would probably have to get a the blue through pink and maybe throw in a tan for a more seriously business related occasion. Oh my, then there's that sexy red one off to the far right. Might have to get that one to take out on date night - Okay, I wouldn't seriously take my iPad out on date night!

I guess I should mention that the cover comes in two different materials - Polyurethane and Leather. The image (above) shows both. The ones on the left are Polyurethane and the ones on the right are Leather. Decisions! Decisions!

Adding color really makes an impact on people. It's that one tiny way you can scream, "I have personality!!!" or "I'm super serious." regardless of your taste, the iPad Smart Cover is also totally cool in the way it functions. It's like a caterpillar!

I'm not going to give you all the nitty gritty details of how cool the Smart Cover is because, well, I'm not trying to sell it to you, heck I don't even own the original iPad, I'm just ogling over the color selection and it's wiggly functionality. If you want full specs you know where to go, here's the Smart Cover product page.

What color would you suggest Apple add to the Smart Cover line?

I'm really curious. Please add your color in the comments, I'm dying to see what you come up with. I would pick a deep magenta hue...oh my, I'm sure eventually we'll be able to order these covers in whatever color or pattern we want, simply by shipping over the file. I can't wait for that day!













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How about purple or kind of a mulberry!
oh love it. mulberry for certain. post the color badge please!
ckamin wrote:
How about purple or kind of a mulberry!
Like the colours, but sadly I'll be returning mine (Green)

The magnets aren't strong enough to keep the iPad propped upright. It collapses too easily... surprising really. Apple usually gets the functionality right.
That's too bad. I'm curious if you're trying to use the smart cover on the original iPad... simply because iPad 2 is more lightweight and thinner - That would make sense if it wasn't working for the original. Good luck. :)
Great choises!!!!!!!
There definitely needs to be a purple. Mostly be cause I want to get one for my wife and purple is her favorite color. Something like #771592 or thereabouts.
Purple is a great color! Also, a small clipboard attached to the top cover would rock!
this would make a gorgeous cover. in that purple/mulberry sort of hue.


A clipboard piece might get in the way on the cover.... not sure. re-watch the video. but interesting concept. is that the purple you were thinking of? (see my mulberry wine color posted in comments)
Oooooh, that's a very pretty mulberry, MollyB.
@funcolors Thank you!
Heh but in the apple website it says some colors may rub off leather covers during use..
what are those colours?
I'd love these colors too:



@caori those would be pretty cool. I love Limette!

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