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Convenience Stores: Attracting Customers with Color

Convenience Stores: Attracting Customers with Color

The green, orange, red and white color palette of 7-Eleven dominates the convenience store market everywhere in the world. It is the world's largest operator, franchisor and licensor of convenience stores with more than 39,000 outlets (even more than McDonald's).

While it's presumably convenience, not color, that plays the biggest role in attracting customers to these shops, in a market as saturated as convenience stores, where different shops are located in such close proximity to each other, it is worthwhile to look at the color identities of these stores, and think about how color can influence the perception of many things like cleanliness, efficiency, having a wide assortment of products, and other ways you might want to differentiate a company. Or, simply, how color can be used to attract attention.

Convenience store color palettes do a very good job of drawing attention. Their bright colors contrast the greys of city blocks, suburban parking lots and rural intersections all over the world, and the colors most used: red, yellow, orange and blue.











Convenience  Store Colors in Popular Culture

You can attract your own kind of customer in these 7-Eleven and Am/Pm colorways by Newbalance.

Header image from Kiss Detroit. Daily Store photo by Yuya Tamai.

The color love in this post was sponsored by HP.

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Convenient stores... yes some of their designs have a lot of research behind (not all of them of course) "Lovely" designs can look expensive so they avoid that.
Thanks, it's always nice to look at logos =)
true! and how it is lit is attractive too.

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