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Shopping Bag Trends from Top Global Retailers & Clever Designers

Shopping Bag Trends from Top Global Retailers & Clever Designers

Now that we're all familiar with The Most Powerful Colors in the World it comes as no suprise that the top 10 global retailers all follow those same color trends. All except for one, that it is (way to go Home Depot).

When it comes to shopping bags the top global retailers stick to their color identities, but with companies finally feeling the pressure to do something with all their white plastic bag waste, some took the opportunity to show their "hipness" by using a different color for the introduction of the now standard reusable bag. Instead of using their corporate colors some chose instead, well, a different shade of blue or, not surprisingly, green.

Below you can see the top 10 retailers' color identities and a sample of the bags they use. And so we don't go numb from looking at all the simliar shades of red, white, blue and yellow we've rounded up some colorful bags from those clever designers who are not limited to the strict style guides of the corporate world.

1) Wal-Mart | USA


2) Carrefour | France

Carrefour Carrefour_bag

3) Metro | Germany


4) Tesco | UK


5) Lidl | Germany


6) Kroger | USA

Kroger Kroger_bags

7) The Home Depot | USA


8) Costco | USA

Costco Costco_reusable

9) Aldi | Germany

Aldi_compostable Aldi

10) Target | USA


Colorful Bag Designs

'Colorful Bag Designs' mostly found on Ads of the World.

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So impressive and creative!!!
Great pieces right here! I wish some of those in my country too:D
New set of collection..!! Great ideas!!!!
The burn bag is a good idea
Wow, those are so creative! Stores would be smart to create bags like that - I'd buy something just for the bag! hah

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