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Etsy Store Banners & Creating Complementing Business Identities

Etsy Store Banners & Creating Complementing Business Identities

We've been asking for all you color lovers out there with Etsy stores to share them with us and some of have but we want to see more!

The business topic that we're bringing up today, before we get into some bodacious banners, is making sure your identity, in this case, your banner on Etsy, complements your products and style. At the bottom of the post is a selection of banners for design and color inspiration, some incorporate elements that complement their shops very well while other were just chosen for their overall aesthetic and/or color palette.

Use Product Images or Incorporate Themes and Inspiration Into your Identity.

Your banner and your avatar are your shop identity, and will be the main image and brand shoppers associate with your shop... You should choose a design that will complement the items sold in your shop.

An easy and obvious way to get your products and style across is to include images of your products. If you're selling rings and only rings, it's okay to include images of rings. This kind of design can be restrictive in that it limits the perception of what your store or company is all about, and could inadvertently age your store if your products develop beyond what your banner portrays.

For a more subtle way to bring your products and identity together you could try incorporating images that abstractly complement the themes and inspiration behind your work. This also allows you to experiment with your product line without worrying about changing you overall identity.

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Wedding Colour: RED

Wedding Colour: RED

I loved how this couple incorporated RED in to this wedding without trying too hard or going overkill. They used it in the cutest of areas down to using tu-tu's and tootsie rolls. The average wedding already incorporates the white of the brides dress and black for the man's tuxedo, so their colour scheme involved all of red, black and white as a whole.


My friend and feature photographer, Jolyn Hutsell at Davee Blu Photography was nice enough to put together this adorable collage with all the adorable details this couple used. I thought that the tu-tu's for the flower girls was an adorable and abstract touch.

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Inspiration - Vintage VW Split-window Logo Buses

Inspiration - Vintage VW Split-window Logo Buses

It seems that long before Red Bull, Radio Stations and unknown hip-hop artists started visually polluting our streets with promotional vehicle wraps, Volkswagen was were already driving down a similar road, but one that was designed quite a bit better. In fact, it was a big enough part of VW's business that they produced dealer books to showcase this very promotional tool. Today we get a look at some fantastic scans from a VW spilt-window logo bus dealer book.

Found at CarType and generously collected and shared by VintageBus, here for our color inspiration are Vintage VW Spit-window logo buses. You can see the complete book (60 pages total) at CarType, and even more inspiration can be found at what is probably the best VW bus resource on the web, VintageBus.

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What's Crafty on Etsy This Week: Precious Jewels

What's Crafty on Etsy This Week: Precious Jewels

Last week, we gave you some ideas about how to spice up even the simplest of outfits with our favorite picks from Etsy's handbag sellers. Of course, any woman knows that a handbag is not her only choice when it comes to accenting an outfit -- there's also shoes, hairpieces, and of course, one of our very favorites, jewelry. Do you like precious stones? Handcrafted metals? Whimsical designs? We've got you covered. Follow me this way for some choice picks from the talented crafters of Etsy's ranks.


Many women will agree that Swarovski crystals & beads can produce a stunning variety of wearable collectibles. Etsy seller Candybead uses them to great advantage, capturing all the brilliance of the rainbow in pieces both bold and delicate. All items are made by hand come in an organza drawstring pouch, so they would make ideal gifts. We liked the soft cream rose pearl bracelet above, but the orange bracelet that kicks off the post is also from the same crafter, showing off a wide range of style and color options. She also indicates that she loves custom orders on her profile page, so don't be shy -- ask for any combo you want!

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Eclectic Color Roundup: Interview, Studio Tour, Infographics and Posters

Eclectic Color Roundup: Interview, Studio Tour, Infographics and Posters

Today we look at an interview with the artist Francisca Prieto from Insideout, take a tour of Dave Chihuly's boat house with shelterrific, ponder the visualizations of race and ethnicity in cities across the U.S. by Eric Fischer, and take a step back with vintage inspired print series by Blue Art Studio.


Francisca Prieto


Have you always been creative, even when you were a child?
When I was little, I asked for the same birthday present over and over again: the Staedtler box of 40 felt tip pens; and instead of writing in my diary, I would create a different pattern for every day of the year. I am not sure if that means that I was quite naturally creative, or if it was a good exercise to become creative.

Studio Tour

Dave Chihuly's Boat House



by Eric Fischer

[Race & Ethnicity]

"I was astounded by Bill Rankin's map of Chicago's racial and ethnic divides and wanted to see what other cities looked like mapped the same way. To match his map, Red is White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, Orange is Hispanic, Gray is Other, and each dot is 25 people. Data from Census 2000. Base map © OpenStreetMap, CC-BY-SA"


by Blue Art Studio

Header Inspiration

Color Warp by COLOURlover mavel

[Color Forum]

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Interior Design Trends: Lavender

Interior Design Trends: Lavender

A pale violet with a touch of gray, Lavender is such a pleasing color. The fullness of the color comes through when grouped with white. Just as with any other color, if too much is used it can be a bit much, but just sprinkled here and there throughout your home can certainly add a nice effect.


room 1, 2

Baby_Elephant a_ballad_to_forget

now_relax Natural


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Inspiration: Ira fox's Colorful Pop Vegetables

Inspiration: Ira fox's Colorful Pop Vegetables

Saturated, bold, spicy and delicious, Ira fox's Still Life series jumps right off the screen and into your next palette...?

"A Photographer, culinary expert, musician, performer and native New Yorkers, Ira Fox is a Renaissance man. Social realist, a true talent for composition, his images make strong statements."

Ira_Fox_:_Onions Ira_Fox_:_Pumpkin

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COLOURlovers Love Sweaters

COLOURlovers Love Sweaters

When it comes to matters of fashion here at COLOURlovers, member palettes and patterns are inspired by all sorts of items in a wardrobe--dresses, neckties, pants, handbags--the list goes on. But a few items see a little more love than the rest: suits, shirts, shoes and--as we'll see today--sweaters.

Whether called sweaters, jumpers, sweatshirts, pullovers, cardigans, jerseys or guernseys, sweaters have been an enduring aspect of popular fashion since the early 20th century. Of course, fishermen's sweaters--jerseys and guernseys--date to the 15th century, and athletes wore plenty of practical sweaters in the 19th century. But our idea of the everyday sweater had its start in American sportswear designs of the 1930s and 1940s. And since then, though its been given some new shapes (the recently ubiquitous open wrap cardigan, for one), the sweater has remained largely the same, both in commercial ideology and in popularity. A 1971 TIME magazine article on the sweater, at least, feels much like what a similar article would today:

[Neiman, photo by Chris Bergh; Abotanicity, photo by Melissa McClain]

sweater_and_pants sweaters

Sweater Cosby_Sweater

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Color Trends in Fall Advertising

Color Trends in Fall Advertising

Collected from recent additions to the Ads of the World archives, here are some reappearing color trends popping up across different industries. Click on the images to find out more about the ad.

Natural Palettes



Music Services

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Themeleon: Simply Beautiful Twitter Themes

Themeleon: Simply Beautiful Twitter Themes

Themeleon makes it easy to design your Twitter profile by helping you combine the more than 1 Million Color Palettes & 1 Million Seamless Patterns created by the COLOURlovers community. The newly relaunched Themeleon is making it even easier to design an awesome profile with ready-made themes and a redesigned workspace. Read on to learn more about the #NewThemeleon, or...

Get designing and try Themeleon!

*Even if Twitter hasn't updated your account, we'll still give you a sneak peek at what it will look like.*

What's New in Themeleon

The #NewTwitter layout means more goodness is packed into each page and when designing your profile it makes sense to show you what that goodness will look like. We moved the entire Themeleon tool into the collapsible area at the top of the page and gave you a live preview of what your new profile will actually look like as you click around and design your perfect profile.

You'll still see a live preview of your work down below, but we've updated the preview with the new twitter layout.

We redesigned the workspace to be more compact and fit in ready-made themes from our new partner

We also gave you a preview of the layout and how the colors fit into the layout. All you have to do is click one of the color squares and change the layout on the fly.

We're showing you by default the most interesting patterns being created by the COLOURlovers community... and some of the patterns being made with Seamless are absolutely stunning.

More & More Beautiful Theme Options Coming Soon

We are launching with 30+ beautiful ready-made themes from our friends at, along with a handful of other talented artists. And we'll be adding more and more themes from our partner sites and indie artists... Some of those artists could be COLOURlovers!

Soon you'll be able to save and access your previous profile designs, so you can switch things up for an event or holiday without losing and having to recreate your theme from scratch. And when you're creating those really amazing theme combinations, if you want to, you'll be able to share them with the rest of the 400,000+ COLOURlovers community like you already do with palettes & patterns... We know how creative and talented you all are and we're really excited about the quality of killer themes you'll be making and sharing.

Tips & Tricks

The tool buttons are your friends. From top to bottom: Undo. Shuffle Layout Colors. Apply Layout Colors to Pattern. Apply Pattern Colors to Layout.

If you want to use a specific pattern on COLOURlovers in your twitter profile, all you need to do is click the follow button on that pattern and then change the drop-down under Background: Patterns to be your New, Following Patterns. (You need to be logged into COLOURlovers to see this option.)

Click the Hide Arrow to collapse the design workspace and see your more of your twitter profile design. To get the workspace back, simply click the Show Arrow that replaced the Hide.

If you ever forget what color is what in the layout area, you can always look at the layout preview for reference... but if it still isn't clear, leave your mouse pointer over a color square for a sec and a helpful label will pop up to tell you what that color is connected to.


Maybe our updated tool will inspire people to be even more creative with their profile designs... because when we looked into the colors of the social web and what color people used the most when designing their twitter profiles... Not many ventured that far away from Twitter's light blue colors. But, you bold color adventurers are sure to set sail for exotic destinations.

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