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Global Business Color Identities

Global Business Color Identities

Color is a major part of any brand's identity. Here we're taking a look at some of the most recognizable color identities in the world, as well as some groups and forums on COLOURlovers that could be valuable for anyone who is working to give their brand a little more color.











In the Community

With a new business channel, forum discussions & games, and a number of groups dedicated to the topic, there's plenty of guidance and inspiration to be found here to help you create a color identity tailored to your company or your personal brand. To get started check out these groups: TM®, Brand Colors, Corporate Web Colors, Worldwide Beers. If I missed any let me know about it in the comments.

And this fun business forum game:

Name That Brand

As you know, color plays a huge role in building an iconic brand, but can you Name That Brand based on color alone? Let's find out!

I'll post a palette, and you try to guess the brand that it goes with.

Name_That_Brand_1 guess_that_brand

Name_that_Brand Name_That_Brand_4

Name_That_Brand_3 Name_That_Brand_2


Name_that_Brand_2 Name_that_Brand_3

BusinessWeek's Best Global Brands

From last time around:

Referring to BusinessWeek's 'Best Global Brands 2007' (link to PDF) report, which ranks "brands which place high importance on managing the economic value of their intangible assets, and primary their brands, consistently out preform basic economic measures," we selected what may be the most easily identifiable logos in the corporate world today, then stripped them of every line and gradient to pullout just the color palettes. See if they are just as strong without the logo itself.

Google ebay

Pizza Hut Nintendo

Coca-Cola Shell

Kodak McDonalds

BP Ikea

UPS Amazon

Caterpillar Reuters

ING Harley Davidson

Porsche KFC

LG Smirnoff

Kraft Cisco

Pepsi GE


Starbucks Dell

Header Image from BusinessWeek's 'Best Global Brands 2007' report.

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it's right color is the first thing which makes a good impression.
so true.. few hours ago i have been trying to convince my sisters to paint our living room the tiffany blue !!
and i thought about the same subject
how our memory remembers the colors by the brand i think its amazing.
Hey cool! Some of my palettes made it into a blog entry! :)
Loved that you used colourlover palettes I did a basics of color post and used them also. I loved seeing all the colors broken down for each company. But the best part was seeing the companies using the similar colors!

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