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Srch4Keith AYe we need good colors for this grou[p]
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Tributes to Daisychain Daisy was a much-respected member of CL who lost her battle with cancer 06 September 2016. We will miss the joy she brought. Please feel free to post …
15 Lovers2 Conversations8 Palettes0 Colors5 Patterns
Memoriam I was depressed. I made this group to share lookbacks on what was different between then and now, and to pay respect to the year or so I lost. You can…
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Surface Pattern Design A group for anyone interested in surface patterns: graphic, web, textile, wallpaper design.
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Vineyard Columbus Creative Teams For sharing and collaborating on stuff for work
1 Lover0 Conversations1 Palette0 Colors0 PatternsThis group is private

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