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its huw beautiful things re in d world


yea you can see the beauty in things through a nother persone


:)adaobiberry wrote:
its huw beautiful things re in d world
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Posted 34 minutes ago
This problem has become so widespread and has gone on too long now, we've had confirmation that they've been working on it. I had no idea it was a problem until I got creative one night and wanted to change my profile image! That was nearly a month ago. From what I've seen/heard this has been going on for a lot longer. I hope they hear our pleas and get it fixed ASAP.
Posted 1 hour ago
Yeah, I was trying to get a new photo up as my Photo, But it didn't stay and says: Nothing to see here
Don't believe me: http://web01.colourlovers.com/account/resizeAvatarPicture/profile?m_u=1
Tim Six
Tim Six
Posted 18 hours ago
Can I make a suggestion? Can the dev make the profile pic stuff open-source? That way maybe members who have some free time and some web design knowledge can help out. It's not like profile pic stuff is some big secret - a LOT of websites use profile pics - so there's no risk of losing that stuff out to a competitor.

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