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Contest: Be the next Michael Miller Fabrics' License Designer

Contest: Be the next Michael Miller Fabrics' License Designer

What an amazing opportunity for you! One of our great partners, Spoonflower.com is joining forces with Michael Miller Fabrics to find their next license designer for the Michael Miller Fabrics' line. This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Check the full details on projectselvage.com. CONTEST ENDS MARCH 24th

There will be 10 finalists not to mention an ultimate WINNER. Finalists get some great goodies!

  • * $100 Spoonflower Credit
  • * 10-yards of Michael Miller Fabric (chosen by finalist)

While you might be sitting there thinking, well I don't have design software at my fingertips, actually, you do...and for free to boot. If you don't already know about it, COLOURlovers.com has it's very own Seamless Pattern maker on hand, on site. Just go to Create > Pattern > Design a Pattern (see below image).

While you are probably going to find it a tough competition if you've never used this type of design tool before, this is an opportunity for COLOURlovers who already create some pretty fantastic work with this tool to utilize their talents and maybe win big. Do make sure you read the rules to enter throughly.

We would love to see any design you submit, so please by all means post it in the comments. Good Luck!

If you don't plan on submitting anything, please feel free to post your own Michael Miller inspirations related to the contest.



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Women On The Wavelength: Sandra Fettingis - Inspiration

Women On The Wavelength: Sandra Fettingis - Inspiration

March is Women's History Month, and to show our appreciation to all the women who color in our world, we're sharing amazing work and colors from women all month. Today for your color inspiration is the cut acrylic work of Sandra Fettingis, whose recent exhibition filled with neon colors, 'this time things will be different', at Plastic Chapel in Denver, closes March 5th, 2011.

'this time is will be different' at Plastic Chapel

My work draws from influences as far ranging as photographic portraiture, art deco design, modern and contemporary architecture and colorist ideas.

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Here's a Way on Wednesday: Organizing Etsy Patterns Usefully

Here's a Way on Wednesday: Organizing Etsy Patterns Usefully

If you ask my husband, he'd tell you I'm the last person to ask about organizing my craft space, but I promise, I do have SOME nooks of organization amongst all my madness! One of the most recent additions to the actual organized areas of my craft-mess are my Etsy.com sewing patterns. I started a recent habit of buying some simple sewing projects from Etsy.com sellers and some of them tend to verge on e-book status of 12-20+ pages each, and that may or may not include the pattern pieces too. So after having about five different pattern stacks sitting on my desk, I decided I needed to clean it up a bit.... as I was clicking the button to buy another pattern.

You can do a number of no-brainer ideas to easily manage this stack. But I wanted to share what is working for me so far using what I had on hand in my office.


  1. - 3 Ring Binder (thickness depending on what you want)
  2. - Clear Page Protectors
  3. - 3 Ring Hole Punch
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DIY - Twine Signs for the Home

DIY - Twine Signs for the Home

In 2010, using twine for crafty stuff was a big trend, and it 's still going strong.  I don't imagine the use of this classic craft material going anywhere anytime soon. It brings nature in to the home with a rustic farmy feel - something like Pottery Barn and Anthropologie.

This twine inspiration is from my mom. One of my Christmas gifts from her this year was a family name sign with the lettering done in twine. I am so in love with it! Although an extremely cheap project (or gift for that matter) it is very time consuming. I guess that statement might be of opinion depending on the word and letters you have to deal with. My mom did two family names, "FORD" and "BERMEA" - lucky for her she got out of doing my sister's married family name, "SUTHERLAND". That might have pushed her over the brink of sanity, especially after already having made two others.

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Etsy Color Love - Blush

Etsy Color Love - Blush

Bright sun, rich florals and saturated grasses can easily dull and washout any blush tone, but place these soft, delicate colors against a stark white and grey winter backdrop and you have something brilliant and beautiful. Winter is the perfect season for blush.

This curated set from Etsy member sweptfromthesea includes a wonderful selection of blush colored items from Etsy. We repost it here for color inspiration and to showcase the great color work you can find in the greater color & design community.

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Here's a Way on Wednesday: Painting Dots the Easy Way

Here's a Way on Wednesday: Painting Dots the Easy Way

DOT: A tiny round mark made by or as if by a pointed instrument; a spot. - thefreedictionary.com

This is such a simple method that I always think everyone already knows how to do it, but I think that's just me, who comes from a crafty background. Growing up we were constantly exposed to art, painting and crafts of many variety so things like this come by second nature without a thought. But then the thought did come to me that some of you may not realize how fast and easy a project can be when you're adding painted dots - which you might be dreading. Dread no more!

image credit and copyright raysto on flickr.com

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The Most Colorful Wedding Cake in the World

The Most Colorful Wedding Cake in the World

And lucky me, it was mine!  It all started 2 years ago when I turned 28 and talked my mom into making me a 28 layer rainbow cake for my Birthday. My mom has always been up for a birthday cake making challenge and how could she deny her most colorful son of such a gift on his birthday?

Well, she had the help of my then girlfriend, recently wife, and they made me an awesome cake that I tweeted a photo of. The rainbow cake got a wild reception on the web and my mom was quite pleased with her hard work... So for my wedding this past December I talked her in to more than outdoing herself and making a whopping 60 layer rainbow cake... It was awesome...  Here are some more photos and some of the story behind the cake.

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Our friends at MarthaStewart.com loved my 28-Layer Birthday Cake so much they asked my mom to share her full cake recipe and instructions on their site:

COLOURlovers Cake Recipe
Set all your ingredients out the night before so that they are all at about 70 degrees.

    • 1 cup butter (2 sticks)
    • 2 cups sugar
    • 4 eggs
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla
    • 1 teaspoon lemon extract, optional
    • 1 tablespoon lemon zest  (from one lemon), optional
    • 3 cups cake flour
    • 4 teaspoons baking powder
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 1 1/2 cups milk
    • Food coloring (I used one package of the four basic colors, including red, blue, yellow, and green, and one package of the 'neon' colors, including purple, pink, turquoise, and lime)

Get the Full Colorful Cake Recipe Here

Moving the Cake Like a Boss

How do you move a 6 foot long cake? With a moving van! My mom had been baking the cake in a rental house and we had to drive it the few miles down the road to where our reception was being held... luckily the car rental agency was fully booked up at the airport and our cousins had to rent a Uhaul because that was the only vehicle they could find in a 60 mile radius...

My Cake Baking Team

My Mom enlisted the help of (my aunt) her sister this time to make the wedding cake. They spent 2 days baking all 60 layers with 18 Different Food Colors. 7 Layers baked at a time.

Cake Layers Assemble!

My mom used a butter cream frosting to stick all 60 layers together as my sister & nephew provided moral support.

Deliciously Colorful

As Kaili and I cut all the way down the center of the cake it fell open presenting the surprise inside.

A pair of seahorses rode their way in on the cake. Seahorse Fun Facts: They mate for life & the male seahorse gives birth. (Sorry Kaili, can't help with that one.)

Chris aka PureForm, supervises the cake cutting. He knows I shouldn't be trusted with sharp knives or writing code.

Mr. & Mrs. COLOURlover

Kaili and I met 20+ years ago in 2nd grade, but it wasn't until our 10 year high school reunion that we found the love we have for each other.  Thanks for letting me share my happiness and my awesome cake with you all... Hoping your lives are as blessed and colorful as mine.

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DIY Ornament Roundup: Top 5

DIY Ornament Roundup: Top 5

Are the kiddos are at home and in need of entertainment? - making ornaments is a fun way to spend time together. Get involved as a family, turn on some holiday tunes and have some creative time. If your tree is getting too full of ornaments, I'm sure Grandma & Grandpa and Aunties & Uncles would love some for their tree's too!

#1: Half Eaten Gingerbread Men


I first came across this ornament design by Noodle-Head.com "Half Eaten Ornaments". I love this take on making Gingerbread Man ornaments with a laughable approach. These will definitely be on my list for next years projects. One of the simple details here is using a red button with white yarn/string to make them look like peppermint candies. Genius! Original pattern by Elsie Marley here.

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Winter Garland DIY: Gingerbread Bunting from Recycled Bags

Winter Garland DIY: Gingerbread Bunting from Recycled Bags

This is a perfect way to dress up your house for the Holiday's and might even be okay rolling over in to January. You can also include the kids! Instead of making real, edible gingerbread men make these up and let them decorate them with puff paint (aka "frosting"). You can also add embellishments such as buttons, ribbon and rick rack to give them a little extra cuteness. Just glue any extra's on.


- Gingerbread Man Template (Two sizes are included in the PDF Template and Instruction download)
- Large Brown Paper Grocery Bags
- String, Twine, Ribbon or Raffia Swag
- Something for tracing. I like to use white chalk. If using something permanent, trace on the non-showing side.
- Sewing Machine (although you could hand-stich each, it would be a lot of work!)
- Stuffing (100% Polyester Fiberfill - any cheap kind)
- Puff Paint - I mainly use white, but that's your prerogative
- Optional Embellishments: Rick Rack, Ribbon, Lace, Buttons...etc.


Paper Bags: Cut down the middle of ONE side (on the crease). Then cut around/off the bottom of the bag and discard.

Templates: If you are using a permanent marker/pen, trace on the printed side of the paper so that it won't show when you put them together. I personally like to use white chalk and trace right on to the showing side. I also trace and cut them a little fatter than the template.

Trace as many as you can fit, reversing the pattern to make them fit better. You will need TWO cutouts for each final gingerbread man.

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Here's a Way on Wednesday: Iron out a Fat Quarter

Here's a Way on Wednesday: Iron out a Fat Quarter

Because I am going to start doing a number of small scale sewing DIY projects for you soon I wanted to open that can of worms with a little bit on Fat Quarters. So that you understand the layout and where a Fat Quarter actually comes from, see the diagram below.

So, what is a Fat Quarter? Traditionally, a Fat Quarter is a 44" x 36"  piece of material cut in to quarters making each quarter 18"x22". Fat Quarter's are most commonly used is in the quilting world where they generally use a quilt-weight cotton which in most cases will measure 44" wide, but sometimes measures 42" wide (which would make your Fat Quarter 18"x21"). There are also Fat Eigth's, but I won't get in to too much detail about them here. Getting Fat Quarters out of a yard of fabric is super easy, here is a tutorial to help you out.

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