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PrintRunner Bookmark Design Contest

PrintRunner Bookmark Design Contest

Who's excited for another fun design contest? Well starting today we've got an awesome bookmark design contest brought to you by our friends at PrintRunner.com!

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Founded 10 years ago with little more than a small press and a dream, PrintRunner is now one of the top online resources for printing including: business cards, brochures, postcards, letterhead, envelopes, and more!

They've been kind enough to offer some great prizes for the winning designs, so let's get on to what you really want to know, the details of the contest.


We don't know about you, but we're pretty excited that summer is officially in full swing. With the Fourth of July just a couple of days away, we thought it would be fun to have a Summer Celebration theme for your bookmark designs. Some inspiration ideas include: fireworks, barbecues, blue skies, puffy clouds, green grass, and picnics, just to name a few. With all the fun activities you can do during summer, the possibilities are endless. We can't wait to see what creative ideas you all come up with!

Photo credit: bayasaa - Flickr.com

Contest Dates

The contest will run from Monday, July 2nd through Friday, July 13th. Submissions will be accepted from July 2nd until July 10th. Voting will remain open until Thursday, July 12th. Winners will be announced on Friday, July 13th.

How it Works

COLOURlovers use our design tools to create your own patterns and color in a Summer Celebration themed bookmark template. The patterns you use will have to be patterns that you have created and then you can color them however you like! Submit as many entries as your heart desires, but to keep things fair you are limited to one prize per person.

Voting Process

COLOURlovers will vote for their favorite designs with "loves". The top 5 most loved designs will receive gift certificates they can use for any products on PrintRunner.com.


·         Grand Prize - $200 worth of printing credits from PrintRunner.com

·         Runners Up (total of 4) - $50 worth of printing credits from PrintRunner.com

All users (including you international folks) can participate in the fun. Good luck and we look forward to seeing all of your creative designs!

You can view all of the entries and submit your own over on our contest page.

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4by6 Design Contest :: Winners Announced

4by6 Design Contest :: Winners Announced

I hope you have all enjoyed designing your 4x4 piece during our 4x6.com design contest! We really enjoyed seeing all of the awesome entries that you guys created.

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4by6.com is a printing company that focuses on high-end printing services of all types of collateral including business cards, fliers, square cards, etc. It is definitely worth checking out for all your printing needs.


To recap, here is what the winner's will receive!

·         First Place: $250 in 4by6.com print dollars

·         Second Place: $100 in 4by6.com print dollars

·         Third Place: $50 in 4by6.com print dollars

·         4th - 20th Honorable Mentions: 50 Free 4x4" Satin Square Cards (not including S&H)

In First Place with the most loves was happy swing by COLOURlover blimblimb.

Second Place was Primitive art by COLOURlover Alisa Overland.


And Third Place went to magnolia morning by COLOURlover twister.


Below are the 4th-20th place Honorable Mentions:


















Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone for voting!

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4by6.com Portfolio Pack Design Contest :: Vote For Your Favorites

4by6.com Portfolio Pack Design Contest :: Vote For Your Favorites

Thanks to all you COLOURlovers that have been submitting designs for our 4by6.com Portfolio Pack Design Contest! It's been fun to sit back and watch all the creativity come rolling in.

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This is just a friendly reminder that the submission period will close by the end of the day today. Voting will remain open through Sunday, June 24th and winners will be announced Monday, June 25th. Be sure to get those votes in over the next few days!

The voting process is pretty simple. COLOURlovers will vote for their favorite submissions, and the most loved entries will receive their respective prizes. The entry that receives the most love notes will be awarded 1st Prize; the entry that receives the second most love will be awarded 2nd Prize; the entry that receives the third most love will be awarded 3rd Prize. 4th - 20th Honorable Mentions will also be determined in the same way.

Good luck and have fun voting!

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Gelaskins Design Contest :: Winners Announced

Gelaskins Design Contest :: Winners Announced

Gelaskins is filled with some amazing designs, and the option to make your own. Is really doesn't get better than that, does it? Thanks so much to Gelaskins for allowing one awesome COLOURlover to be the next Gelaskins artist!

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We hope you have had time to poke around their site, especially to check out their newest product, the Hardcase.

You guys really killed it with the designs this time around. There were so many awesome ones, it is hard to choose a favorite.

The Winners:

1st place prize:
Winner will become the next GelaSkins artist, and will collect royalties on the sale of their design to our customers. Chosen by Gelaskins.
close to you
close to you by jjolimie

Runners Up:
The 2nd-5th runners up will receive $100 gift card towards custom GelaSkins featuring your pattern. Selected by most votes on COLOURlovers.

❤Plasmic by praxicalidocious

Wilderness Glory
Wilderness Glory by o2bqueen

Tweet iPhone's Tone
Tweet iPhone's Tone by Any Palacios

C a n d y *
C a n d y * by hana*

Congrats to all the winners! And thanks to everyone for voting.

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Zazzle Design Contest Winners Announced

Zazzle Design Contest Winners Announced

Zazzle is one of those totally awesome online brands that has just about everything you could wish for on one website. Aside from offering so many different products, Zazzle also gives you the chance to customize your own. Make sure you check out their selection of goods.

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Did you all enjoy creating iPad cases for our Zazzle contest? I hope so. There were so many fabulous entries, you guys are great at creating some inspiring pieces. So thank you for entering.

Today we are here to announce the winners of the Zazzle contest.

  • Grand prize winner will receive $500 + a copy of their winning iPad Sleeve
  • 1 Runner-up will receive $100 Zazzle gift certificate + copy of their iPad Sleeve
  • 2 Honorable mentions will receive $50 Zazzle gift certificates + copies of their iPad Sleeves
So let's get to it. The Grand Prize winner of our iPad Zazzle Design Contest is: Egg Me On iPad Sleeve by Praxically!

The runner-up who will be receiving a $100 Zazzle gift certificate + copy of their iPad Sleeve is: Vintage Flowers iPad Sleeve by HazelAgnes.

The 2 Honorable mentions who will be receiving a $50 Zazzle gift certificates + copies of their iPad Sleeves: PATTERN {chevron 011} by Schatzibrown


And finally, Vintage Floral by pinkinkstudio

Congrats to all the winners! Thank you so much to everyone who entered the Zazzle contest. I hope you had a lot of fun with this contest and we are excited to keep bringing you more.

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Colorful Round-Up + Links From Around The Web

Colorful Round-Up + Links From Around The Web

It has been quite a fun week over here at COLOURlovers. Between our iPad contest with Zazzle, book review on the new Smashing Magazine book, Redesign The Web and so much more!

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Some of our favorite blog posts from this week are crafty projects you can do with magazine pages and some fabulously colorful digital art by Andy Gilmore! Also, Zazzle is hosting a COLOURlovers iPad Design contest! If you haven't entered, now is the chance, the winner will receive a $500 cash prize.


Design Milk (one of our fave blogs over here at COLOURlovers) has created a brand new column called "CMYLK". Each week, they round up some images – products, interiors, and art – and their associated COLOURlovers color palettes to inspire and delight. This week, features some fabulous paintings by Kristy Gammill. Check out the blog post for more palettes!

Do you "like" us on Facebook? Well you should be because we post awesome photos like those below all week long!

A few weeks back we held a Betabrand sock design contest! The 3 winning designs are now listed for pre-order on the Betabrand website! Pre-order your pack now!



  • The entire process of creating and building this colorful little room is posted on Design Milk Megan Geckler for Bobble.
  • House Beattiful shows us 6 Cheery Yellow Bathrooms. This is great inspiration for those of you looking to spruce up your bathroom for the summer.
  • If you haven't had the chance to get yourself a few Pantone Coffee Mugs, now might be a good time to go grab them.

Have any colorful posts you have seen yourself? Share them in the comments below! See you next week with some more colorful round-ups!

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Crafting With Magazines

Crafting With Magazines

A bit ago we posted about crafting with paint chips. Today I wanted to post about another product you probably have laying around your house that you could turn into totally awesome art.

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Have you ever tried to find a use for magazines and catalogs that you finished looking through? Throwing them away feels like such a waste sometimes, doesn't it? Well today we are posting about various art projects you can do with those old magazines to repurpose them and bring those pages to life, for the second time. These projects are also a great way to give your kids something to do, using only products you already have in your home.

The magazine sunburst is probably my favorite piece of magazine art yet. All you have to do to create such an art piece is a roll up magazine pages and paste them together. Check out how she did it. Next to this fun DIY is a cool magazine clock that you can get off Etsy.

Source: Sunburst, Clock 

I know the holidays aren't upon us for quite a while, but here are some fun things you can create for the season. Creating bows from magazine pages is super easy and a fun touch that you can't find anywhere else.

Source: Ornaments, Bow

Magazine jewlery! Want to find something unique to wear? This is definitely a good route to take, and you can even make it yourself which is even more impressive.

Source: Bracelet, Necklace

Here are a few fun ways to add a little bit of magazine crafting into your home.

Source: Frame, Coaster

 Now this is one incredibly awesome vase! Even without flowers, this is such a statement piece for you home.


This is a fun craft project for you and your kids! And they make for great storage after the fact.


What are your favorite pieces? I would love to see the color palettes and patterns you all can create with such fun inspiration. And if you have the chance to craft with magazine paper, I would love to see pics of what you are coming out with.

Were you looking to create a digital magazine? Check out Creative Market for some original ideas.

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Zazzle iPad Sleeve Design Contest

Zazzle iPad Sleeve Design Contest

Today we are here with a really fun iPad sleeve design contest brought to you by Zazzle. Have you taken the time to play on  Zazzle yet?

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The site is filled with so many awesome products from iPhone + iPad cases, office products, clothing and accessories and just about everything else you could want. What's more, they have an option for you to go ahead and design your own pieces. Want to put your artwork on t-shirts? Zazzle can do that!

We are excited to announce the Zazzle iPad sleeve design contest. We are calling upon the COLOURlovers community to design the coolest sleeve you can through zazzle.com. Once you have created something you love, submit the design and share it so you can get lots of votes on your submission.

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

How it Works:

Participants will be designing an iPad sleeve using the design tool on zazzle.com. Here is how to enter:

  • Create a Zazzle Account (It’s free!)
  • Download our iPad Sleeve Templates and use them to create your design.
  • Go here , select the sleeve you’d like to create and use your design to finalize your entry.
  • “Post for Sale” (red link towards the bottom right) your iPad Sleeve with the tag colourloversipadcontest in the Zazzle Marketplace

For the official rules, find out more on zazzle.com. You’re done! Now you can go vote for your favorites but clicking the “like” button below the entry!

The Prizes:

  • Grand prize winner will receive $500 + a copy of their winning iPad Sleeve
  • 1 Runner-up will receive $100 Zazzle gift certificate + copy of their iPad Sleeve
  • 2 Honorable mentions will receive $50 Zazzle gift certificates + copies of their iPad Sleeves

We will be announcing the winners on May 14, 2012. Good Luck to all and happy designing!

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Betabrand Sock Contest Winners

Betabrand Sock Contest Winners

Hello again! Today is the exciting day that we get to announce the winners of the Betabrand Argyle Sock Design Contest!

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First of all, we want to thank Betabrand for allowing COLOURlovers to design the next product on their website. As I am sure you know by now, Betabrand has some pretty awesome clothes to choose from. The question to yourself won't be whether to buy, but instead, which color or pattern should you pick.

As you know, Betabrand chose 9 finalists and for the past week we have left it up to you guys to vote for your favorite design. Now comes the time when we announce  which designs had the most votes. First, let's refresh you all on the prizes for the winners:

The Prizes:

The Betabrand design team will select three winners, who'll receive the following:

  • $100 Gift Card to Betabrand
  • Recognition on the Betabrand website (photos/video/optional) & COLOURlover username printed on the sock packaging
  • Five Three Packs of the COLOURlover socks bundles for free

So now, let's get down to business and announce the brand new COLOURlovers sock collection!

Congrats to Magg, Michaelann3, Faith4faith! Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in this contest. We hope to have Betabrand here again soon as you COLOURlovers can help them create something else just as awesome!

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Betabrand Sock Contest :: Vote For Your Favorite Finalist

Betabrand Sock Contest :: Vote For Your Favorite Finalist

We are back with an update on the Betabrand Sock Design contest we have been running on our blog for the past week. Submissions are officially closed for the contest, and it is time to get your vote on and help us pick the winning designs.


Betabrand is one of those really cool clothing companies that is sure to keep the men dapper and the women trendy at all times. Their latest release is a cool pair of shorts with a black & white design (with a hint of turquoise) that I think is pretty awesome. And in case you haven't heard this enough, COLOURlovers even has a collection of our own on the Betabrand website.

So let's get down to business. Submissions are now closed for the Betabrand contest. Thank you to everyone who has entered and voted!

Out the top 30 most-loved palettes Betabrand chose 9 design finalists and from there 3 will triumph as winners. The three winners will be bundled into a 3-pack and sold on the Betabrand website.


Voting is incredibly easy. All you have to do is head over to the Betabrand Contest Page and click to vote. You can only choose 1 to vote for, so make sure your choose your favorite. And to make things even more fun, 5 lucky voters will be randomly selected to win a free 3-pack of socks as well!

Good luck to all and happy voting! We will be back on Monday to announce the winners!


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