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Paint Chip Pals - Saving the World from Blah

Paint Chip Pals - Saving the World from Blah

Paint Chip Pals is a recently launched Kickstarter project and brainchild of Andrea and Cliff Currie, the creative minds behind HandMakeMyDay.com. Think adorable, paint-chip inspired, plush characters designed to add a bit of colorful personality to the everyday world of blah.

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Andrea and Cliff are trying to raise enough money so they can bring one of these inquisitive characters to life, and backers get the chance to choose which one it will be. Check out their project video to learn a little bit more about the people and ideas behind Paint Chip Pals.

Pretty cute, huh? According to the Kickstarter page, each of the 7 Paint Chip Pals possess a unique set of colors and creative powers that help fill the dullest corners of your life with a burst of happy hue.

I don't know about you, but I think my office could use a little more Raad. :)

Don't forget to visit the Paint Chip Pals Kickstarter page to read more details on how you can embrace your inner child and help these creative little creatures become a reality. Cheers!

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WOW those are so dang adorable. I want the pink one :>


Would it hurt to have a black one? Black goes with anything IMO.


Superjustinbros wrote:
Would it hurt to have a black one? Black goes with anything IMO.

Black probably counts as 'blah' though


Anything grayscale counts as "blah"?


I really like Gaareen, it reflects myself xD.
And Blooty, it's so cute :">. It reminds me of one friend of mine xD.


Superjustinbros wrote:
Anything grayscale counts as "blah"?

Probably :(


I like the blue one's hair!


They're so cool! I love Plinky the pink one and I love the blue one's hair


That's so cute! I loved Yallow and Gaareen :)

Cup of Color

Adorable! Love love love <3

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