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The Color of Love Through the Artistic Eye

The Color of Love Through the Artistic Eye

Love is most often associated with the color red. Be that by conditioning of incessant advertising or that we are drawn to it by nature. Secondary to red is of course pink, in almost any level of saturation.

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Red is one of those colors that possesses the strongest Ying and Yang of its theoretical definitions. Between love and hate, rebirth and death, the human relationship in any combination, could literally be summed up in the meaning of the color Red. Pink has what I would describe as a temperamental scale, more based on softness versus loudness than the extreme left or right end of the spectrum.

"Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love." - paper-leaf.com // COLOR THEORY poster freebie

As we know, colors can generate a wide variety of emotions. Red might be the most diverse and along with pink, a tag-along little sister, many other colors in tow can lend a visual message of love a great big pop!

Falling in Love by Etsy artist,  DJEMBE & CANVAS

"Cranes represent longevity and grace. The flocks ascend our champagne symphony, where love is blessed upon those who simply believe." - posted by artist at the listing

The artist gave us a wonderfully light feeling with this palette and the birds adding further motion. I also like how the painting balances the realities of "love" with a little bit of darkness in the bottom right corner. What do you think of this palette and representation of falling in love?

Love Trees by Etsy artist, Patrick Law

This slightly abstract ensemble uses blues, lavenders and coral blend to articulate a center of warmth within the heart tree. This makes me feel warm, cozy and safe. What does it do for you?

The detail on this acrylic print is amazing. The tree's are textured and have an amazing visual feel to them.

 Long Distance Love by Etsy artist, PopHeartPress

This digital art gives off quite a pop with a wild color palette that is sure to get your blood pumping. A wonderful way to make a positive statement about a long distance love situation.

You Ctrl + Z Me (You Undo Me) by Etsy artist rawartletterpress

This red certainly screams for attention and a laugh. Clearly using red against white in a funky, fun way. Comes in both PC and Mac versions.

Language of Love by Etsy artist TheMemoryGallery

Red, black and white always seem to say, "sexy." A very elegant and formal piece with the word, "Love" in, you guessed it, red.

Soulmates by Etsy Artist, Ben Will

In this abstract expressionism piece, the artist depicts the two soul mates in red while surrounded by an abstract world of cooler colors with a touch of warmth within a vague heart shape in the center between the figures. I feel that it is plainly portraying red as the connection of love. How do you see this piece?

 Modern Love Art Print by Etsy Artist, finedaypress

Mundane colors and ordinary shapes (the circles) surround an off-red, almost burnt orange heart to show love can exist in the midst of everything else in life.

Love Runs Through by Etsy Artist, papercraftsbyk

This fantastically bright mixed media piece tells a story. I like the composition because it literally shows a display of dark muddle in the center and love coming out the other side (running paint). A great visual representation of love. What do you think of the color scheme?

Heart Leaf Love by Etsy Artist, BouleDeNeige

What kind of feeling of love does this palette represent? With cooler hues, does the natural, organic shape soften it up?

I Love You This Much by Etsy Artist, hairbrainedschemes

Here we are, ending with this fabulous lipstick, lovey-dovey, sexy red. I still think nothing says "passionately, deeply in love" like this hue of red.

In reviewing these other palettes and artwork that goes with them, I think of things that a relationship brings such as trust, feeling safe, making me laugh, best friend, that person who is my rock, appreciation, admiration, etc.... but I still come full circle to the richness of what true definitive love feels like in this rich hue of red.

What do you think?

palettes used in this post:

Color by COLOURlovers

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Beautiful and fun artwork! I wish I had it all! <3
Me too!! Makes me want to get out the paint!

shakespeare_nerd wrote:
Beautiful and fun artwork! I wish I had it all! <3
really beautiful post.
I just got lost in those arts...
Lol! :o) The second one is in Hungarian.... Great article! Thanks Molly!
szeretet = love between mother and child, friends or siblings, etc.
szerelem = <3



A foto from me to you! :o)



oh love the acorn and walnuts! I'd put that on my wall on a huge canvas during November/Fall. :)

great palettes! thanks @caori
I'll send you the whole size pic! ;)

mollybermea wrote:
oh love the acorn and walnuts! I'd put that on my wall on a huge canvas during November/Fall. :)

great palettes! thanks @caori
Thrilled to view such inovations! Is that spelled right?
Totally! is fantastic!! this article make my day! now all I can think about is love and color! :D


jayeshomg wrote:
really beautiful post.
I just got lost in those arts...
Amazing LOVE!
Yay for beautiful pop art! Here is mine:
I LOVE this article! I went and "faved" some of the etsy art featured here.
Thanks! and that's awesome! :D nice palette!

sundancer wrote:
Yay for beautiful pop art! Here is mine:
I LOVE this article! I went and "faved" some of the etsy art featured here.
This is beautiful.

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