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DIY Ornament Roundup: Top 5

DIY Ornament Roundup: Top 5

Are the kiddos are at home and in need of entertainment? - making ornaments is a fun way to spend time together. Get involved as a family, turn on some holiday tunes and have some creative time. If your tree is getting too full of ornaments, I'm sure Grandma & Grandpa and Aunties & Uncles would love some for their tree's too!

#1: Half Eaten Gingerbread Men


I first came across this ornament design by Noodle-Head.com "Half Eaten Ornaments". I love this take on making Gingerbread Man ornaments with a laughable approach. These will definitely be on my list for next years projects. One of the simple details here is using a red button with white yarn/string to make them look like peppermint candies. Genius! Original pattern by Elsie Marley here.

#2: Metallic Ornaments from kids miniature toys (figurines)


To be an ornament or present topper. I do have to admit, what I love about this one is that I can go dig in my son's Bug's & Creatures bin and get some plastic Dollar Tree dinosaurs or lizards. I think he'd be really amused with having dinosaurs, lizards and bugs on the tree. I think I'll opt for metallic spray paints (Rustoleum is excellent for plastics) and go for the single colour instead of the gold leafing because that's what I have on hand and it might be a lot cheaper not to mention LESS work, which I am a big fan of! This tutorial originated from papernstitch.com and is found in her free PDF Happy Holiday's Guide to DIY. I originally found this project shared from Brittni of papernstitch.com on CreatureComfortsBlog.com.


#3. Sherbet Spinner


This one looks super easy and hassle free. Use any kind of paper scraps, mix it up, mess it up and have fun. Just takes a couple of beads, some string and paper. DIY by HowAboutOrange.Blogspot.com - DIY Striped Paper Ornament.

#4. Mini Chalk Boards

I love the concept here of using mini chalk boards and writing little positive notes or reminders of giving or cheer. The entire tutorial incorporates a lot more, but the basic concept here using balsa wood, chalkboard paint and some twine (add a shape star or other type of shape?) and you're good to go. You could have each kid write something on them too, then note the year and child's name and age on the back. DIY by A Lemon Squeezy Home (alemonsqueezyhome.blogspot.com) - "What Shall I Give Christmas Ornament Tutorial".

#5. Salt Dough Ornaments - For the Kids!


This totally brings back memories! I think that the whole Salt Dough Ornament idea has been around for ages. I believe my mom might still have ornaments that we made when we were kiddlets. This is the perfect ornament project for almost any age. I think I'll make some for a project on Christmas Eve for the kiddo's. We'll have two 2 1/2 yr olds who love dough. Not saying they'll make anything much with it, but it will still be fun. Start collecting shape cutters for next year! Salt Dough Recipe and ornaments pictured are by Prudent Baby (PrudentBaby.com) - Salt Dough Ornament DIY.

A note of warning for storing these: They are generally tough and hold their shapes but I would strongly suggest storing these in particular in a moisture-proof container such as a Tupperware container and pad each with a paper towel (or alternative soft cushy separator). One year our storage area got some moisture and some parts of these ornaments turned to mush and almost ruined other homemade ornaments in the same box. I would consider modge podging those the base layer after baking for a bit more durability and sealant.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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