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The Colors Of Elise Winters

The Colors Of Elise Winters

"Through abstract form, luminous surface and subtle color blends, my artwork functions as a touchstone to the pleasures and mysteries of nature."

Using a technique she calls 'crazed acrylic,' "a subtle combination of polymer clay with acrylic paints which results in shimmering colorful surfaces," Elise Winters creates beautiful organic shaped jewelery in colors of subtle vibrancy. If they remind you of budding plants or reflections off a rippling stream, then she has "done her job," as she says about the inspiration behind much of her work. Her work also reminds me of corals with palettes of the most colorful creatures from the ocean deeps.

About the Artist

Elise Winters grew up in Rochester, New York where her family's metalworking business nurtured her drive for designing and building innovative hand-tools for artists. While earning arts degrees from Syracuse, Montclair and the New School Universities, Elise first encountered the mysteries of color and light and the lure of ceramic clay. As a professional potter, she loved the malleability of earthenware clay, twisting and shaping it into full organic forms. Later, as a photographer, she was seduced by the subtle play of color and light - by reflection, translucence, the ephemeral colors of the sky. Time spent in Japan enriched her studies of ceramics and sumi-e brush painting. The Japanese influence, in both its reverence for nature and its respect for subtlety of design, has informed Elise's work with luminous polymer clay jewelry. Her signature pieces of jewelry and sculpture feature a technique she has come to call "crazed acrylic," a subtle combination of polymer clay with acrylic paints which results in shimmering colorful surfaces.

Elise is recognized as one of the nation's leading polymer clay artists and jewelry designers, having had her work illustrated and written about in numerous books and periodicals. From time to time she curates exhibitions with the purpose of educating the public about the finest work being done in polymer.

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I am in awe. Her work is stunning. I particularly like the third piece pictured.
This has inspired me to upload some of my beaded jewelry and take colours from those for patterns...

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