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Design Contest - Be the Next GelaSkins Artist!

Design Contest - Be the Next GelaSkins Artist!

We had so much fun with our GelaSkins contest earlier this year, we're excited to say we've cooked up another awesome one for you guys. This time you get to create a design for their new iPhone 5 HardCase for a shot at becoming the next GelaSkins artist!

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The GelaSkins brand was born from a passion for great design. That's why they work with the world's most creative minds, bringing stunning artwork to any device. The GelaSkins library is rounded out with thousands of works by established and up-and-coming independent artists, classics by the Masters, and patterns by renowned designers. Notable partnerships include National Geographic, Tim Burton and Norman Rockwell. Expressing individual style is easy with thousands of designs to choose from and simple tools to help create a unique look for any device. Personalize phones, tablets, laptops, e-readers and more!

The HardCase by GelaSkins for iPhone 5 is a tough, polycarbonate, snap-on case. It's available in a wide array of great designs by artists from around the world. You can even be the artist and design your own – import family photos, company logos, or patterns you've created at COLOURlovers.com.

Here are all of the important details about the contest:

How to Enter

COLOURlovers can enter this contest by creating and coloring a pattern for the iPhone 5 HardCase template that GelaSkins has provided. To submit your designs, just visit the contest page and create your entry, easy peasy!

Contest Dates

Entries for this contest will run from Monday, November 19th, through Monday, December 3rd. The voting period will last until Thursday, December 6th and winners will be announced on Friday, December 7th.

Voting Process

The GelaSkins team will select the First Place winner who will become the next GelaSkins artist. Second through Fifth Place runners up will be selected based on loves from the COLOURlovers community.


The First Place winner will become the next GelaSkins artist and collect royalties on the sales of their design!

2nd - 5th runners up will receive a $100 gift card towards a custom GelaSkins product featuring your design.

**All designs entered stay under the ownership of the creators. The grand prize winner agrees to share their design rights with Geleskins, and participate as one of their designers. They will earn royalties on all sales of their design.**

That's it! Best of luck to all of you talented designers, can't wait to see what you come up with.


See the entries in the GelaSkins Design Contest.

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We probably shouldn't assume there is active deception taking place. There's a chance it's just be a glitch working in that CLer's favour. I emailed CL today to ask them to look into it, but who knows when they'll get around to that. Maybe if a couple other concerned people also sent an email they might get to it sooner....I used the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.

eighteyed wrote:
We probably told them they needed more views here in the comments, so they adjusted their voting bot to do that.
(There are A LOT more views *now*, there weren't before and IT LOOKS FISHY!)


I'm just going to shut up then, and let management sort it out. Just generally in favor of juried entries (qualifying round) and external judges, except for some kind of people's choice award.


I said i wouldn't do anymore but i couldn't help myself! Really like the template, reminds me of Liberty fabric prints! This is the last one now, 5 in total, that's a nice number to stop at! Hahaha! ❤❤❤❤❤

Botanic Lily
Botanic Lily by Simultaneouscontrast


These patterns are intermingled among some others near the top. Just pointing them out.






I am having so much fun creating these! Here is my top design so far!

Vintage Floral
Vintage Floral by sherrydee846

This next one is one of my personal favorites... It is very calming to me :D and I love blue!

静けさ by sherrydee846

can you see the little birds?

This one is my most recent!

TheBurningBush by sherrydee846

Thank you to everyone who has voted, and if you haven't voted PLEASE vote! We don't stand a chance if we are not all voting for the ones we REALLY love! So if you love one of these please let me know by voting! Thank you in advance! :D


Even though I know better, I can't stop pushing the button!
I guess I just want to see the graphic and dream ^_^
Ribbon TracersDichroic StarResting Pulse


No more! No more, i promise! It's so hard not to enter more when i go and look at the pattern on the iphone case! Hahaha! ❤❤❤❤❤

Peach blossom
Peach blossom by Simultaneouscontrast


Thank you for all the love!! ♥♥♥
Last day of voting! Good luck to everyone :)

3Hearts by ashkenazigal



Quick update: due to general busyness and holiday chaos, we'll be announcing the contest winners on Monday instead of today. Sorry to be a tease! Hang in there for a couple more days. :)

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