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Colorful Kite Fest

Colorful Kite Fest

When lots of people gather in a park and fly kites together, the outcome is one incredibly colorful sky. Here are some  photos from Kite Fest in Austin, Texas.

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What colors do you see when you look at these shots? Woud love to see what color palettes and patterns you COLOURlovers come up with!


Has anyone attended any fun and colorful activities recently? Would love to see what you are all doing!

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American Women

I attended a glow party that had three of my Collaborative pieces hanging. It was amazing to see how they brought out the glow factor that I didn't even know existed in the paintings. The pictures didn't do it justice but was very cool to see!

We need kite palettes people!

I attended the last day of the Van Gogh exhibit yesterday at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Adored every of second of it!


I didn't fly a kite for long time ... T_T

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