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Four Days of Color with Leatrice Eiseman ~ Win a Full Color Training Scholarship + More!

Four Days of Color with Leatrice Eiseman ~ Win a Full Color Training Scholarship + More!

Understanding color can be a daunting task with many dead ends. Have you ever taken a color theory class only to be left feeling like it didn’t teach you anything to do with applying color in the real world?

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Maybe you have an awesome natural instinct for putting together cohesive palettes or colorizing fabulous patterns perfectly, but why are you so good at it? Validating the why, where and when of color will change your entire outlook on color and what it can do to your personal or professional life.

Color opportunities exist in many industries. Companies need color design expertise to guide them through the many choices they have to make as a successful business. Choices they must make involving color range from advertising, product design, branding and many more. You need credible, verifiable information to back up your decisions as a consultant or designer and you need more than a simple love for color to get you there.

Pictured: Leatrice Eiseman

This is where we introduce “the international color guru”, Leatrice Eiseman - colorexpert.com. Among many hats, Leatrice is the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Director of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training, has authored eight books to date and will be heading off 2012 with a Color + Design Training Program in Burbank, California.

Pictured: class setting with Leatrice Eiseman instructing

The training program is an intense four-day program for very motivated individuals who wish to enhance their color skillset for application in the real world. Only 20 participants are accepted to the course which allows for a higher quality of learning. The class covers topics like: Developing your color expertise, The psychology of color, Color facts vs. fiction, The how-toʼs of color forecasting, Future color trends... and much more.

PANTONE® The 20th Century in Color | MORE ALIVE WITH COLOR

Leatrice’s latest book on color, which is a part of the giveaway, is titled, PANTONE® The 20th Century in Color, co-authored with Keith Recker.

Enter the Contest... Share Your Story & Win!

Leatrice is giving away one full scholarship, one partial scholarship and some books (mentioned above). 

1st Place: Full scholarship valued at $1775 + Book + 2x Blog Features
2nd Place: Partial Scholarship valued at $887.50 + Book + 2x Blog Features
5 Runner-ups: Book

In addition to prizes from Leatrice, first and second place winners will share a feature blog post interview on COLOURlovers.com about themselves personally and professionally, expanding on their story submitted. Furthermore, we would like to do a post-interview after the class in January 2012 (posted in February).

Contest will run through Saturday, November 25th, 2011 at 8pm PST Wednesday, November 30th, at 12am PST. The COLOURlovers Team will be the judging panel and choose winners from those that put out their best effort.

Here’s how you earn it:

In the comments - post one of your palettes that identifies with you and your story on how color impacts your life as well as how you would like to use color more, to impact the lives of others. Your story can be anywhere between 50-300 words max (click here for a visual of what 300 words looks like).

In the case that you may not be able to travel/attend the class, you may still win one of the books! If you can, please mention that you are only applying for a book. We would love to hear your story!

This class is January 26th-29th, 2012 in Burbank, California. Travel and accommodation expenses will not be covered by Leatrice. Although an excellent group rate at the hotel is available and the hotel has full kitchens.

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One of my earliest color memories was Crayola Crayons. I used to carry the box around like it was a box of treasures. I spent hours "playing" with the crayons but never wanted to color with them for fear of ruining them. I would sort them by hue, then lightest to darkest, or brightest to dullest. I was maybe 4 years old. I couldn't wait until the bigger box with more colors came out.
Life took me in a different direction from color and for 27 years I worked as a professional Black and White head shot photographer. Since my eye "saw" in Black, White and Grey all day long at the studio, at home I surrounded myself with color. I collected colorful pottery, colorful scarfs, and boxes of color chips from the paint store.
In 2006 I closed my photography studio and went back to school to pursue my life long passion of interior design. I took my first color class since photography school and my passion for color was reignited. Since then I have become obsessed with learning absolutely everything I can I about color. I bought every one of Leatrice's books (plus about 20 more) and have spent hours study them. I have taken several other color classes and the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. I am working now as a Decorator/Color consultant and love every minute of it. My goal is to help my clients understand color better and teach them how they can use the power of color to achieve not only the look they want but the "feel" they want.

I would love more than anything to win this class with Leatrice Eiseman. I continue to follow the dates of her classes and have been looking at the January dates on my "Dream Board" for months now. I keep saying, "one day I will get to CA" and take her class.




Hello! What an exciting contest.

I fell in love with color in 2008, working at a children's theatre in Lexington, KY. I was interning in the education department and my entire summer was spent directing weekly shows starring the kids at a theatre camp. Much of our time was spent producing the show: lights, blocking, acting, etc. When we were training to do the costumes, however, my eyes were opened to an entire world of color I had never known before. I had no idea you could identify characters through color families and I am obsessed with it. It is my favorite thing to do while watching tv: watching how a designer has chosen his or her palate and the choices they make. My favorite is is on "The Big Bang Theory." Mary T. Quigley palate is so bright and lovely that the nerds truly are superheroes.

I am applying for the book only and would love to use it as a basis for my art and expanding my work into color. Thank you so much! :D



MARIGOLD. My first choice for color as a child for my room. Choosing fabrics, wool and patterns for my very talented Mum, who knit and sewed my clothes. Asking for paints and ceramics as birthday gift in grade three. Art class. Graphic design class. Photography. Painting and repainting my first condo. Color has always been important in my life.

Paint chip enthusiast. Color and textiles have been a thread through my career and I am now an Interior Decorator, who loves helping others with color. I greatly admire Leatrice Eiseman and have hoped to take her course for the past two years - I have even bought and read the required book Color - messages and meaning. I would be thrilled to win a place in the course as I am always expanding my knowledge and what a brilliant highlight to learn from the best.

I only discovered Color Lovers one month ago, and what a wonderful community of warm and welcoming lovers of color.

I feel lucky to have just found this contest and that the date had been extended. The hardest part has been to only choose one palette. One of the many intriguing and interesting things I love about color is the influence of mood and feel, and as it is pretty gray here on the West Coast, I choose a cheerful palette. I like the happy color with a wee bit of neutral. Being cheerful is representative of me as well.

I am happy to submit "cheerio" palette to you for your kind consideration.
In appreciation, Sue Womersley

Color Dancer


special_feelings dANCIng_with_colors

A color palette seems little to describe me. but I think the palette "On My Own" can talk a little about me.

The beautiful and kind heart color that represents the whole emotional side is the one who chooses where intuition. My pink side always predominates in my feelings and choices paths to tread. The positivity of orange fire and I bring dynamism and strength of will to wake up at sunrise and fighting is what brings me the strength to try to be a better person every day. yellow light that illuminates my vision to be able to see the two sides of everything. Which brings me to my creative projects and good vibrations. the blue color of the sky and the sea, the two extremes of color our view of our universe so vast and deep. represents the spiritual quest of discovery never discovered. nature to me are all the colors together and put together at the same time, but there is not better color to describe the forms of manifestation of life and brings me much peace and comfort to balance the green. this color could not miss the description of my personality.

I study architecture and work with color mixing and painting since I was 15 years. I came into the world with the colors feelings, I think we understand well each other! The Leatrice Eiseman is an example of artist to me. to my point of view people who understand and identify with colors are born artists. because you need love and sensitivity to understand them and adapt them
and will be a pleasure to learn and exchange ideas with her.
Today I working with color consulting for companies, schools, residences and study of building facades. are just two months I have become autonomous. A course like this would be the best gift I could win! I will love!
I hope you enjoy my palette because it was made with love, positivity, joy, peace and a balance of Tok!

Thank you

Uma paleta de cores parece pouco para me descrever. mas acredito que a paleta que esta no meu perfil com o nome de "on my own" pode falar um pouco sobre mim.

A linda e amavel cor do coração que representa todo lado emocional onde quem escolhe é a intuição. meu lado pink que predomina sempre nas minhas escolhas sentimentos e caminhos a trilhar. O fogo e a positividade do laranja que me traz dinamismo e força de vontade para acordar ao nascer do sol e lutar é o que me traz a força para tentar ser uma pessoa melhor a cada dia. a luz do amarelo que ilumina minha visão para poder enxergar os dois lado de tudo que há. que me traz criatividade para meus projetos e boas vibrações. o azul cor do ceu e do mar, os dois extremos da nossa visão cor do nosso universo tão imenso e profundo. representa a busca pela espiritualidade a descoberta do nunca descoberto. para mim a natureza são todas as cores juntas e reunidas ao mesmo tempo, mas nao existe cor melhor para descrever as formas de manifestação de vida e que me traz tanto equilibrio tranquilidade e conforto como o verde. esta cor nao poderia faltar na descrição da minha personalidade.

Estudo arquitetura e trabalho com mistura de cores e pintura desde os meus 15 anos. Vim ao mundo com as cores, acho que nos entendemos bem! A Leatrice Eiseman é um exemplo de artista para mim . ao meu ponto de vista pessoas que entendem e se identificam com cores são artistas natos. e será um prazer poder aprender e trocar ideias com ela.
Hoje trabalho com consultoria em cores para empresas, escolas, residencias e estudo de fachadas de edifícios. fazem apenas dois meses que me tornei autonoma. Um curso como este seria o melhor presente que eu poderia ganhar! eu vou amar!
Espero que gostem de minha paleta pois ela foi feita com amor, positividade, alegria, paz e um tok de equilibrio!




I love/like/crave color! It is in our lives every day since we can find it in nature, in our homes, our clothes, in ads… everywhere!

Color is so critical in our lives that it can change our mood, make us feel happier, cheerful… or it can paralyze us when we don't know how to apply it in our daily routines, and we end up living in a black and white world.

During the last 18 months, I've studied to become an Image Consultant. I've learnt about silhouettes, fabrics, fit and something about color. In a recent image consultant workshop I had the opportunity to hear about a new approach about color utilization: Leatrice's approach, which I found to be clearer, more practical and more balanced than the one I've been applying so far.

Colors are always sending messages and as an Image Consultant I am interested in studying them in detail, and then be able to help my clients to reinforce what they want to communicate to the world through the appropriate utilization of Colors.

The color palette that I am presenting here is just one that came to my mind when I fell in love with a dark olive green skirt and a skinny bright pink belt. I think these colors put together create a great balance between my ying and yang qualities: power and femininity at the same time.

Last but not least, I would like to say "thank you"! This scholarship initiative is a great idea and will help some of us to master our Color Theory knowledge in a deep and flexible way.

P.S. I live in California and I am very looking forward to learn more from Leatrice ;)



Inhale. Exhale. Saturate. Desaturate. Stepping into the new day, I evolve my color unknowingly. When I was little, it was purple. When I had my first dance, it was blue. When I laughed on the couch with my college roommates, it was green. And just this past year, it became orange.

I realized these colors when evolved throughout my life were the accents and energy I aspired to and from whatever sign or signifier I personally embedded into them. For the while, orange is the moment which makes me hug more and tell people how they are appreciated in this world. Orange is allowing my hidden talkative side to meet and greet people I’ve kept introverted before. Orange isn’t a sweet or bitter taste; it’s a silky breath. It allows an interconnectivity to emerge and empathize. My direct relationship with my colors allows me to grow as a person, but also give something beyond my love and support to those I interact with; the ability to make abstract connections and perhaps see how not so abstract they may be. Orange is the power of my creativity shared with others. It is my muse through artistic and intellectual brainstorming and reflecting on and analyzing cultural contexts via my perception.

Orange is the momentary interruption - a point on the wave of every color- since you asked, and this is how I see it.

Thank you for the time reading all of these lovely stories. I am applying for the book, too far away, and in these transitional times of after college and looking for job- no money to fly! Best!

Juliana Bittencourt


this palette chosen to represent positive energy and love for joy with warm colors and intense our lives become more dynamic and fun. without the sun we could not see the colors! we have to salute him every day .. waking and evening! ... he who brings vitality! ... is my great motivator!

I'd love to know and learn from Leatrice Eiseman. She is an example to me. and know the california would be great!

I work with interior decorating and study architecture and urbanism colors became part of my life since childhood when I got to paint clothes. Today I am an alchemy of colors that I see with all paints, from acrylic paints to glazes. Love seeing all the possibilities that can generate color. I love working and see the influence that different colors can have the same space. this is fun! Innovate and create. colors allow it!

I was born a colourlover ..

thank you for allowing this on this site! is the best!



My life has always been "colorful" , inspired by a free spirited yet grounded flower child of a mother from Tennessee who was always fashionably dressed ... right down to her analogous purple,pink,red paisley matching bra, panties, and slip.Even the Ford station wagon she drove us around in was an unusual shade of turquoise. For her entire life she wore various shades of orange tinted lipstick and ALWAYS painted her toenails Tennessee Vols orange. She danced with us, played with us, and planted colorful flowers around our house. She emitted a bright spectrum of encouragement. Curiosity was applauded as she guided us to watch the news, read all sorts of books, color outside the lines, turn plain wine bottles into multicolored crayola wax monuments , make our own Valentines, paint our bedrooms however we liked, ( mine was eggplant purple with Vol orange trim), and we always created our own outlandish Halloween costumes.
It's no wonder I am an artist, designer, creator and lover of all that they encompass.

I started as a teacher of high school students and left teaching after art jobs were cut.
Blessed , call it fate or what have you ... I landed in the world of fashion starting as a designer and colorist and ending as VP of PD/DES. , all based solely on my college portfolio and my stern determination to sell my talents to a NYC executive who had never met a Tennessean like me. He gave me 3 projects to prove my worth. One of which I had to recolor a plaid pattern by hand in 4 colorways. No MAC 's in the early 90's for me.
"Colorful " he was and still is. He was my mentor for 17 years as we worked side by side. Much like my mother he saw in me gifts i didn't realize I had. The gift of what it means to be "creative" beyond paint and palette...problem solving with clients, analyzing colors and lab dips with dye houses( Pantone was my best friend), communicating and building relationships....all held creative aspects. I loved my career ... but after many years of traveling ( USA, ASIA, EUROPE) and long, very long hours of working, I made a BOLD decision.

My second career began ... a steady focus on painting and art making, education, and being a mother. You might say I came full circle from where I started. Teaching again, this time with a whole array of life and real world experiences in an industry where students truly need this type teacher, is my true passion. I teach Color Theory for the Fashion Design and Marketing Students at El Centro Community College in downtown Dallas. It's a match made in heaven : art, color, and fashion...plus my students keep me inspired !!!! My art has been more colorful since the birth of my daughter AND since teaching this course. I have come into full bloom and enjoy inspiring others to bloom.
I am addict for color information , whether on blogs, reading books, or studying the world around me. I presented COLOURLOVERS to the class in the form of an assignment last year and continue using it in class. They love it same as I do.
COLORMUSE is our group , please take a tour of my students "play"...sometimes I just don't like the word "work".
The class has also inspired me to develop a COLORMUSE: Paint your personality " workshop based on intuitive color field painting. I have each person read about the meanings of color before participating and then they come and I assist them in this method to paint their "color personality".
Whether or not I am chosen to participate in the 4 day seminar, I would be thrilled to receive the book to share with my students. BUT I WOULD LOOOOOOVVVVVEEE
to meet the chief of Pantone and learn so much more....yes I am still and always will be curious ...for color especially!
Michelle Stroescu www.modernmuse.net


Wembot wrote:

I wouldn't normally put these colors together- but they mean what they mean to me and this is how my life has played out- to put a harmonious palette would be false. I know that my description exceeds 300 words but the message means more to me then winning. :)

My life started of fruitful; it had all the ingredients to make a good life. It was bright, rosy and untainted. It was a pale, delicate, pink of innocence. Everything was new and exciting- color was new to me yet I didn’t consciously know of its meaning......


WOW!!!!! Do not think you are speaking in only primary tones....this post spoke multitudes of hues. Hug yourself !!! Congrats to you for doing the hardest work of all, seeing inside yourself and loving every part.


I love color and how it affects our lives. Without color, our lives would be incredibly different. I believe color is truly a gift for us humans. It delights me that we begin and end the day with a splay of vibrant colors across the sky!

I grew up watching my mother paint. She had an art group that met in the basement every Friday night. I loved going down there on Saturday morning to see how the artists had progressed. It was my own private gallery of sorts!

I guess it was inevitable that I would fall in love with color and art. I love my Prismacolor pencils and there's nothing like a box of crayons to get me drawing!

I am at a turning point in my life that has led me here to Colourlovers. I have been working in the Addiction Treatment industry for over a decade and am now receiving Severance pay. I did study with Will Wilson and have always drawn. I have not sold my art ... yet. I have recently been painting furniture and wooden items. Doing so is directing me to a possibly different industry for a career.

I came to Colourlovers in my search for color combinations. I love it here! When I read about the opportunity to learn even more, I just had to enter. I will not be able to travel to the classes, but I would love to win a book.. I believe I have an instinct for color, but I want to learn as much as I can. Understanding how color works together can certainly benefit my artistic efforts and possibly help me find a new career direction.


joy" />

My relationship with colours is a storytelling relationship. I'm originally from Colombia, a really colorful place, but I'm currently living in San Francisco.
Colours had been the element to create. It has enable me to not only decorate and create new spaces and objects, but also, to remember where I come from and to create links and connections between here and there, past and present, and of course, to look to the future. I decorated my SF room with these colours in my palet, because it makes me think about the sunset at my hometown and it makes me feel at home in my new home. I couldn't be happier.

Now, I want to use colours to discover what's the next step for me. I'm a writer/creative/everything in between and I'm starting a blog. I want to be about remembrance and creation, connecting the two things and I think colours is a key instrument in the process.


Color is life. Everything around us is colorful, whether it be the bright colors of a festive marketplace or the quiet colors of a cold day. No matter where we go or what we do, color is alive in this world. I love color. Color brings out emotions, loves, fears, joy, and so much more. I have one minute to send this but I just want to say that Color is my life and to be able to be part of something really special in Leatrice's class would be a dream come true and a lifelong lesson on the beauty of color in our lives. It's 12:00 pm PST!!



(420 words ... sorry, this turned into almost a journal prompt for me. xC)
It’s ironic to think of that in spite of my almost overt obsession to color now, when I was far younger, my grandmother actually constantly tested for color blindness. She would squat down to my height, her blue floral apron folding along with her, and try as best as possible to get my attention, pointing out colors through a multitude of picture books, piles of their glossy covers in disarray on the veranda. “Red.” she would claim. But I would call it orange. “Blue.” And I would call it green. What I couldn’t seem to make her understand at that age was that I was almost trying to describe the hue further. I could barely get past the consonant v in “vermillion” or “viridian” at that age, so I could only reply with the “other” color I saw. But my grandfather would laugh, always the doubter I was color blind, for he was the artist I looked up to, and in a strange way, related to even then. He was quiet, and where my grandmother would always encourage anything but, my grandfather would always try to bring out the artist out of my shy self, encouraging creativity. I didn’t have many toys and probably couldn’t have, but I had quite the imagination – and he respected that. If I wanted to be Pokemon Master, he let me. If I wanted to be a Gojira, he would let me - at least until it was time to walk home from the park again. He would allow me to play and imagine, and he would illustrate – in graphite. I still have maybe a hundred of those thin crackling sheets, some hanging up, some rubbed together and smeared, some yellowed and delicate from age, some lost – and then found again just when I need them. They create a history, and adventure, something very much me. But time passes, and my grandfather rarely draws any more. It pains me, and pains me to see him even quieter, after my grandmother passed valiantly this past October, unable to be saved from a long struggle with lung cancer. It’s odd to see the roles reversed, with me taking care of him now, just unable to say something that would might console him of missing her in our lives. And though maybe lives are too easily destroyed from us, and though maybe we are destined to be some days to be sad, he taught me to create. To continue illustrating life – for her – as well as for him.



In the comments - post one of your palettes that identifies with you and your story on how color impacts your life as well as how you would like to use color more, to impact the lives of others.

Growing up on the New England coast has shaped the way I look at and interact with color. I remember hunting for the best and most brightly colored leaves in the fall, and staring out over the misty-grey winter ocean. As a printmaker, I have to choose my limited colors carefully to make sure they interact and reflect the emotions I try to convey in my work. It's such a difficult thing to consistently achieve through the different mediums and processes involved in printmaking. I want to be able to bring the colors and feelings of my home to everyone with my artwork, and this would be a wonderful opportunity to learn how to do that more effectively.



Learning to be bold.

I never understood color growing up and I dont think that I ever will, which is what makes it so alluring. I was always afraid to BE BOLD until recently when looking through a plethora of bracelets hand braided by Cambodian children being sold in a cafe in NC for a dollar. All proceeds were to go back to the children who made them and the colors were so diverse and vivid that I had a hard time choosing one. Neutral was always safe for me and I preferred to "blend in".

Then my friend who was traveling with me pointed out that the bright colors were my chance to empower myself, to stand out amongst the crowd and be proud of my individuality. It was at that moment that I understood the power inherent in living colors that surround us at every moment and selected a bracelet exemplifying the colors in this palette. I then happily donated the dollar in gratitude to the fearless child who chose these colors for me.


Most of my adult life has been spent living in a grey world surrounded by suits and steel office buildings. This grey world was of my own making.

Growing up I was told to select a safe career that would provide an income. I was fortunate enough to find such a career but it never gave me time for the artistic pursuits I had while I was younger.

While busy working, I yearned for something different. Burnt out and exhausted from nonstop travel, my soul was crying out for something more. I was desperate for color in my life.

Several years ago, I met someone who changed my life, or at least, let me think about my life in a different way. During our many conversations, one in which I am sure I must have complained about how exhausted I was, he asked me the following questions:

“What do you love to do?”
“What are you passionate about?”

To this day, I remember being shocked by these questions as well as by my inability to answer them. Then I realized, no one every asked me these questions before. Worse than that, I never asked myself these questions.

These questions have sent me on a journey to add color to both my life and to the lives of those around me. To me; color adds meaning, purpose and intent to an otherwise drab life.

I would love to explore color in depth. I know that I am a visual person and I am good at styling and putting things together. I have no training, just instincts. I would like to see where those instincts take me if given the opportunity for at least a book. Thanks.


(palette represents who I want to be)


When are the winners going to be announced?


The winners will be announced next Thursday, Dec. 8th.


I am glad I am not the only one frequently checking back in eager anticipation with fingers crossed... thanks Frost Dragon for asking :)



I recently started my own design business, LLY Designs, and this palette is the one I've been gravitating towards since last year when I first started designing my own website and blog. There's just something about this palette that makes me smile every time I see it used.

As a designer, color is absolutely central to both my work and my life. I've started paying close attention to the emotions that various colors and combinations can elicit in people, and the reactions that people have towards even the slightest variations in colors.

Interestingly, I wrote my college application essay about how much I loved getting the huge boxes of Crayola crayons when I was a kid, and reveling in all of the different hues of colors and the possibilities that lay within... even though I went to college for English and American Studies! As fate would have it, I've recently come full circle back to the thoughts that originally inspired me to write that essay 6 years ago.


Heyheyhey colourlovers.....wonder who won the contest aren't you????
Today is the 8th and I still do not see any winners posted.....chewing my nails off in anticipation....


"wondering" who won.......guess it's up for grabs till midnight!!!


LOL I'm still sifting through responses and Love Noting everyone who are in the pool.

modernmuse wrote:
"wondering" who won.......guess it's up for grabs till midnight!!!


modernmuse wrote:
Heyheyhey colourlovers.....wonder who won the contest aren't you????
Today is the 8th and I still do not see any winners posted.....chewing my nails off in anticipation....

:) me too!


As I would like to post this today (before midnight PST) - those who have been sent LOVE NOTES regarding the scholarship, please find time to respond today (and soon) if possible.

I have an idea who we've narrowed it down to, but i need to get double checked confirmations on those who can make it to the class or not. Some were not clear on that.

So sit patiently! :) - m.

- Molly
Community Curator / Blog Editor


I am unsure about how the process works in regards to receiving love notes and the scholarship but I am definitely in and available to go to the workshop in Burbank.



On the edge of my seat!!!!



Locate your Love Note I sent you:

1. At the top of COLOURlovers.com
2. There should be a red envelope (to the right) with a grey heart in the center. Click that.
3. That's the internal email on COLOURlovers.... so that you don't use your real email address unless you give it out.

Please go check that and respond. If you are still confused, please email me molly@colourlovers.com

***Also, I need to know if you were to win 2nd place, would you be able to pay for 1/2 the the scholarship?

integrityindesign1 wrote:
I am unsure about how the process works in regards to receiving love notes and the scholarship but I am definitely in and available to go to the workshop in Burbank.


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