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Lover Feature: Designer, Shawna Crouch aka "sec9586"

Lover Feature: Designer, Shawna Crouch aka "sec9586"

Some of you may already know our own sec9586, some of you may have just heard of her as the designer of the Betabrand plaid pattern, "Betabrand2" in our contest, "Color a Plaid Shirt Contest by Betabrand + COLOURlovers". Either way, we're featuring her today so you can get to know her even better!

Shawna Crouch, aka "sec9586", is the owner / operator of CrouchDesign. She attended Murray State University, where she graduated with a BS in Studio Art/Graphic Design in 2009, and specializes primarily in print design. Along with her designing day job, she runs a small shop on Zazzle as CrouchDesign, where she offers freelance design services. She also has an Etsy shop,  AquaNetNightmare, set to reopen September 1st, 2011 which will offer jewelry, cards, invitations, stationary and drawings.

Shawna continually uses COLOURlovers in every which way for both work and fun. Let's take a peek at how she does it...

Using COLOURlovers in Daily Design

COLOURlovers: How do you specifically use COLOURlovers.com tools to work with a client in getting a perfect color palette?

Shawna: The first thing I do is to ask them what type of look they are going for. In doing so, I sometimes ask them what their favorite restaurant or hotel is, which can sometimes help show me an example of the style they like. After a preliminary discussion of their style, I direct them to COLOURlovers.com and ask them to choose three color palettes they’d like me to work with. From that point, I can design a pattern in Seamless, work on the mock-up and work with them to get a design that they were imagining.

COLOURlovers: How exactly do you get clients to send you palettes to use?

Shawna: Usually I have clients email me links to the palettes, OR I have them download the AI or ASE swatch files (to email me) - depending on which is easier for them. Everytime that I have had them do this, it has gone very smoothly. Usually only issue being that they send more than three palettes because there are just so many wonderful color combinations to choose from. Then we get to play the elimination game, which can be a daunting task in itself!

COLOURlovers: What COLOURlovers tools do you use specifically, and how?

Shawna: When I use COLOURlovers.com, I almost always use COPASO to create my palettes. COPASO allows you to make palettes with custom widths, but I mainly use it for the simple fact that I can use photos to pick colors from and use a scratch area to keep all my ideas organized.

Since I've just gotten the COLOURlovers iPhone App, ColorSchemer, I'm really looking forward to utilizing it in every day work. Being able to access and creating palettes on the fly will be an amazing tool. I imagine having a client sitting right with me saying, “Hmm, I need to see some color options for our company’s new look”. All I'll have to do is pull up the app and create the palette on the spot! It will definitely speed up this part of the process.

COLOURlovers: I know you've also recently got a copy of Seamless Studio. Do you use patterns a lot in your work already? If so, how will having a copy of SS on your desktop help out?

Shawna: I do try to use patterns in my work, because they can add subtle qualities that make a design much more interesting. Using the website is awesome because I can tailor the pattern templates to my needs, and then color several very quickly. It’s also exciting to find hidden gems among other users that create amazing templates.


Seamless Studio expands the limitations of making the templates in so many new directions. I have a lot more control over what shapes are in the pattern and better yet, getting the colors exactly how I like them for the big picture.

Being able to create organic shapes makes it so much more fulfilling to use the software and website to my full potential as a designer.


Shawna's current Fav's


I find it fascinating to see how our community uses COLOURlovers for both work and play and We have so many unique freelancers and small business owners. I'll be on the lookout for more Lovers to showcase here on the blog.

So how do you use COLOURlovers?


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Thank you!!
nighthawk327 wrote:
Cute work Shawna! :)


Beautiful work--you are so very inspiring!Wow; and I did not know the seamless pattern design studio existed until now...I really do not know how I missed this...


Wow! I didn't know about sec, Shawn - I don't always take the time to check out the links on profiles.
it's nice to present members like this
Lovely designs work Shawn! =)


Thank you! The design studio didn't exist for the public until very very recently, so you didn't miss it by much lol :)
brittneyla wrote:
Beautiful work--you are so very inspiring!Wow; and I did not know the seamless pattern design studio existed until now...I really do not know how I missed this...

Thank you!
ycc2106 wrote:
Wow! I didn't know about sec, Shawn - I don't always take the time to check out the links on profiles.
it's nice to present members like this
Lovely designs work Shawn! =)


Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you!!
Vibrance wrote:
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pauline Jones

Right On! Good for you, Shawna!!!


congrats !!
keep up the good work

Claudio Zeiger

Congratulations Shawna !


That was very intresting!


super use of pattern for invitation


no wonder u got it, because ur colour is AWESOOMEEEE!!!! CNGRATULATIONSS! :D


Good for you, Shawna!!! :) :)


Wow!!! Great article and tons of inspiration! Thanks Shawna and Molly!


Way to go Shawna. That's awesome. We have so much hidden talent in our community, it's great that it's being showcased now.


Great work Shawna!! I'm always excited to know there's someone in the CL community who is also apart of something they've created for themselves that involves color!

Fabulous article, it has shone light on a deserving CLer <3

Nana Fay

Congratulations sec9586! Keep up the good work!

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