Amazing Valentine's Day Graphics

Amazing Valentine's Day Graphics

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! Do you have a special someone that you want to surprise with a diy design? Creative Market has some of the cutest graphics around that will help you create just what you’ve been looking for. From watercolor hearts to sweet flourishes, check them all out right here.

Watercolor Hearts by Mellenes 

Watercolor Hearts by Angie Makes

Red Watercolor Flowers by Mellenes

Watercolor Hearts Clipart by Swiejko

Watercolor Painted Vector Hearts by Art Of Sun

Set Valentine’s Day by Anna

Love Wreaths Roses Clipart by Grafik Boutique

Cupids PNG Vectors by TrueMitra Designs

Cute Cartoon Cupids by TrueMitra Designs


Clipart Valentine Doodle Vectors by Sonyadehart

Valentine Overlays by On The Spot Studio

The Valentine Doodle Pack by Nicky Laatz

Valentine Doodle Icons by Iriskana

Floral Vector Set by Delagraphica

Branches Wreaths Laurels by Kelly Jane Creative


I hope this collection of graphics has give you some sweet inspiration to make something for the one you love. What are some of your Valentine projects this year?

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The Marriage of Photoshop and Typography

The Marriage of Photoshop and Typography

When browsing through the Creative Market site recently, I noticed a lot of amazing looking text. I'm currently working on a project of my own and have been blown away by some of the text effects that I have found. Take a look at this awesome collection of Photoshop effects that you can use today!

Glass and Water Photoshop Styles by Design Panoply

This Photoshop styles glass and water pack looks amazing and contains styles ranging from smooth water to refractive diamond.

Metal Photoshop Pack 1 by Design Panoply

This Photoshop styles metal pack contains 9 metallic styles ranging from reflective chrome to realistic brushed nickel.

Metal Photoshop Pack 2 by Design Panoply

Another metal pack with styles such as scuffed steel to royal pewter.

Old Movie Titles Smart Kit Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by GunzKingzArt Store

This kit of Layer Styles is inspired by the original titles of American Famous Films and Film Noir of 1920-1950.

3D Metal by Creativenauts

This Photoshop bundle comes with cutting-edge 3D metal effects.

3D Superhero Styles by Creativenauts

I love these 3D Superhero layer styles and effects.

Fire Text Effects by Creativenauts

Create a fiery look that will heat up your design!

Chrome Text Styles by Creativenauts

This is a great collection of reflective biker chrome Photoshop text effects and layer styles.

 Super Spray by Design Arsenal

SuperSpray is a unique Photoshop plugin. It lets you spray transparent png images on your canvas.

Label Maker Punch Type by jeffportaro

Full alphabet and number set of label maker punch type Photoshop brushes for creating styled text, backgrounds, textures, other graphics, and whatever you want.

20 Best Pressed and Embossed by Premium Photoshop Add-ons

Here is a very eloquent text effect of pressed and embossed Photoshop layer styles plus buttons

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Wedding Look We Love: Pretty Winter Pastels

Wedding Look We Love: Pretty Winter Pastels

While pale pink and pistachio green often aren't the first colors people think of when they think "winter," we love the way soft pastel shades look in the colder months of the year! These soft hues have a vintage feel, but aren't overly twee. (They are also great for making your winter wedding decor feel distinct from holiday decor.) Read on for some of our favorite pastel winter wedding details.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Real Wedding In Austria / Sabrina and Hubert / Winter Wedding Ideas / Car

Southern wedding - gray and yellow invitation

Alice in Wonderland Themed Real Wedding In Austria / Sabrina and Hubert / Winter Wedding Ideas / Car


Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

Southern wedding - pink bridesmaid dresses

Alice in Wonderland Themed Real Wedding In Austria / Sabrina and Hubert / Winter Wedding Ideas / Car

Photo by: FJC Photo on Wedding Chicks via

Want more wedding inspiration?

See more pastel winter wedding details

4 tips for choosing your wedding colors

Winter wonderland: a white and gold color palette

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What Makes You Happy?

What Makes You Happy?

As my 2 year old daughter is learning all about emotions and feelings, she often asks me if I'm happy. It made me start to wonder what actually makes me happy and I wanted to pose the same question to our readers. What makes YOU happy? In the exploration for this cheerful emotion, I have come up with a darling collection of happy graphics. You can't help but smile when looking through these images.

Driving To The Sea by LEKS illustrations

 Children Facial Expressions by Kakigori Studio

Skier and Snowboarder by LEKS illustrations

Happy Eggs Characters Vector by TrueMitra Designs

Smiley's Vector Set by TrueMitra Designs

Tourist Family by LEKS illustrations

Happy Jumps by mikailain

Ideal Soulmate by mikailain

Dog Dancing by cthoman

Octopus Smiling by cthoman

Three Birds Walking by QiunART

Couch Potato by cthoman

Smiling Flowers with Babies by zoya

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The Romantic Designs of Flurno

The Romantic Designs of Flurno

Flurno is a designer that has some amazingly romantic illustrations and backgrounds. There are plenty to be found on Creative Market, but here is a few of some of my favorites. Take a look and fall in love as I just did.

Angel and Heart

This is a great postcard for Valentine's day. A young girl angel, holds a heart in a hand.

Jars With Hearts

Another Valentine's day postcard featuring jars with hearts. wishes, and desires.


In autumn evening two young teenagers saw each other for the first time and fell in love.

Female Horiscope - Zodiac Signs


This is a great vintage style greeting postcard showing a  beautiful girl holding a heart.

Postcard Love

This beautiful card shows a love letter in watercolor texture. It's vintage style is suitable for different designs and scrapbooking.

Glowing Backgrounds

Abstract glowing backgrounds shows female and male energy connecting.

Romantic Vintage Background

This romantic vintage background with watercolor birds is perfect for any occasion.

Vintage Watercolor Background

Air Background

Delicate air backgrounds can be used for various designs, including scrapbooking.

 Geometric Heart and Bird

This gorgeous seamless pattern is of an abstract geometric heart and a bird on a watercolor background.

Beautiful Unusual Bird

East birdie on watercolor background and young beautiful oriental girl holding a bird in the hand are so beautiful and perfect for your next project.


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Winter White Wedding Ideas

Winter White Wedding Ideas

We love winter weddings, and winter white is one of our favorite ways to do winter wedding decor. By mixing shades of white with different undertones, it manages to be both cool and cozy at the same time. Here are some of our favorite winter white wedding details to inspire you (and make you hate the polar vortex a little less!)

Alice in Wonderland Themed Real Wedding In Austria / Sabrina and Hubert / Winter Wedding Ideas / Car

Photo by: Carmen and Ingo Photography on Style Unveiled via

Photo by: Steve Steinhardt on Laura Hooper Calligraphy via


Photo by: Natalie Spencer Photography on Bridal Musings via

unique winter wedding attire, Gore Creek wedding, Betty Ford Park wedding, Vail Colorado, Carly Mitc

Photo by: Carly Mitchell Photography on Inspired By This via

white and winter wedding inspiration, Gore Creek wedding, Betty Ford Park wedding, Vail Colorado, Ca

Photo by: Carly Mitchell Photography on Inspired By This via

white wedding cake

Photo by: White Wood Studios on Wedding Chicks via

Winter Week

Photo by: Canary Grey Photography on Grey Likes Weddings via

Photo by: Leslee Mitchell on Historic Cedarwood via

winter wedding bouquet

Photo by: Elisa B Photography on Wedding Chicks via

Photo by: Rennard Photography on My Hotel Wedding via

Want more wedding inspiration?

See more gorgeous winter weddings

Wedding dresses with sleeves

How to nail your winter engagement session

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Kapow! Blam! Zap! The Graphics and Fonts of Comic Books

Kapow! Blam! Zap! The Graphics and Fonts of Comic Books

Did you read comic books as a kid, or adult? Did you ever have an idea to create your own? Well, now it's easier than ever. Check out this amazing collection of the most fabulous ideas and assets.

Comicraft Fonts has some of the most amazing fonts I've seen. There is such a large collection too.

Samaritan Tall

Ghost Town

Cloberin Time

Goose Bumps

TrueMitra Designs has a great selection of stars and such to accentuate Comic Explosions!

Rough Balloons Collection by Do2Designs are perfect speech bubbles for the comic feel.

Thomas Ramey has recently created Thunder Pants. This fun typeface is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Created with rounded edges, this face portrays of old school comic and superhero vibe.

Comic Book Creator - photo-to-comic by Design Arsenal allows you to use your own photos and create fabulous comics.


We hope you've enjoyed this fun collection of comic book ideas.  What are some of your favorite comic books?

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Wedding Album Cafe

Wedding Album Cafe

Wedding Album Cafe has an absolutely wonderful selection of backgrounds, border frames, and graphics for all your wedding album needs. I fell in love with all of these designs as soon as I saw them. Check them all out right here and please feel free to share them with your newly wedded friend.

From Here to Eternity

New Beginnings

Wedded Bliss

Black and White Damask

Grit and Grunge Vol 1

Why So Grungy?

Fanciful Border Frames

Get In Shape

Photoshop Layer Styles


Aren't these just amazing? You can find additional designs and more like these all on Creative Market.

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6 Must Have Web Design Trends Of 2014

6 Must Have Web Design Trends Of 2014

If you thought 2013 brought an exciting array of web design trends with the popularity of flat design and parallax scrolling, then this list is going to excite you even more. 2014 is going to be an awesome year for Web Designers making our website even more beautiful.

1. Mix and Match typography. Some of the best websites out there now have two or three different fonts making the page easier to read and more attractive.

VG Design and Branding

Kitchen Sink Studios

Check out some fun examples of new fonts out there to add to your own project.

The Carpenter by Fenotype

Gipsy Hill by Luke Ferrand

Purbacala by seruput

2. Large Hero Areas displaying a large beautiful picture with little text at the top of a website.

Landing Bootstrap One Page by RevoTheme

WDA - Creative Responsive Template by www.ThemeStreet.Net

Flat Page - One Page Responsive by ProfMe

3. Heavier Focus On Mobile - Now that responsive Web design is all the rage, designers must focus on the mobile design first.

Mobile App Mockups by RgraphicsDesign

Personal Blog - Mobile Template

4. Videos In Place of Text - This trend is becoming more popular especially since the inception of the new HTML5 video tag. Why read about it when you can watch it?

Video Responsive WordPress Theme by Dessign

Flat Full Set Video Player by PSDboard

5. Manipulated Images - In 2014, we will see more images with color overlays, blurriness, or even photoshop filters.

Huge Images Pack by Around Seven Products

Light Leaks Image Overlays by YD-LABS

 Blurred Landscapes by Mathew Sisson

6. Dropping the sidebar - This pertains mostly to blog or magazine sites, but many are experimenting with dropping the sidebar all together allowing for more visual impact with content.

Real Broker WordPress Real Estate by 7Theme

Typeset - A Clean Magazine Style Blog by Courtyard Themes


What are some of your favorite new trends?

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Beautiful Typography Inspiration

Beautiful Typography Inspiration

Lately, I have been really inspired by the beautiful typography that I see everywhere. Check out this collection of websites that really got it right, followed by how to find similar fonts for your own projects.

The Design Files Open House

This site displays two sans serif fonts. The first one being very eloquent and the second one showing off its boldness.

Adelaida by Resistenza

Duase by Alvaro Thomaz Fonts

Satchel and Sage

Satchel and Sage is a husband and wife creative team and their website beautifully displays their love of design and typography.

KG Primary Italics by kimberlygeswein

Suicca by Alvaro Thomaz Fonts

Banger's Austin

The font on this site has a lot of character. It has a rustic feel and tells a story of a place where you want to go and "everyone knows your name".

Moonface Script by TypeFaith Fonts

Lunchbox Light by Kimmy Design


Cirq uses a very unique font set of fonts that are nicely paired. The typography throughout the site is unique and flows flawlessly.

Spokane Regular by dougpenick


Miss Mary's Mix

Miss Mary's Mix shows off the mix of a script font beautifully paired with a thin sans serif.

Moonface Script by TypeFaith Fonts

Burne Thin by Alvaro Thomaz Fonts


What are some of your favorite fonts to use? Show us some recent projects.

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