Core Concepts in Color Theory

Core Concepts in Color Theory

There is no right or wrong way to use color, but it is important to learn some general concepts and theories to gain an understanding about how colors work together. Humans respond to color in a very unique way. Color can affect our mood as well as our behavior. It's interesting to examine color theory by exploring color relationships and color schemes.


The color wheel breaks down color relationships into three basic categories: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.



These colors are: red, blue, and yellow. They cannot be created by mixing other colors. However, almost all visible colors can be created with these three colors.


These colors are created by mixing together two primary colors:

  • Red + Yellow = Orange

  • Yellow + Blue = Green

  • Red + Blue = Violet


Tertiary colors are created when you mix one primary color with one secondary color:

  • Red + Violet = Red-Violet

  • Yellow + Green = Yellow-Green

  • You get the idea!



A color scheme is a combination of colors used to convey a particular mood or theme in a design. It helps to create an aesthetic feeling or mood. The most basic color scheme will use two colors, while more advanced color schemes will involve several colors. Color schemes can also help to influence typography and other web elements when designing a website.


Uses a single hue and then a variety of its tints and shades.


Uses three hues next to one another on the color wheel. The combination of Orange-Red, Orange and Yellow is an Analogous color scheme.


Uses hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel. The combination of Red and Green arise a Complementary color scheme.


Uses three colors that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel. The combination of the primary colors, Red, Blue and Yellow is a Triadic color scheme.

Check out the amazing resources at Creative Market where designers show off their knowledge of color theory in their work.

Design Creative Color Concept by Marish

Watercolor Paper Pack by Sea Foam Studio

Crayon Set by Do2design

iOS Color Swatches and Gradients

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Fit for Spring: Garden Party-Inspired Wedding Ideas

Fit for Spring: Garden Party-Inspired Wedding Ideas

Roses are red, violets are blue, they say spring is coming... we sure hope it's true!

Florals for spring are always in style, and these garden party-inspired wedding ideas are simply classic. Get ready for the big thaw with beautiful blooming wedding inspiration.

Photo by: Alea Lovely on Bridal Musings via

Ethereal secret garden wedding inspiration -

Photo by: Joyeuse Photography on Fab You Bliss via

ruffle cake | Courtney Reese Photography | Glamour & Grace

Photo by: Courtney Reese Photography on Glamour & Grace via

Elizabeth Messina

Photo by: Elizabeth Messina on Snippet and Ink via

yellow bridesmaid dresses

Photo by: Erich McVey on Wedding Chicks via


Photo by: Britt Spring Photography on Wedding Sparrow UK via

pink and green escort card ideas

Photo by: Sarah Rominger Photography on Wedding Chicks via

Photo by: Jose Villa on Bridal Musings via

lace wedding dress

Photo by: Creatrix Photography on Wedding Chicks via

Photo by: Elisa B Photography on Snippet and Ink via

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4 ways to showcase your signature wedding style

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Sharing the Love with Autodesk

Sharing the Love with Autodesk

COLOURlovers was started nearly 10 years ago and has since grown into a community of millions of people from around the world, gathering to share their creative ideas and inspirations. It's been an incredible honor to be a part of such a supportive and creative community and I look forward to celebrating not just our coming 10 year anniversary, but our 20 year and beyond.

Earlier today we shared the news on the Creative Market blog that our company was acquired by Autodesk, one of the world's leading creative companies. The full content of that post is below, but I wanted to share a specific note to the COLOURlovers community.

Our entire company is now a part of Autodesk's consumer group and that includes our COLOURlovers community as well as our ColorSchemer software. Because of our limited resources and our focus on Creative Market in the past year, we haven't spent as much time as I would have wanted working on improving COLOURlovers. As part of a bigger creative company with it's own awesome communities like Instructables, not only will our community continue on being what it is, I hope we can make it even better by being part of a bigger family now.

As can be expected with any announcement where a smaller company joins a larger company, I'm sure some of you are concerned about what this will mean for our community. I understand if you have those concerns, but you needn't worry as Myself, Chris, Aaron and the rest of the team you all know will continue to be here and helping shape the future of loving color for many years to come.

I've said it many times, but I'll never be able to say it enough. Thank you so much for helping us build such a welcome and inspiring place on the internet, and I look forward to many more years of being amazed at all of your ideas and big hearts.

We started over 10 years ago with &, building tools and communities for creators. In that time, we've focused our efforts on making the most intuitive and delightful user experiences for people looking for inspiration and professional help on their design projects.

Our mission has always been to make beautiful design simple and accessible to all. And to us, a big piece missing from creating that experience was a marketplace that had all the assets a creator would need, and fairly valued the designers who bring these goods to market.

Our first year was eye-opening and incredibly rewarding. Our assumptions about the kind of marketplace people really wanted were validated, we were inspired by the response we got from the creative community, and we helped designers around the world earn more than a million dollars.

Not only did we see an overall picture of the impact we were making, we saw it in very personal success stories too. We saw it with individuals like Dustin Lee, Retro Supply Co. who found the income stability from his Creative Market shop sales to take the leap to chase his dream of starting his own company. These success stories were the motivation for us to pour ourselves into our work and to see just how big we could make Creative Market.

Going Really Big.

From the first month we released it to the world, Creative Market’s trajectory has been up-and-to-the-right. As a founder that has struggled through the dark days of bootstrapping a company, our graphs were the kind of thing you check right before going to bed just to make yourself sleep happy thoughts.

After more than 12 straight months of month-over-month revenue growth, we had a lot of interest in our next fundraising round, and we also had interest from folks who wanted to acquire us.

We had our options, but our priority was finding the opportunity that would best allow us to continue working on our vision and give us the resources to make Creative Market really really big.

When I first spoke to the folks at Autodesk, I was impressed with their vision and where they saw an opportunity to develop a more consumer-focused offering to take their decades of design experience and bring that spirit to the maker movement. As a creative, I've always been in awe of the incredible work that folks are able to create with AutoCAD, Maya and Autodesk's other professional design tools. The animated film I just watched with my wife & daughter... made with Autodesk software. Well-engineered sports cars, dream homes... made with Autodesk software.

Our Vision. On Another Level.

Can this champion of design software extend its legacy to empower designers and makers of all levels? We believe the answer is “yes” so much that we've decided to join them and to continue building Creative Market as part of the Autodesk Consumer Group. And we have big plans to help lead them into a future where beautiful design can be simple and accessible to everyone. Helping people “imagine, design and create a better world” is Autodesk’s mission, but it’s also been our driving force at Creative Market since we launched just over a year ago.

The whole Creative Market team is joining Autodesk with the same mission, priorities and feature roadmap that we had before... just now we are part of a family that can help us take what we've been doing to a whole new level.

We've always envisioned a Creative Market that lived beyond the walls of a destination website, integrated within the creative tools people use every day... and as part of a company that ships some of the world's best design software, this will become a reality on a level we couldn't have done on our own.

My co-founders Aaron and Chris will be moving to join our SF team in Autodesk's Pier 9 office and makerspace. We're all incredibly excited about not only the future of Creative Market and its continued success at becoming the best marketplace for amazing design, but also the larger story we're now a part of that has for decades empowered makers of handmade goods, and will now empower makers of mousemade goods too.

What does this mean for the community? For customers, it means access to even more high quality content at affordable prices, as we’re able to grow more quickly. For shop owners, it means we’ll have a larger platform to get your products in front of an even larger audience of customers.

Our Story Continues...

We've still got a lot of pages to write in our story, and we'd love for you to join us as a shop owner, a member of our marketplace community, and a part of our growing team.

Thank you so much for all your continued support and here's to many more years working together in a more beautiful world.

Bubs aka COLOURlover, Founder & CEO.

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Watercolor Wednesday: CHARLES PERRAULT

Watercolor Wednesday: CHARLES PERRAULT

Charles Perrault is a graphic designer from St. Petersburg, Russia. He has an amazing collection of textures, palettes, action and templates which can help designers and people interested in design to save their time and to increase their creative potential. You can find him on Behance and Creative Market showcasing a beautiful collection of watercolor designs.


Urban Watercolor Photos

Watercolor Broker Car


Watercolor Action - Add watercolor paint effect with just one click


Watercolor Paint Effect

Watercolor Portraits Creator

Magic Watercolor Texture

Watercolor Sky Textures


Seamless Watercolor Textures

Watercolor Landscape

Watercolor Dreams

Abstract Watercolor Texture


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Who is Saint Patrick?

Who is Saint Patrick?

St. Patrick of Ireland is one of the world's most popular saints. He is credited to bringing Christianity to Ireland after his years in captivity there. Every year on March 17th, he is praised all around the world and throughout the years, celebratory traditions have been transformed many times over. Green clothing and shamrock decorations are some of the most common, and you're likely to see green beer and food all around.


St. Patrick, 4th Century

4 leaf clover, traditional symbol of Ireland


Green food in celebration of St. Patrick

Are you ready to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day this year? Visit Creative Market for your lucky design assets.

St Patrick's Day Clipart by Purveyor of Geekery

St. Patty's Day Vector and Clipart by PinkPueblo

Set of Shiny Flat St. Patty's Day by Andrew Bzh.


St. Patrick's Day Owls  by PinkPueblo

Shamrock Clover by Andrew Bzh.

Stylized Green Beer and Foam by Andrew Bzh.

St Patricks Day doodles, Irish,green by GraphicMarket

St. Patrick's Birds and Clipart by PinkPueblo

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

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So Romantic! Watercolor Wedding Inspiration

So Romantic! Watercolor Wedding Inspiration

Watercolor paintings are some of the most romantic works of art ever created: the soft, soothing tones and delicate imagery are always moving. They are also a great starting point for wedding planning. Using the work of J.M.W Turner, Winslow Homer and Georgia O'Keeffe as inspiration, we put together a collection of beautiful wedding ideas for the artistic pair. Browse below and get inspired!

ombre cake

Photo by: Chantal Andrea Photography on Wedding Chicks via

Florida Rustic Vintage Pastel Wedding

Photo by: Jenn Hopkins Photography on Every Last Detail via

Vibrant Watercolor Engagement Party Inspiration

Photo by: Kat Braman Photography on Every Last Detail via

beautiful boudoir session captured by

Photo by: Jessica Lorren Photography on Wedding Chicks via

Photo by: Katie Stoops on Southern Weddings via

Photo by: Bee Photographie on Southern Weddings via

Photo by: Katie Stoops on Southern Weddings via

Denim and Watercolor Wedding Ideas

Photo by: Amy Nicole Photography on Every Last Detail via

Southern wedding - outdoor ceremony

Photo by: Christina Carroll on Southern Weddings via

Southern wedding - watercolor stationery

Photo by: Christina Carroll on Southern Weddings via

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Married? Submit your wedding to

You won't believe how this man surprised his fiancee!

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And the Winner is.....

And the Winner is.....

The Betabrand leggingscontest has come to a close. A lot of wonderful submissions were received, but there can only be one winner.

Congratulations to COLOURlover, agussgut from Argentina, the winner of the “Choose The Hues" Leggings Challenge.


Her design will be turned into a crowdfundable prototype in early April.

In the meantime, you can still vote for any of the designs at Betabrand as they might make more in the future.

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Luck Of The Irish

Luck Of The Irish

With Saint Patrick's Day just 1 week away, I am seeing a lot of amazing design assets! Let's take a look at all of the beautiful emerald green backgrounds that you can find on Creative Market and take 20% off while you're at it.

Clover Damask Patterns by Girardspeed Designs

Saint Patrick's Day Scrapbooking by All is full of Love

Gone Dotty - Digital Paper by More Than Cake

Saint Patrick's Day Digital papers by SonyaDeHart

Green Clover Background by Background Store


St. Patty's Day Bokeh Papers by RaccoonGirl Design

Saint Patty's Day Glitter papers

St. Patrick's Day Backgrounds by All is full of Love


Fair Shamrock Background by Candy Box Digital

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An Entire Wedding In Watercolor

An Entire Wedding In Watercolor

Do you ever dream about what your wedding will look like one day? Or do you reminisce about the wedding you've already had and think about things you would do differently? Creative Market has some amazing watercolor assets to give you inspiration and ideas. Here we have found a collection of goods to make entire wedding in watercolor.

Start off by making some of your own cute Save the Date cards by burlapandlace.

Next, set off to find that perfect wedding dress, accessories and shoes by Kaazuclip.

Then move on to some romantic Wedding Invitations by Elena Pimonova

Make sure to include these gorgeous Watercolor Table Cards by Helga Wigandt.

No wedding is complete without flowers. Check out these beautiful arrangements by Astromonkey.

And don't forget to send out lovely Thank you Cards to all of your guests by MendozaVergara.





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Lovely Lavender Wedding Ideas

Lovely Lavender Wedding Ideas

Lavender is both a romantic scent and color: that's what makes it the perfect starting point for a purple-themed real wedding. If you love the rich, intoxicating smell of this plant and its soft, sweet shade, browse below and discover how you can infuse your wedding with lavender.

lavender styled shoot | Amy Lashelle Photography-11

Photo by: Amy Lashelle on Glamour & Grace via


Photo by: The Rad Photographer on Maharani Weddings via


Photo by: Elizabeth Messina on Kiss The Groom via

Photo by: This Modern Romance on Southern Weddings via

Photo by: Lavender and Twine on A Charming Occasion via


Photo by: Bespoke Letterpress on Polka Dot Bride via

row of bud vases

Photo by: Ed Peers on Snippet and Ink via


Photo by: Defining Moments by Sheri Marie on Society Bride via

Photo by: Beaux Arts Photographie on Snippet and Ink via

Photo by: Beaux Arts Photography on Inspired by This via

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