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More Than Cake

More Than Cake

More Than Cake (aka  Amanda) has been an independent photographer for about 8 years and a graphic artist/web designer for 15 years.  "I love what I do and am thrilled to be able to share it with you", she says. You can check out all of her amazing designs on Creative Market.

2014 Vector Pattern Calendar

A Parliament of Owls Vol. 2

12 different owls with 8 different expressions, including: flirty, suspicious, sleepy, sleeping, winking, paranoid, sad, and dunce

Oddball Owls Vol. 1

Included in this volume are 7 oddball owls: Rock 'n Roll Grandpa Owl, Know-it-All Owl, Smarty Pants Owl, Flirty Owl, Paranoid Owl, High as a Kite Owl, and Artsy Owl

10 Vector Birdies, Vol. 1

Natural Ingredients Badges

8 Organic Ingredients Stamps

You absolutely must check out her collection of food photos. These are so amazing and eloquently shot. 

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A Colorful Illustrated Map of London's Great Little Places

A Colorful Illustrated Map of London's Great Little Places

"I know this great little place..." is something you've probably said or heard dozens of times. Well the folks behind Great Little Place decided to gather up people's recommendations for the amazing city of London and do something creative.

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This wonderful illustrated map of London's great little places was painstakingly hand drawn by Charlie Davis, an illustrator and designer based London. There's no doubt that a lot of hours and a lot of love went into every beautiful detail, just take a look for yourself.

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Get Your Party On In 2014

Get Your Party On In 2014

The New Year is just around the corner and with it, you need to have the most amazing invitations to send out to your party guests, the greatest greeting cards, or the most fabulous graphics. Here we have found a fun collection of 2014 party templates that will be sure to dazzle your party-goers.

New Year's Eve Party by Afizs

New Year Backdrop by Krukowski

Happy New Year Vector Set by cheebaribba

New Year's Concert Flyer by Afizs

New Year's Eve Party by Afizs

Happy new Year Vector Set by cheebaribba

2014 Year Calendar by SolveigEugenia Design

2014 New Year Flyer Template by Easybrandz

New Year Bokeh by Background Store


We would love to hear what your holiday plans are? Tell us all about them!

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The Colors of Your Favorite Christmas Movies

The Colors of Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Ah the holidays. A time for friends, family, and traditions. In my family, we watch westerns on Christmas. Don't ask me why. I know friends that look forward to their annual A Christmas Story marathon on TBS. And then there are others that prefer to have John McClane over for a little mayhem around the holidays.

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Whatever your preference, it's that wonderful time of year when you get to revisit your favorite movies with the people that you love. Join us as we take a look at some of the popular holiday films and their colors.

Elf (2003)

A delightful little film, Elf hearkens back to the old Christmas special claymations in just about every way, right down to the retro color scheme.


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Holiday Gift Tags, Crafts, and DIY Ideas

Holiday Gift Tags, Crafts, and DIY Ideas

Looking for some last minute holiday cards, gift tags, or DIY craft ideas? Take a look at these downloadable assets that you can print right from your home.

Three Kings Day by Himoki

Pack Ginger Man by Himoki

Perfect for Scrapbook, animation, envelope, stationery, card, postcard and more!

Pack Santa Claus  by Himoki

Pack Rudolf  by Himoki

Printable Christmas Gift Tags by Little Light Creative

Robins Egg & Chalkboard Digital Tags by Le Paper Cafe

Vector Christmas Gift Tag by Paynter & Company

Christmas Gift Tags by LuOtero

Printable Holiday Gift Tags by MakeMediaCo

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Creative Christmas Icons

Creative Christmas Icons

It's never too late to update your website for the holiday season. Here we have put together a collection of our favorite Christmas icons.

Christmas Icons by Iconeden

Christmas Icons #1 and #2 by shonachica

Christmas Icon Objects by Vítek Prchal

Vintage Christmas Alphabet by Marish

Xmas Set by iConveyer

16 Colorful Flat Christmas Icons by Sabelskaya

New Year and Christmas Flat Icons

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Amazing Fonts By RodrigoTypo

Amazing Fonts By RodrigoTypo

Looking for a new font for your project? I have found a great collection of fonts that will look amazing with any design and some have that authentic holiday feel that you've been looking for. RodrigoTypo is actually Rodrigo Araya Slaas from Santiago de Chile. You can check out his amazing and fun collection of fonts at Creative Market.

Laika Pro

Koni Black




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Holiday Flowers

Holiday Flowers

With the holidays upon us, we see many lovely decorations and flowers pretty much everywhere we go. It's impossible to walk into a store of any kind without seeing an infiltration of the traditional red, green, and white. Some of my most favorite types of decorations come in the form of flowers.

The most traditional plant we see this time of year is the poinsettia.

Adding some holiday poinsettia's to your digital designs is a must this time of year.

 Watercolor Christmas Collection by Angie Makes

Christmas Posters by Barcelona Design Shop

Many other holiday arrangements include the use of red or white berries.

Tis The Season Clipart by Angie Makes

Holly and Mistletoe by MyClipArtStore 

This small holiday tree is just darling. It's shaped like a Christmas tree, with red and white flowers intermingled, along with sweet candy canes as decorations.

Christmas Trees by shonachica

Christmas Tree Clipart and Vectors by PinkPueblo

Let's not forget about the Holiday wreath. They come in all shapes and sizes and are a great addition to any home or workspace to bring the holiday spirit to all who see it.

Christmas Wreath Vector by Kelly Jane Creative

Christmas Flowers and Wreaths by Kelly Jane Creative


We hope you've enjoyed this collection into holiday flowers and decorations. What sort of holiday flowers are in your home?

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12 Quirky & Wonderful Christmas Illustrations

12 Quirky & Wonderful Christmas Illustrations

If you're like me, then you have a perpetual smile on your face this time of year. This is due on no small part to the delightful holiday artwork you encounter just about everywhere you look. From Christmas cats to hipster reindeer, we collected twelve quirky and wonderful illustrations that help make that smile a big one.

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MARCHÉ de NOËL by madalina andronic/p>

Vintage Hipster Christmas Animals by Marish

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Welcome To The Background Store

Welcome To The Background Store

Background Store provides high quality Backgrounds. They emphasize creating products with high utility and offer a wide variety to choose from. If you're looking for an abstract display or a beautiful holiday scene, you will find it at the Background Store.

Abstract Spotlight Backdrop

The bright backgrounds are perfect products presentations, digital art, photography, print and web design.

Bubbles Texture

Bubbles can add a touch of fun to your design.

50 Winter Backgrounds

With the holidays upon us, this is by far my favorite bundle. I love seeing the soft snow surrounding the pine trees and warmth of the fireplace next to the Christmas trees.

Christmas Backgrounds

Sky Background

This bundle of Sky backgrounds comes in a set of 50. Perfect for when you need to add more of an earthy feel to your project.

Stars in Space

The list can go on and on. Check out all of the other textures and patterns offered by the Background Store at Creative Market.

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