Heat sensitive, color changing glass building materials

Heat sensitive, color changing glass building materials

The inspiration behind our concept is similar to the beauty of nature; we believe that our personal environments should be ever changing. Moving Color™ is a form of living art; therefore, the potential of our products are only limited by the imagination of the designer implementing them.

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We have been involved in this industry for more than twenty years. Our knowledge of the properties of natural stone, glass, ceramics, and installation is quite extensive. Moving Color™ wants you the customer to feel confident in not only the product you are purchasing, but also in our company. We are constantly researching and developing new ideas to further expand our innovative product lines.

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How Do We See Red? Count the Ways

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, that sweet Hallmark holiday when you can have anything your heart desires, so long as it's red. Red roses, red nighties, red shoes and red socks. Red Oreo filling, red bagels, red lox.

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As it happens, red is an exquisite ambassador for love, and in more ways than people may realize. Not only is red the color of the blood that flushes the face and swells the pelvis and that one swears one would spill to save the beloveds' prized hide...

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Pantone Unveils Top 10 Colors for Fall 2007

Pantone Unveils Top 10 Colors for Fall 2007

Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today unveils the PANTONE Fashion Color Report Fall 2007, available free-of-charge from the Pantone Web site at http://www.pantone.com/fall2007. The report features the top 10 colors for women's fashion for fall '07 along with designer sketches, quotes and head shots. The availability of the report coincides with the beginning of New York Fashion Week.

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According to the report, complex and exotic describe the intriguingly unusual and inviting color palette for women's fashion for fall '07. The traditional neutral shades expected for autumn have been replaced this season with rich, nuanced hues, offering more opportunity for creativity with interesting and unexpected color combinations.

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Colour. Run. Tunes. Contest!

Contest Description:

COLOURlovers is sharing the love with Nike and Apple for the Colour. Run. Tunes. contest.
What do those words all have in common? U! This contest is very easy to join in on and is
open to all COLOURlovers. All you need to do is go to the NIKEiD. site and design a pair of Nike Air Zoom Moire + iD shoes. Once you've perfected your creation all you have to do is hit the EMAIL button at the bottom and send your design to contests@colourlovers.com.

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1st Place: Their Nike+ shoe design, a (red) iPod Nano + sports kit and a $25 iTunes Gift card.
2nd Place: Their winning Nike+ shoe design along with a $25 iTunes Gift card.
3rd Place: $25 iTunes Gift Card.

Contest will be open Feb 1 - February 14th 11:59PM PST.
Only 2 design submissions per person.
You must be a registered member on COLOURlovers.com to enter.
(It is free and only takes a minute. If you win you'll be contacted through your CL account information, so it needs to be current.)

How To Enter:

Go to http://nikeid.nike.com and choose Nike+ from the FOOTWEAR drop down.

Select the Air Zoom Moire + iD Shoe to customize. (Don't worry if you win and want the Women's version you can choose it.)

Start with a blank canvas or a pre-base colored shoe.

Customizing Your Shoe:
1.) Choose Size 10 for both feet and then click the DESIGN bar below.

2.) Choose Buffed or Synthetic and then choose all the colors for your design. Once you've chosen all your colors, click the PERSONALIZE bar below.

3.) Click Symbol and then the REVIEW bar below. (All the winning shoes will come with COLOUR on the right shoe and lover on the left, so no need to personalize them.)

4.) Click the EMAIL button at the bottom left and send your design to contests@colourlovers.com. (Make sure to include the name of your shoe.)

You're all done and entered into the Colour. Run. Tunes. Contest. Good Luck and happy COLOURloving!

Tips: (Not the kind you leave in jars)

-Remember to be creative in making and naming your shoe... just as you are with making palettes on COLOURlovers. The judges are looking for a pair of shoes that present an overall presentation of character. The name of your palette will have an influence on how your shoe is perceived.

-Be sure to use at least 4 different colors in your design.

-Entries will be added to the Flickr Photo Set so you can see what your competition is raising the bar up to.

-If two exact entries are submitted, preference will be given to the one submitted first.

-Have fun. Be creative.

Discussion about the contest can be found here: www.COLOURlovers.com/discuss/discussion/24/colour-run-tunes-contest/


A panel of 10 professional designers, color experts and fashionistas will decide on the winners. The shoes will be judged on how well they convey their theme and present their character.

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iPod Shuffle: 4 Brilliant New Colors

iPod Shuffle: 4 Brilliant New Colors

"The world's most wearable music player just got even more wearable. Choose from five brilliant colors to make your musical fashion statement."

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Pink, green, blue and orange oh my! I'm still waiting for the day when Apple will let you choose a custom color for your shuffle... but until then...

See the new Shuffle Colors at The Apple Store

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FireFox Color Palette Search

FireFox Color Palette Search

Search for palettes direct from your FireFox browser!

So with the guidance of Brad "the man" Spry, I created a little goodie for FireFox that allows you to search for Palettes with keywords right from your browser bar. Check it out and find your COLOURlove!

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Click here to install the COLOURlovers Palette Search extension.
Click here to install the COLOURlovers Palette Search By Hex Value extension.

Where to find the search feature (Mac):
Palette Search Mac

Where to find the search feature (PC):
Palette Search PC

Code based off of the great work by BradSpry.com

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Making Colour Love in 2007

Hello COLOURlovers and welcome to a new and exciting year.

There are lots of new things in the works here at CL and I'm getting excited to unleash the love. A couple quick things to update you all on.

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Federated Media and COLOURlovers
It has always been a struggle for me to monetize this site and to try and cover some of the costs I've poured into creating and building CL. I refuse to whore out the site to advertisers, but I need to cover the bills somehow. Thanks to all of you and the huge amount of love this site has received, COLOURlovers has recently joined the family at FM. FM reps some of the biggest and best sites out there, so it is a huge honor to get on board with them. With the support of FM we will be able to focus on partnering with quality advertisers. This will bring a bit of a change as the ad size on each page will be increasing to the standard 300x250. I know it is going to feel huge for a little while as you get used to it, but remember... that is the only ad on the page... and that is the only ad we're going to take on so you don't have to worry about CL getting MySpaceitus and having ads everywhere.

If you could steal a couple minutes from your day to answer a couple questions for FM, it will help them go find the best sponsors that fit our community. The survey is here: http://external.fmpub.net/take/116/. Thanks!

The discussion forums are finally back up. I'll save you the really long story about how some programmer hosed me big time, and just let you know that they are back up and we'll be tweaking and updating them as we go. But for now you can join back in the discussions and share your thoughts.

P.S. We'll be launching a new contest in a few short days... get ready for the Colour. Run. Tunes. Contest!

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Colors Reference Cards: Green

Colors Reference Cards: Green

Sometimes we just don't know what color to use. Sometimes we have no idea which colors to combine in order to create a beautiful color palette which would attract the visitors of our web-sites.

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That's why we've decided to create some kind of visual reference cards or cheat sheets for the most popular colors of Web 2.0. Green, Purple, Black, White and other colors will be reviewed and analyzed in the next articles.

Today's Color is green...

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Pantone Color of the Year 2007

Providing a Jolt of Energy and Inspiration, Dynamic Chili Pepper Brings a Splash of Vitality to Fashion, Beauty and Interiors

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Chili Pepper (Pantone 19-1557) was selected by Pantone as the color of the year for 2007. A bold hue that catches the eye and projects confidence, sophistication and engages our senses.

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Color-coordinate with personalized Nike shoes

Color-coordinate with personalized Nike shoes

Nike has introduced a way to have seriously unique shoes. With their Nike iD Website, you can pick a shoe design, pick the colors for almost every aspect of it, have a short message embroidered on the heel, and then have them shipped to your doorstep.

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