Fish On! : Selecting The Best Lure Colors

Fish On! : Selecting The Best Lure Colors

One of the more colorful things that sometimes gets overlooked by many of us city folk, who only see nature and bodies of water when there is a popular video on YouTube of someone crashing their personal watercraft, are the carefully crafted colors of fishing lures. Special care is taken in the color selection by lure makers, as it is a very important part in catching the right fish in the right conditions.

Most fish, except for some of those in the deepest of darkest of oceans, where there is no light at all, can see colors, some even have four to five different cones making their ability to see color even greater than our own. While there is some, but not much, evidence that fish have a particular tendency towards red, there is more to selecting the right color of lure than just picking the one with the palette you like best. So, if you ever get a chance leave you computer behind and head out to the lake, we've put together a guide to help you make the right color choice when selecting a lure.


Photo by eaglemac


In order to select the best lure color palette there are a few things that need to be considered, such as: Water depth and clarity, season, and the time of day.

Here is a wonderful article, with great graphics that I really wanted to steal for this post, that you should check out for more information: Exploding The Myths With Some Truths About Lure Color, by Greg Vinall.

Water Depth


The consensus is that on sunny days brighter colors are the best option, and on cloudy days, darker more natural colors should be used. This is because the various light wavelengths are absorbed at different rates in water, longer wavelengths, like reds, are absorbed easily where as shorter ones, like violet, are absorbed much more slowly and can penetrate into deeper water. So, the farther down your lure goes the fewer and fewer colors will be seen by the fish.

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Betty™: Color For The Hair Down There

Betty™: Color For The Hair Down There

Oh, the palette possibilities.

Bringing to life yet another, on an already very long list of euphemism for something located in the happy-time-fun-zone, things which already have perfectly fine names, is Betty, a hair dye for those such areas; your pubic hair.

Betty products are, according to the company's website, "specially formulated color dyes for the hair down there." You can get your Betty in Blonde, Brown, Aurburn and Black, as well as colors called Malibu, Fun and Starburst.

An article in Advertising Age (must be registered on AdAge to read, or find it in the press section of describes how Betty came to be: the creator, Nanci Jarecki, first had the idea when visiting a salon in Rome where she witnessed female customers being handed little brown bags, with "such delight," as they left the salon. In those bags, dye to match their Bettys to their Wilmas. From there, the research and development began with casual studies by a gynecologist, who reported that not one person had matching hair down there, and salon workers, who reported that many customers were interested but had "sensitivity" concerns.

Story Related Section of René Magritte's The Eternally Obvious; photo by wallyg

Currently Betty is available at 300 retail salons and online, and with its highly interesting subject matter, Betty has picked up a bit of press with mentions from, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The Oprah Magazine.

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Classic Colors: Warner Brothers Cartoons

Classic Colors: Warner Brothers Cartoons

In 1935 we were introduced to Porky Pig, he was just the first in the long history of classic characters from the Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes series.

Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies were essentially the same series. They both used the same reoccurring characters from the Warner Brothers' collection, and only the theme music and title frames differentiated the two. However, Merry Melodies was the first one to be produced in color, and it wasn't until 1943 that color was added to Looney Tunes.

In 1967 Warner Brothers had all the original black-and-white Looney Tunes sent out to Korea to be retraced with color frame by frame. Later, in the 1990's the cartoons were re-released, this time using digital coloring methods.

Though much controversy surrounds Looney Tunes, because of racial stereotypes from the WWII era, the colors and characters will always live fondly in our hearts because of their part in the creative history of American animation.

Classic Looney Tunes Characters

porky_pig.jpg    Porky Pig
"Go-go-go-go-go-go-good mo-mo-mo-mo-[gets honked at by a car behind him] ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT!! Hello."
The character was designed by animator Bob Clampett and introduced in the short I Haven't Got a Hat (first released on March 2, 1935), directed by Friz Freleng. Studio head Leon Schlesinger suggested that Freleng do a cartoon version of the popular Our Gang films. Porky only has a minor role in the film, but the fat little stuttering pig quickly became popular. Porky's name came from two brothers who were childhood classmates of Freleng's, nicknamed "Porky" and "Piggy".
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Colorful Summer Accessories: Sunglasses + Hats

Colorful Summer Accessories: Sunglasses + Hats

There is no better time to show off color than during the summer, and many designers are doing just that. Taking the cue of the summer season, designers are creating some very inspiring color palettes for us to enjoy.


Still Life

Since its inception in Fall 2006, the Still Life flagship store has been home to an eclectic range of original designs- envisioned and tailored to perfection-by creative director and owner, Frenel Morris. Located in the heart of the Lower East Side, Still Life provides each client with custom hand-crafted pieces. An on-site seamstress ensures that each product is carefully assembled in a timely manner with keen attention to detail.

Still Life

Still Life will vertically integrate its production model by opening its very own millinery factory located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Still Life Reserve will guarantee control and precision of all our products from sketch to finish. We hope that with this expansion, the brand's visibility will continue to grow- gaining continued support from the local neighborhood, loyal clientele- and spur domestic and international interest.

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The Colors of Fernando Brízio: Renewable Clothing

The Colors of Fernando Brízio: Renewable Clothing

Turin has been named 'design world capital for 2008,' and one of the many exhibitions running this year is 'flexibility - design in a fast changing society.' The idea behind the show is this: since it is predicted that 90% of the worlds population will be living in cities by the year 2050, the already complex life of cities will rise to an even more complex state, and we will need designs to meet our increasingly complex needs. One designer at the exhibit in particular has grabbed the blog world's attention, thanks to coverage by designboom, with the creation of his unique "renewable fashion."

Photo by muscolinos

Fernando Brízio's 'renewable fashion' is a customizable, and reusable, dress where the color pattern is created by placing felt tip markers in pockets placed all over the dress. After placing your collection of markers in your dress, just sit back, have a drink or two, and watch as your dress becomes a unique expression of yourself and your maker collection. When you get tired of you color scheme or your markers start to dry up, just throw it in a wash and your back to a new palette.

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Colors Of The Fourth Of July

Colors Of The Fourth Of July

Any true red blooded American patriot would never even consider looking at any other colors than red, white and blue on July Fourth, but let us consider some of the other colors associated with this day of celebration of the United State's independence and freedom.

As any school kid will tell you, the Fourth of July it is a celebration of the day our nation adopted the Declaration of Independence from those mean, imposing Brits of the 18th century. Finally free, to start discriminating on our own terms, the U.S. started a long tradition of an annual summer time celebration.

We've covered the necessary Fourth of July tools of celebration before, fireworks: The Magical Colors of Fireworks and Bursting Into Color, but there are other things so Americana, like hot dogs, pool toys, Popsicles, picnics, baseball games, lawn chairs and beach parties, that offer color palettes of nostalgia.

So, on this day, let us unite as lovers not only of red, white and blue, but of all colors, and declare our independence from Pantone, from 3 color choices when we want 30, from impossible to read black and white info graphics, and holiday color associations that make it impossible to use green and red together.

So, eat a hot dog, drink a beer, hit a home run and run the bases while singing "God Bless America," and celebrate the few days off of work you get. Oh, and remember to distance yourself once the wick is lit. Happy Fourth of July!

Fireworks and Fourth of July Palettes

Photo by Rafael Lopes - Dillbert

Fireworks fireworks logo

Fireworks Night Fireworks Explosion

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The Colors Of Corrosion: Rusty Palettes

The Colors Of Corrosion: Rusty Palettes

When iron meets oxygen and water a colorful process takes place that leaves the vibrant red-orange color we know as rust. Rust is the corrosion of iron caused by a chemical reaction that take place when iron is exposed to oxygen in the presence of water or moisture. The chemical reaction creates red oxides, the familiar red-orange.

Photo by limonada
Bleeding Rust

Iron oxides were used in the paints of the earliest prehistoric art. It is also used in ceramics, and synthetic versions of the pigments are widely used in cosmetics.

Rust can be a humbling reminder of the passing of time and the fragility of humans and their creations, like seeing rust appear on the edges of your first bike or car, or returning to a building or home to find it has taken on a new personality, one faded from the passing years, but it also can be inspiring with its rich color that changes and compliments the colors that surround it.

Let's have a look at some rusty palettes, colors and patterns pulled from incredible photos and the COLOURlovers library.

Photo by scottwills
Peeling PaintGMC truck

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The Colorful Art of Paper Sculpture

The Colorful Art of Paper Sculpture

Each of the four artists featured today use paper in the most colorful ways. The meticulous nature and repetition necessary to work with paper, and create such detailed pieces, is a tribute to all the all the artists character and focus. From dissecting books and completely transforming them into something unexpected and new, to exploding (figuratively) the individual colors of a stack of construction paper, each artist gives us a new perspective on paper and color.

Ferry Staverman


Ferry Starvermen has created a colorful garden of sculptures crafted from recycled cardboard and string. Each sculpture is made with variations of the same color giving the piece a magnificent presence and depth, even more so with multiple sculptures displayed together.


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Colorful Sails

Colorful Sails

Sailboats have been a source of inspiration since the first ones set sail to the ends of the earth. While the days of exploration and shipping by sailing vessel are largely over; although, with our current global warming crisis container ships are looking to the wind to help ease the environmental burden of our shipping needs, sailing is still much loved across the world.

Here is a look at some colorful sail palettes, and an overview of some of the different types of sails from Wikipedia.

Photo by limonada and Drome


98px-sail_plan_sloopsvg.png    A Bermuda or gaff mainsail lifted by a single mast with a single jib bent onto the forestay, held taut with a backstay. The mainsail is usually managed with a spar on the underside called a "boom." One of the best-performing rigs per square foot of sail area and is fast for up-wind passages. In modern times by far the most popular for recreational boating because of its potential for high performance. On small boats, it can be a simple rig. On larger sloops, the large sails have high loads, and one must manage them with winches or multiple purchase block-and-tackles.




121px-sail_plan_cuttersvg.png    Like a sloop with two jibs (a staysail and a yankee) in the foretriangle. Better than a sloop for light winds, it's also easier to manage. It has slightly less up-wind ability than a sloop because it has more windage.


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Color Lovin’ Your Sneakers: Custom Kicks

Color Lovin’ Your Sneakers: Custom Kicks

As any cool kid will tell you, the most important palette you can wear is on your sneakers. Luckily, most of the shoe industry is right on track with the newly developing long-tail, Limited Edition, Artist Series, Custom Designed and DIY markets, which includes any color lover who has the perfect palette to show off on the streets.

Custom Sneakers


Most of the major brands have jumped on the DIY sneaker design track, but not all the sites are the same. While I didn't go through every shoe site, here are a few that even if you are not about to buy a new pair of shoes, will at least keep you busy and distracted as you go through all the colorway options available.



  • Shoes: 12 styles
  • Materials: Canvas, Suede, Leather
  • Colors: 30 colors and patterns
  • Delivery Time: 2 to 4 weeks
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