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The Colors Of Fall

The Colors Of Fall

As we begin to feel the chill in the air, we know that fall is officially upon us. Along with the crisp morning air, we begin to see colors all around us begin to change from plush greens to muted yellows and oranges. I love the look of fall! It reminds me of jumping in piles of leaves as a kid and knowing that hot cider will be waiting for me at home. The smell of pumpkin spice fills the air, as baked goods begin to become more abundant as well.

Let's take a look at the beautiful changes in colors throughout the world.

This picture is of a fall in San Francisco, which allows us to see the beautiful red leaves in the Japanese Tea Garden.

Fall in New York City shows us a beautiful backdrop of the skyline against the various colors.

This picture from Central Park displays an amazingly perfect tri-color of leaves.

This photo from a fall in Chicago shows a crisp blue sky allowing the orange leaves to really pop out of the picture.

Paris is just lovely in the fall showing off the subtleties in the change of yellow, to orange, to reds on the trees.

The beautiful morning sun is reflecting on the canal in Amsterdam brightening up the city and giving a bright glow through the trees

Are you ready to start on your own project and infuse it with the colors of fall? Check out these do-it-yourself elements from Creative Market for backgrounds, graphics, and more.

Digital Papers by Kimla Designs

Watercolor Leaves by Swiejko

Fall Badges

Blooms Digital Paper by 7th Avenue Designs

Fall Leaves Clip Art by Graphic Market

Fall Berry Vines by SonyaDeHart

Autumn Foliage by Kelly Jane Creative

Autumn Set by Valendji


We hope you've enjoyed these beautiful colors of fall and have found some awesome inspiration for your next project! What's your favorite fall activity?

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Lovely Imperfections

Lovely Imperfections

Lucía Otero is a graphic designer, music lover, and bon vivant (aka a person who likes going to parties. I had to look that one up). Her fabulous designs include paisley patterns, to ink splatters, and subtle smoke graphics. She has a great collection of visually stunning designs.

Subtle Smoke Vectors

These beautiful smoky backgrounds add that subtle hint of design to your background.

More is More Texture

This textured background is perfect to give your project a grungy look to it.

Lovely Imperfections

This set of lovely imperfections include a set of 15 background textures. They can give any project a vintage yet trendy look. You'll find film ends, light leaks, scratches, noise, grain and all sorts of analog film related effects in them.

Ink Splatters

These ink splatters offer a soft gradient texture.

Plant and Animal Patterns

I love these plant and animal patterns. What a great collection of unique backgrounds!

Tartan Patterns

This refreshing set of patterns have been described as 'visually intoxicating' and I couldn't agree more. They are a great addition to any collection.

Foliage Patterns

This set of foliage patterns offers both vibrant and subtle colors to your collection.

Paisley Patterns

Paisley patterns offers a feminine touch to your project. These designs are absolutely beautiful.


We hope you've found some inspiration here and are ready to add some awesomeness to your projects. I personally love the paisley patterns. Which one is your favorite?

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from your friends at COLOURlovers! To celebrate the holiday, we wanted to make sure you had the best collection of spooky, gory, and scary designs that any designer could hope for. So sit back and scroll through the awesomeness you are about to witness.

Tricky by LaRue and Company

An awesomely ghoulish and rather pretty set!

All Monsters Family ~ Halloween! by TrueMitra Designs

A cute vector set that is great for Halloween or any other spooky project.

Happy Halloween by kostolom3ooo 

Cute Halloween characters to add to any design, including invitations, scrapbooking, flyers, and more.

Halloween Collection by Darish

Many elements are included in this great collection of awesome Halloween illustrations.

Halloween Set by Ceebee

This Halloween set by Ceebee includes fun and friendly characters.

Halloween Witch by Pixellion

This Halloween Witch is suitable for any Halloween project, such as poster, icon, invitation, or post card.

 Halloween Paper Pack by Craftastrophic

This is an awesome Halloween paper pack and offers a grungy feeling to go along with it.

 Halloween Designs by Darish

These stunning Halloween designs will be sure to brighten up this normally dark holiday.

Halloween Spooktacular Digital Paper by Confetti Graphics

This set of backgrounds features witch elements, candy corn, stars, argyle, chevron, candy and polka dots. What fun!

Dance of Death Font by GLC Foundry

I Know of Ghost by Dismantle Destroy

This would look great on any Halloween poster!

Trick or Treat Dingbats by Comicraft Fonts

Bats, Cats, Ghosts and Ghouls, Zombies, Witches and Spiders galore.

Monsters Font by Medialoot

Monsters is a broken style font face. Its somewhat-scary style is perfect for book covers, album designs, or movie posters.


Hopefully this collection of awesomely spooky Halloween designs has been helpful. Happy Halloween everyone!

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Add A Touch Of Elegance

Add A Touch Of Elegance

Adding a delicate touch to your project can simply be done by adding elegant flowers. This can be used to emphasize the beauty of your design and give it that warm feeling you need. Whenever I see the delicate petals and soft colors, the first thing I think of is unique ways they can be used in a wedding. Flowers add the classic warmth needed to bring the event or design all together.

These flowers are exquisitely displayed centerpieces.

These flowers have been unique placed in mason jars, which give them a vintage feel. They are elegant and simple at the same time.

Here you can see the same use of a mason jar, but the flowers are decorating the lawn. They don’t always have to be used for weddings. You can easily add this delicacy to your everyday life.

I love this idea! What a cute summer decoration to use fruit, combined with flowers as a centerpiece. This would look fabulous at any picnic or BBQ.

You can add the same delicate effect to digital projects as well. Take a look at some of the creativity you will find with these patterns and illustrations.

Seamless Pattern With Fuchsia Flower by Astromonkey

Golden Flower by Do2design

This set of golden flowers in a branch is perfect to use as a tileable design.

Watercolor Flowers by Angie Makes

These vibrant flowers will make you smile. Use the loose leaf, flower, and ferns to make your own floral combination.

Flower Decal by Do2design

This is by far some of my favorite flower illustrations. Use this to in your project to add simple elegance.

Mason Jars Clipart by GraphicMarket

Unique clip art blooms and mason jars are perfect for modern wedding invitations, baby showers, announcements, or scrap booking.

Peony Bouquet in Mason Jar by Dot and Dash Creative

This rustic, romantic and colorful hand-drawn clip art mason jar bouquet is perfect to use to create cards, wedding or shower invitations, website designs, or party decorations.

Mason Jar Flower and Clipart by Angie Makes


Are you ready to add some beautiful flowers to your next project? Show us your completed project! We would love to hear about it.

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Vintage Art by Summit Avenue

Vintage Art by Summit Avenue

Joell Norberg of Summit Avenue is an artist, vintage junk collector & designer of templates & graphics for creative people. You can find her eclectic mix of work on Creative Market, where you'll find gorgeous designs, such as vintage flowers, ribbons, beautiful backgrounds and more. Be sure to check out the vintage holiday digital papers. They are fabulous!

Laurels and Wreaths

This pretty set of laurel branches, wreaths & divider designs are perfect for using in scrapbooking, invitations, websites/blogs, logo design and lots of other creative applications.

Vintage Lace Borders

Here you'll find some pretty lace borders to decorate your favorite projects. These are perfect for blog dividers & decorations, page layouts, crafts, albums and photo frames!

Think Spring Digital Art

This fresh set of organic, hand drawn designs & word art will have you feeling happy spring time thoughts in no time!

Vintage Doodle Frames

A delightful set of hand drawn frames are perfect for any picture.

Divine Vintage Paper Frames

Chalkboard Facebook Tabs and Web Icons

Make your Timeline stand out and look more professional with custom App Buttons! These are also great to use as social icons on your blog or website.

Vintage Typewriter Key Social Icons

Add some stylish Social Media to your blog or website with these vintage Typewriter Key design icon buttons.

Vintage Holiday Digital Papers

This pretty set of vintage holiday patterned papers are wonderful for all your holiday photo & craft projects!


I hope you have found these design as inspirational as I have. Let us know what you think.

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10 Must-Have Tools for Design Inspiration ~ Guest Post

10 Must-Have Tools for Design Inspiration ~ Guest Post

This guest post was written by Elizabeth Phillips. She is a former web designer who is currently freelance writing. She enjoys reading and writing articles that have anything and everything to do with design. She can be found typing away on her laptop in Philadelphia, PA.


Web design is constantly changing as technology grows. Developments like fiber optics have dramatically improved Internet speeds - and faster speeds have opened up the possibility for high-tech innovations like parallax and 3D animation.

No matter how tech-savvy web design gets, some things never change. Even the most advanced designs still need to wow with the basics - colors, fonts and images. Here are a few tools that will help you balance high-tech with aesthetic and keep your design inspiration fresh.

Color Hunter

Have a photograph you want to turn into a color palette - or just need to browse for some creative inspiration? Color Hunter can help you do both. Upload images to create custom color palettes, or search existing palettes by shade and theme. Save the ones you like to your Favorites.


There are tons of font databases that allow you to search for fonts and even find the closest match to an unknown style. But FontStruct allows you to create your own fonts - for free. Use geometrically shaped “bricks” to build your own font in a grid interface. Once you’re done, share your font in the gallery, where you can also see and download others’ creations.

Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is a free web tool that allows you to create your own palettes using a vibrant color wheel. Choose up to five shades on the wheel, and adjust hues on a slider. You can also explore existing color themes, including the most popular and most used. Even cooler? You can use the Adobe Kuler app and your iPhone camera to extract color palettes from your surroundings on the go.


If you have designer’s block and need to check out some finished products to get inspired, try StyleVault. The site showcases web designs from a variety of sources. You can search mobile, commercial, animated and CSS designs. You can also follow the portfolios of individual designers.



SwatchSpot is another great site for color inspiration. It has an incredibly simple interface - all you do is hit “Shuffle Colors” to come up with random palettes of six hues. You can lock in the shades you like and shuffle again until you find the perfect combination. Save your favorite palettes, download them to your computer or grab the color codes.

Web Creme

Like StyleVault, Web Creme features hundreds of pages of web design ideas. The only difference? Web Creme’s examples are organized by upload date, and there’s no real way to search through them. To make the most of this site, you have to be willing to sift through tons of examples to find your inspiration.


LogoPond is the mecca for designers looking for logo ideas. The site contains thousands of logos for a wide variety of brands and themes. You can browse featured, popular and recent logos. Filter results by designer, status and date of upload. LogoPond also features a forum for design discussion, questions and critiques.

Shutterstock Spectrum

Shutterstock is every designer’s best friend, with more than 30 million stock photos, illustrations and videos. But the site got even better in early 2013 when it released Shutterstock Spectrum. The tool allows designers to search stock imagery by color. Just choose your shade on a gradient scale, and refine by theme - like “forest” or “home.”


Designspiration is my favorite site to visit when I need a little creative stimulation. The site houses thousands of images, searchable by tags, categories and colors. Browse images of art, books, fashion, illustration, typography and more. Choose up to 5 colors and find images that incorporate them all. Save your favorites into collections.

TinEye Labs Multicolr Search

TinEye Labs Multicolr Search extracts color from more than 10 million Creative Commons images on Flickr, allowing you to search images by shade.  Select up to 5 colors, and then adjust the hues using a color wheel. Easily change the color composition of your search by clicking and dragging.

What are your favorite online tools for design inspiration?


Elizabeth welcomes your feedback at [email protected].

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Meet Prixel Creative

Meet Prixel Creative

Prixel Creative is comprised of a husband and wife team (Kendra and Justin Skinner) located in Springfield, MO. Together they share a passion for great design and premium photography. They have a collection of great Lightroom presets to enhance your photos and beautiful hand drawn graphics to add to any design project. All can be found at Creative Market.

Lightroom Presets

These beautiful Lightroom presets help you to add some unique color and highlights to your photographs.

Rose Garden

This set of Lightroom presets help add a touch of nature and natural color to any number of photos.

Subtly Sweet Lightleaks

This set of presets offers your photos a sweet finish and a subtle touch of color.

Vintage Lightroom Presets

Take your photos back a few years and move your skills forward with this set of vintage Lightroom presets.


This set of doily graphics allows you to mix and match to make lovely shapes and custom combinations.

Hand Drawn Paisley Pieces

These gorgeous hand drawn paisleys are great for organic patterns and backgrounds. You can find them both in PSD and Vector formate on Creative Market.

Hand Drawn Arrows

Below you can see a beautiful set of hand drawn and very unique arrows in vector format. The set comes with 30 different styles.


An assortment of machine and clock gear shapes in vector format, which include 35 total gear shapes.

Speech Bubbles

Hand drawn speech bubbles for are great for multiple uses.

Borders and Frames

So much thought and love went into these beautifully hand drawn borders and frames.

Ornate Lines

Ornate lines are ideal for bordering or highlighting hand written text.


What do you think of these beautiful creations? You can check them all out (and see more) at Creative Market.

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The Idealized Beauty Of The Victorian Era

The Idealized Beauty Of The Victorian Era

The Victorian era was a time of love for ornate complexity. This is evident in the architecture, furniture, fashion, as well as typography that we see. Many designers today replicate the sentimentality, and idealized beauty of this era and we can find many of them here:

Victorian Borders and Flourishes

Decorative Corners by webalys

Victorian Border by Penina

Victorian Ornamental Flourishes by BioWorkz

Vector Hand-Sketched Flourishes by Nicky Laatz

Victorian Fonts

Aestique Font by Decade Type Foundry

Epique Typeface by AlterDeco Type Foundry

Albert Typeface by BayleyDesign

Bruce Flourished by Intellecta Design

Backgrounds and Patterns

Seamless Baroque Pattern by Depiano

Vintage Wallpapers by Evgeniya Ivanova

Leafy Vines Pattern Tile by Penina

Victorian Wallpaper Set by Pelican graphics


Aren't these designs just lovely? Please feel free to share your thoughts of the beauty of this era. We would love to hear what you have to say!

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Amazing Patterns From Rule By Art

Amazing Patterns From Rule By Art

RuleByArt provides designers with some of the highest quality digital art resources. As designers, they hold themselves to very high standards in creating their work both by hand and on the computer. Check out some of their creative patterns, graphics, and textures all right here!

Aerosol Patterns

Vintage Patterns

Watercolor Shapes Vol. 1 

Watercolor Shapes Vol. 2

Distressed Borders

Data Distortion

Bitmap Textures

We hope you've enjoyed all of these completely awesome designs by RuleByArt. Which one is your favorite?

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8 Great Examples Of The Parallax Effect

8 Great Examples Of The Parallax Effect

With Apple incorporating the parallax effect into its new iPhone design, it has become increasingly popular to use everywhere. The idea behind it, is that it tricks the brain into perceiving the screen differently than what it actually is. Because of HTML5 and CSS3, developers can use different angles and 3D effects that can create a pleasing user experience if done correctly.

Many websites now use parallax scrolling, which shows the background moving at a slower rate than the foreground, sometimes creating an illusion that the content is ‘popping’ out of the screen.

We’ve put together a collection of fantastic templates that you can use to get this cool effect for your website now. Let us know what you think!

Parallaxer Bootstrap Responsive by Bootstraper

This is a Bootstrap responsive parallax template, which provides a good starting point to develop and run responsive parallax sites. It's easy to customize the backgrounds and scrolling effects.

Manly by Anariel

Manly is a sport-themed, Responsive one page template with parallax effct. It will be a great fit for sports clubs and events, but don't let the name “Manly” fool you to think that it should be used by man only. Take it and do something fabulous with it ladies!

White Wizzard by Pixar WordPress Themes

 White Wizzard is a creative, one page template. It is great for photography and portfolio sites.

REVA by designova

Here is an easy to use one-page template. It has a modern, and minimalist style design and was built with the Bootstrap 2.3.0 framework, so that you can easily setup and edit this theme.

REVA Retro  by designova

REVA Retro is similar to the one above, but with a classic, retro style design.

Snow Mountains by Graphics for Games

This design gives you a beautiful mountain background and has separate elements, so you can easily cut and manage however you like.

SM Parallax Slider by MagenTech

The SM Parallax Slider Module has been built for Magento The module is great way to display your specific products with responsive layout. The content slider encourages customer engagement with animations and background parallax effect.

 Atrium by Match Themes

Here is a fully responsive one page Wordpress theme that comes with a nice, smooth parallax effect. It was built with the Twitter Bootstrap framework and is easily customizable.

We hope you've enjoyed the selection of templates and don't be afraid to let us know what you think of the new parallax effect!

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