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Unique Social Media Buttons

Unique Social Media Buttons

You can’t deny it! We are living in an age of social media and to go along with it, there are a plethora of social media icons. Marketers are constantly encouraging more likes, more shares, more views, and they just can’t get enough. Social media is exploding and it doesn't look like it's ever going to slow down!

Are you looking for new ways to drive business to your site? Get creative and find a unique looking icon that will be sure to catch the eye of your reader. Check out these original, modern, and even funky social media icons to add to your site.

Watercolor Social Media Icons by DingbatPress

Social Media Pixel Square Icons by FreshCreations

Floral Social Media Icons by dinosaurstew

54 Social Media Icons by Martin-Jamez

Sparkly Social Profile Icons by Verve & Sass

70 Sweet Social Media Icons by KL-Webmedia

Circle Social Media Icons by Theme Trunk

Glitter Social Media Icons by DingbatPress

Social Media Stamps by Kenny Williams

Watercolor Icons by Pixelista

Transparent Social Buttons by KL-Webmedia


We really hope you've been inspired to seek out a fun and unique social media icon that will hopefully encourage more clicks! Feel free to browse more of Creative Market's fabulous web design ideas.

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The Darling Designs Of Kelly Jane Creative

The Darling Designs Of Kelly Jane Creative

Kelly Jane Creative has some of the most darling designs. From spooky ghosts and autumn leaves, to Christmas wreaths and apple orchards, Kelly Jane Creative focuses on seasonal themes and currently has some great graphics to choose from.

Spiders, Bats, and Black Hats

Halloween Bunting and String of Lights

Dried Flowers, Backgrounds, and Borders

Autumn Foliage

Apple Orchard

Vintage Christmas

Holiday Wreaths

Christmas Polka Dot

Christmas Florals, Bows & Bouquets

 Purple Floral Wreaths, Patterns, and Borders

We hope you have enjoyed these sweet designs and have found just what you've been looking for. Check out Kelly Jane Creative on Creative Market for more darling ideas.

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DIY Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

DIY Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Having a cute and unique baby shower invitation is almost as important as the party itself. All of your party guests will be excited for the arrival of your little one and will be just as excited to receive an adorable invitation in the mail. It will also be a beautiful keepsake of the special occasion along with all of your photos from the shower, so why not make one that you will be proud to see in the baby book in years to come.

We've put together a list of adorable little graphics, photoshop brushes, and patterns that you will be sure to love.

Baby Carriages

Hand Drawn Baby Shower Card by Delagrafica

Vintage Carriage Clipart by Degraphica

 Baby Carriage Photoshop Brushes by Pink Pueblo

Baby Animals

Oh Baby Clip Art by Fish Scraps

Four Storks by Candy Box Digital

Elephants Clipart by Nina's Design STUDIO

Cute Baby Elephants by by SonyaDeHart

Baby Shower Owls by Delagrafica

Backgrounds and Patterns

Baby Lullaby by Sandra DeHart

April Showers by Candy Box Digital

Ribbons, Bows, and Flourishes

Flower Baby Girl by Worsham Designs

Hand Drawn Flourishes by Pink Pueblo

Bunting Photoshop Brushes by Pink Pueblo

We hope you have gotten some great ideas to get you started on planning your perfect and memorable baby shower.

Want more creative Baby-related inspiration? Check out Creative Market for more ideas.

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13 Fun Facts About “The Walking Dead”

13 Fun Facts About “The Walking Dead”

Based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, The Walking Dead TV show was developed by Frank Darabont and is set in a post-apocalyptic world. It instantly became a cult hit after it premiered on Halloween night in 2010 and it currently has over 11 million viewers.

Fans of the show have been anxiously awaiting its return, which we will see this Sunday, October 13 on AMC. In anticipation of the return of one of the best shows on TV, we did some digging around and found some pretty interesting facts about the show. We hope you enjoy!

1. In honor of Stephen King

The leading character Rick Grimes is from the fictitious King County, Georgia, which is named in honor of Stephen King.

2. Walkers vs Zombies

Have you ever noticed that The word ‘zombie’ is never spoken in The Walking Dead. Instead, they are referred to as ‘walkers’, ‘biters’, ‘the herd’, and even ‘roamers’. According to Kirkman, this is because he wants to portray a world where the old George Romero movies (Night of the Living Dead) didn’t exist. What he means by this is that by not acknowledging the 'walkers' by the name ‘zombie’, these characters have no idea what they are dealing with. This is a completely new concept to them and not something that has come to life out of old movies they once watched.

Night of the Living Dead

The Walking Dead

3. The Virus

No one knows exactly how the virus started or how it is contracted. However, one big theory is that it is not actually contagious, but instead everyone already has it. When a person dies, they will reanimate as a ‘walker’, regardless of how they were killed. Currently, the only known way to completely kill a ‘walker’ is to ensure severe damage to the brain.

4. Episodes

Season 1 of the show only had 6 episodes and season 2 only had 13. Because of its success, AMC agreed to 16 episodes season 3. As of this posting, viewers can expect to see 16 episodes for season 4 as well and will once again be broken up into 2 parts (8 episodes each).

5. Mad Scientists

In season 1, we meet the CDC scientist Edwin Jenner. His character is named after Edward Jenner, the English scientist who developed the smallpox vaccine in the late 18th century.

Edward Jenner
Edwin Jenner

6. Walker School

Believe it or not, the actors who play ‘walkers’ in the show go through training to learn how to move and act that way. Their movements are slow and somewhat deliberate.

7. SWAT Team keeping the peace

When filming the first episode, unsuspecting neighbors called police believing there was a sniper nearby. A real SWAT team showed up to handle the chaos. Thankfully, no arrests were made.  

8. Humans are outnumbered

In the world of The Walking Dead, ‘walkers’ outnumber the living about 5,000 to 1.

9. Smiling skulls

In the very first episode, the blood from first walker that Rick Grimes kills leaves a shape of a smiling skull on his shirt.

10. Daryl's Crossbow

Daryl Dixon’s crossbow is a Horton Scout HD 125. It retails for around $300.

11. 'The Governor'

The character who is referred to as the Governor had a stash of 24 heads he stored in tanks. To give them that extra creepy look, they were stained yellow using coffee grounds and tea.

12. Segregated Meals

While having meals during shooting, the human actors eat separately from the ‘dead’ actors.

13. Further Decay

As the seasons progress, the walker's makeup becomes more grey and morbid to indicate further decay with the passage of time.


We hope that you have enjoyed this fun set of trivia for all of the current Walking Dead fans out there. If you feel this list infected you with The Walking Dead virus and can't wait to add some gory effects to your project, check out these products that will be sure to give you the creepy look you’ve been searching for.


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Trend: Retro Stationery

Trend: Retro Stationery

Retro is in baby! This classic look has been back in style for a while, and it seems that people just can’t get enough of it. Whether you’re looking to promote yourself or have a do-it-yourself project of your own, here are some creative ways to get that nostalgic look you’ve been wanting.

Stationary and Envelopes

Stationary isn't just for business use, feel free to use it for personal purposes as well. Handwritten notes add that personal touch that can't be replicated through digital communications.

Identity Branding Mockup by eamejia

Mosai by dkcreative

Greeting Cards and Invitations

Greeting cards and invitations are always exciting to receive. Send a card that has this look and your party guests will be talking about it for weeks!

9 Floral Retro Card templates by GraphicMarket

Invitation and greeting card set by Marish

Hand Drawn Baby Shower Card by Delagrafica

Business Cards

Nothing makes you stand out more than a unique business card. People collect tons of business cards each week and you don't want yours to end up in that forgotten pile. Hand out one that will make others talk!

Future Deco Business Cards by Gerren Lamson

Retro Business Cards by Cruzine

 Backgrounds and Patterns

Have you been wanting a different background for your website or scrapbook? Check out these retro patterns that will give your project that warm feel of yesteryear.

Retro Geometric Patterns by Depiano

6 Retro Patterns by LucyYa

Seamless Retro Vector Patterns by EezyPremium

Retro Lines Vector Backgrounds by jv_pixels

Ribbons and Labels

Ribbons and labels are a fun way to add some style to your designs. Try these retro ribbons to make your project stand out.

Retro Banners Vectors and Clipart by PinkPueblo

Retro Vector Banner Pack by EezyPremium

Retro Ribbons and Labels by vectorgraphit

Retro Banner Ribbons Frames by Pelican graphics

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Get the Sweet, Delicate Look of Evgeniya Ivanova

Get the Sweet, Delicate Look of Evgeniya Ivanova

The collections of Evgeniya Ivanova are so beautiful, simple and sweet. They are well suited for any project needing a feminine touch. Browse through some of her designs ranging from Sweet Berries, Corals, Cherry Blossoms, and Seasonal Backgrounds.

Sweet Berries

Corals and Fishes

Cherry Blossoms

Autumn Leaves Collection

Summer Herbs and FLowers

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Beautiful Florals From Alexa Vector Design

Beautiful Florals From Alexa Vector Design

Alexa Vector Design (aka Sasha) is a vector illustrator living and working in different countries around the world. Her fabulous designs include gorgeous Asian style flowers, vintage floral patterns, fun winter cap vectors, and don’t miss out on the Funny Birds Greeting Card.

Vector Set Seamless Floral Pattern

Vector set of vintage floral pattern

Vector Set of Elegant Floral Pattern

Elegant Classic Patterns

Vector Set With Winter Caps

Vector Set of Vintage Dishware

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A Collection of Flowers, and Babies, and Owls, Oh My!

A Collection of Flowers, and Babies, and Owls, Oh My!

Delagraphica (aka Chus Moreno) has a stunning collection of illustrations. They are simple, yet elegant and conform with the modern flat design. A visit this shop will allow you to explore fun graphics themes ranging from wedding and baby to cute halloween owls.

Flowers Bouquet

Romantic Wedding Chalkboard

Romantic Day II

Hand Drawn Baby Shower Card

20 Baby Shower Vintage Elements

Baby Shower Owls

Happy Halloween Owls

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ROY G. BIV - An Interview with Author Jude Stewart - Part 2

ROY G. BIV - An Interview with Author Jude Stewart - Part 2

Here at COLOURlovers we are absolutely in love with everything related to color and color theory.  We recently posted the first part of our interview with the incredible and talented Jude Stewart, author of the new book ROY G. BIV. Her book delves into the exciting and wonderful world of color.

We had the chance to sit down with her an ask her some more questions about color and her new book.

What inspired you to write this book?

ROY G. BIV started as a magazine column for a now-defunct publication called STEP Inside Design. I pitched them the idea of an infographic-style column over two pages that would capture some of the quirkier anecdotes and facts I could amass about a given color. The premise for that column was pretty simple: since nobody is inventing new colors, graphic designers (like STEP’s readers) have to dig deep into the same colors to build brand-new color palettes for that next project. I wanted to give them fresh inspiration, reawaken their eyes, and jolt them into thinking differently about color, its meanings and associations.

That column ran for just over a year, but even as it ended I found I had lots of great material, and much more to say, around this topic of color. So I started noodling how to package the idea as a book. That posed new challenges: how do you write a satisfying (and finite) book about a potentially infinite topic like color? How do you trawl an ocean? I wanted to keep some of that non-linear, infographic-style freedom while still providing a book you could read cover-to-cover if you chose. I really love books that offer readers a compelling game, that press the boundaries of what we think books can be formally. After experimenting with a few formats, I hit upon this idea of organizing the chapters into single colors, but supplementing that clear, linear organization by sprinkling thematic cross-references throughout the text. So if you’re reading in the pink chapter about Mountbatten Pink, which the British briefly used to paint warships during WWII, you’re invited to hop to another anecdote about imperialism in color in the green chapter: an entry debating whether or not Napoleon was killed by his green, arsenic-soaked wallpaper.

How did you research this book?

I’d say the hardest part of researching the book was deciding when and how to stop. There’s simply tons of fascinating material out there about color, but you can’t own a zillion-page book. Ultimately I decided on a few rules-of-thumb that I explain in the book’s introduction. I didn’t see the point of listing every single meaning for the color red because really, what good is that? You’re going to forget most of that laundry list until there’s a gripping story attached to a particular meaning. So I focused on the best, juiciest stories connecting colors to various meanings – facts and anecdotes that caught my attention and sustained it, that felt like a revelation.

I also tried to tackle many big-picture color questions—Why is the sky blue? Why is pink for girls and blue for boys? Why do prisoners wear orange?— but I included only those explanations that involved a bang-up good story, one that would swim suddenly into focus the next time you encountered that color.

Who designed the cover?

I developed the book’s design concept with my dear friends Chrish Klose and Tine Gundelach, formerly of Studio Grau in Berlin. Chrish now runs a lovely bookbinding and paper-goods studio with her sister Jenny called Wednesday Paper Works. Because she was busy with this new venture, we turned the project over to a new designer, the amazing Oliver Munday. He took the project over the finish line while giving it a unique stamp of his own. I can’t imagine a stronger realization of this elusive idea than his.

What inspired you to select the specific quotes you feature in your book? Do you have a favorite?

I love so many of the color quotes, it’s tough to choose a favorite. I suppose I selected all of these because they make it clear how forceful people’s opinions can be about colors. Color is an incredibly strong topic that riles people up.

But it’s cheating if I don’t actually choose a favorite quote, right? Below are two of my favorites. I like how, as a pair, they express color’s dual nature: both a trick of perception, a cognitive phenomenon dependent on many factors, and as an emotional, visceral, swooning experience.

Color is an illusion, but not an unfounded illusion.

—C.L. Hardin, author of Color for Philosophers: Unweaving the Rainbow

 Color is like a closing eyelid, a tiny fainting spell . . .

—Roland Barthes, French philosopher and cultural theorist

So, Jude now that we know a little bit about your book ...Tell us about the woman behind the masterpiece.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Philadelphia and have lived for long stretches in New York, Berlin, New Haven CT, and now Chicago.

When did you begin writing?

ROY G. BIV is my first full-length book on my own, but I do have other book projects. I translated Tales of the Danube, a book of fairy tales, from the German – that translation will be published later this year.

Who is your favorite author?

My favorite author is probably John McPhee. He’s a long-time New Yorker writing with a marvelously fine style, just perfect really. He’s written a book called Oranges that represents possibly my ideal of what’s beautiful and true in a great book. It started with a mundane premise: back in the 1960s, he wrote a magazine article about how frozen orange-juice concentrate was so popular it was eclipsing fresh-squeezed juice. So he trundled down to Florida to figure out how and why that could be true. Out of this fairly humdrum concept he unearths this extraordinary story spooling all around oranges: their history as a fruit, the lore surrounding them, the industries intertwined with them, how culture and fruit and color intersect in this humble food. It’s incredibly good.

What are you working on now?

I’m having my first baby, a boy named Lev Henry, in early August. A monster project in a pint-sized package! I’m also working on a second book project, a popular cultural history of graphic patterns like polka dots, camouflage, fleur de lis, et cetera. (We are pleased to announce that Jude gave birth to a healthy baby boy after this interview! Congratulations Jude!)

More about Jude Stewart

Jude Stewart writes frequently about design and culture for magazines including Slate, The Believer and Fast Company, among others. As a contributing editor for Print, she blogs twice monthly about color, patterns, and other design-related hilarities. Her book ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color is available now. She lives in Chicago.


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3 Fresh Wedding Themes for 2014

3 Fresh Wedding Themes for 2014

When it comes to making your wedding feel of-the-moment, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. The most popular wedding themes right now are actually new twists on old favorites. Whether you love opulent weddings, rustic weddings, or classic weddings, you'll find loads of wedding inspiration in each of these stylish themes.

If you want a glamorous and over-the-top wedding...go for a Great Gatsby theme.

Photo by: Live View Studios on Glamour and Grace via || The Daylight on Bridal Musings via || Minted via || EFC Photography on Bridal Musings via

Photo by: Alante Photography on Style Unveiled via || Keith Cephus Photography on Munaluchi Bride via || BHLDN via || KT Merry Photography on Every Last Detail via || EFC Photography on Bridal Musings via || Thomas Laine via

If you want a laid-back rustic wedding...try a summer camp theme.

Photo by: Kristin Sweeting on Inspired By This via || Elisa McLaughlin Designs on Bow Ties & Bliss via || Mel Barlow and Co on Shelter Co. via || Kate Ann Photography on Bayside Bride via || K Holly Studio Photography on Snippet and Ink via || Minted via

Photo by: Kellie Kano on Inspired By This via || Paper Antler on Well Groomed via || Sergio Mottola on Wedding Chicks via || Sweet Little Photographs on Well Groomed via

If you want a classic and elegant...go for a garden party theme.

Photo by: Stephanie A Smith Photography on Every Last Detail via || BHLDN via || ShopRuche on Equally Wed via || Jake Holt Photography on Southern Weddings via

Photo by: The Collective Photographers on Grey Likes Weddings via || Stephanie Williams on Style Unveiled via || Erich McVey Photography on Wedding Chicks via || Tamiz Photography on Style Unveiled via || Bloomingdales via || BHLDN via

Want more wedding inspiration?

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