12 Quirky & Wonderful Christmas Illustrations

12 Quirky & Wonderful Christmas Illustrations

If you're like me, then you have a perpetual smile on your face this time of year. This is due on no small part to the delightful holiday artwork you encounter just about everywhere you look. From Christmas cats to hipster reindeer, we collected twelve quirky and wonderful illustrations that help make that smile a big one.

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MARCHÉ de NOËL by madalina andronic/p>

Vintage Hipster Christmas Animals by Marish

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Welcome To The Background Store

Welcome To The Background Store

Background Store provides high quality Backgrounds. They emphasize creating products with high utility and offer a wide variety to choose from. If you're looking for an abstract display or a beautiful holiday scene, you will find it at the Background Store.

Abstract Spotlight Backdrop

The bright backgrounds are perfect products presentations, digital art, photography, print and web design.

Bubbles Texture

Bubbles can add a touch of fun to your design.

50 Winter Backgrounds

With the holidays upon us, this is by far my favorite bundle. I love seeing the soft snow surrounding the pine trees and warmth of the fireplace next to the Christmas trees.

Christmas Backgrounds

Sky Background

This bundle of Sky backgrounds comes in a set of 50. Perfect for when you need to add more of an earthy feel to your project.

Stars in Space

The list can go on and on. Check out all of the other textures and patterns offered by the Background Store at Creative Market.

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5 Web Design Trends for 2014

5 Web Design Trends for 2014

Well, it's finally December and it's often a time where people tend to reflect on the past twelve months and get excited about new ideas for the future. I would like to take this time to highlight 5 design trends of the web that we have seen creep up and will definitely be around in 2014.

Continuous Scrolling eliminates the need for the user to click to get to the next story or image. This is a leading factor in changes of other elements of the design.

Fifth Avenue Tumblr Theme by Pixel Union

Nicanian II - WordPress Theme by templaza

Expo by Pixel Union

Larger Fonts. One major reason for larger fonts is improved screen resolution as well as responsive font design. The use of media queries and the new CSS3 relative font sizing units allow more flexibility in this area of design.

Verb Regular Webfonts by Yellow Design Studio

Olio Family by Max Little

Prohibition Typeface by Hold Fast Foundry

Responsive Mobile Design. Websites of 2014 need to be responsive. This is one trend that isn't turning back. New enhancements in CSS3 makes this easier and easier all the time.

SW Go Responsive WordPress Theme by SmartAddons

WordPress Canvas - A Starter Theme

Fashion Mag Responsive Theme by Dessign

Flat Design is the topic of conversation every day in the world of web design. Even though Windows technically went flat first, once Apple embraced this design trend as well, it is everyone now.

Flat UI Web Kit by ChrisFarina

Flatvoid Vector Devices by YD-LABS

Parallax Scrolling displays the webpage as multiple layers whereas the background layer scrolls at a different speed than the foreground layer.

 One Page Architect Effects by dxthemes

Parallaxer Bootstrap 3.0 Responsive

Create - Adobe Muse Theme by MuseLayers


Do you have any design trend ideas that we need to watch out for in 2014? Let us know what they are!

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DIY Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

DIY Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Americans are busy scurrying to make sure they have all of the food needed to make the glorious meal that we look forward to all year long. As we are getting ready to celebrate with family and friends, one may be looking for some unique holiday decorations or crafts to add to the family table. Make place cards, invitations, and more with this fun list of Thanksgiving graphics that are perfect to make your festivities all the more special.

Thanksgiving Turkey Character by DesignWolf

Give Thanks Illustrations by Little Sisters Studio

Happy Thanksgiving by MyClipArtStore

Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers/Sticker by Candy Box Digital

Watercolor Leaves by swiejko

Autumn Trees, Leaves & Acorns Vector by Kelly Jane Creative

Autumn Leaves and Flowers Vector by Kelly Jane Creative

3 Banner Template by Pixejoo


Happy Thanksgiving everyone and have fun crafting!

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10 Fabulous Examples Of The Perfect Landing Page

10 Fabulous Examples Of The Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are key when attracting and retaining customers. You have such a finite amount of time to grab someone's attention and you want to make sure that you keep it long enough to see them follow through with the action you desire them to take. What's even more important is that your landing page is attractive enough that they may even want to pass it on to a friend.

Spotlight Product Landing Page by Theme Trunk

Spotlight is a super effective, high converting, landing page to help you generate more sales or more signups.

Expo by themesflow

Expo is a perfect example of a one-page introduction to your product. Designed to be straight-forward, easy to edit and quick to set-up for immediate use. It is a responsive design page which is simple, beautiful and perfectly fits for an upcoming site or mobile app or service.

Snappy by NovelPixels

Snappy is a clean and responsive landing page that helps you introduce your app to users at the best way.

Landing Page with Email Sign Up by jalehafshar

Use and eye-catching blurred background for use as a teaser page for an upcoming site launch.

Appy Responsive by Cyberspace Builder 

Appy Responsive Landing Page is an awesome responsive HTML5 template. It features a very clean and minimal design that is perfect for showcasing your work.

Landing page responsive Bootstrap 3 by Bootstraptor

This Classical Landing page template offers a big product picture in the intro section, simple testimonials block, features block, a headline title with a strong call to action button.

Persona - Personal Landing Page by ItsJoeTurner

This landing page is perfect to use for your own personal landing page. It's aesthetically pleasing to look at and will definitely catch your viewers attention.

Coming Soon by Creative Themes

This responsive, full screen, coming soon page which is simple, beautiful and perfectly fits for an upcoming site or mobile app.

Countdown Page by PSDboard

Here is another great example of an eye-catching coming soon page. It's elegantly designed and the message is clear and concise.

Pro Landing Page by PSDboard

PRO Landing Page contains beautiful and clear elements that can be easily combined using groupings of similar stye elements. This is perfect use for a products page and A/B testing page.


Do you have an idea for a fantastic landing page? Tell us all about it. We would love to help you showcase it.

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Abstract Colors and More by Irina Chereshenka

Abstract Colors and More by Irina Chereshenka

Irina Chereshenka has some of the most beautiful backgrounds I've seen in a while. Many are replicate the look of oil-based paintings adding rich texture and vibrant colors to your design. These caught my eye as soon as I saw them. Don't miss out on the floral, rain, and moustaches as well.

This set of Oil Paint Abstract Backgrounds are amazing. I was drawn to their lively colors and smooth strokes.

Lacy Blue Background with Flowers help give your project a soft, feminine touch.

Use this Collection of Rain Backgrounds to add a rainy day feel to your project with bright blue and purple clouds.

Don't forget to get your holiday cards ready with this Set of New Year's Backgrounds. The colors really pop out of the page and will surely be appreciated by all of it's recipients.

No hipster project is complete without a moustache. Check out Seamless Patterns with Moustaches.



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The Ultimate List of Creative WordPress Themes

The Ultimate List of Creative WordPress Themes

There are so many WordPress themes out there, how do you find the one that's right for you? Firstly, you need to understand the purpose of your site: Are you a business in need of responsive design and awesome social share features? Are you a freelance photographer looking to show off your work? Check out some of our categories below for a quick look into the various options out there.

All-in-One Bundles

With a bundle, you can have your website, business cards, newsletters, and more all at your finger tips.

Tuned Balloon by Anariel Design

Startup Responsive Business Theme by GavickPro

All In One Bundle Emerald by BluChic

Cooky Restaurant Theme by Anariel Design

Photography Portfolios

There are a plethora of WordPress themes out there geared toward helping photographers display their beautiful photos to the world.

Lens by DesignerThemes.com

 Photoframe by WPZOOM

Sunshine and Kisses by Pictalo

Responsive Design and Social Sharing Features

Every modern website must be responsive to be considered reputable. Check out these themes.

Social WordPress Theme by GavickPro

 Forged - One Page Parallax

Do you already have an existing site that you want to move over? Check out this article to help you ease the transition.  

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French Kiss Collection

French Kiss Collection

French Kiss Collections is a graphics resource option for photographers, designers & scrapbookers. Their products feature Photoshop textures, templates, beautiful watercolor brushes. Check out some of their amazing products!

Watercolor Textured Spot Brushes

This gorgeous set includes 12 watercolor brushes on rough watercolor paper. They can be great for photo masking and adding watercolor elements to your designs.

50 Splats & Spatters Brushes

Here is an amazing set of watercolor spatter brushes. These would work great with any project!

23 Splats & Spatters Brushes

French Kiss Spatter Brushes

Here are 9 ink and watercolor spatter brushes to liven up your design.

Watercolor Spots Brush Stamps

These awesome watercolor brush stamps are perfect for labels, web graphics, scrapbooking, and more.

1912 French Geometrie Brushes

This is an amazing set of 33 illustrations and text snippets from a 1912 French text book on Geometry. Great for adding visual interest to your images!



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Pixel Crazy Buatoom

Pixel Crazy Buatoom

Buatoom is a ‘pixel crazy’ UI designer hailing from Bangkok, Thailand. His designs are fresh, beautiful, and simple. You can find clean, elegant icons, template and wireframes all on Creative Market.

Ishtar Icons

This is by far my favorite new icon set. It’s super smooth design will look amazing with any project. 

Almitra Wireframe

This wireframe set includes 20 pages of wireframe elements and more than 100 graphic elements included.

Flat Icons Set

This flat icon set in vector format are a great addition to your collection.

iPhone 5 Flat Template

This full sized vector smart object is just what you need to display your design.

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So, You Want To Be A Designer?

So, You Want To Be A Designer?

Do you have a design idea, but don’t know where to start? There is a plethora of resources out there for anyone to learn practically anything. Maybe you want to create some of your own designs, but just don’t really know the first thing about what makes something aesthetically pleasing? Here, we have put together a list of beginner tutorials that will help you with some of the basic foundations you’ve been lacking.

Design Lab - Learn design principles by completing interactive lessons and hands-on projects. Their mission is to “empower our community of creators through design” by creating an online environment for learning.

Intro to Web Design: Friendly Design for Startups and Small Business. This class is great for co-founders, small business owners, developers, designers, illustrators, or anyone eager to learn! It will cover the basics of web design, as well as how to coordinate a color palette.


The Design of Everyday Things is an online course offered by Udacity. It will be starting soon (no exact date given), so sign up now if you’re looking for an informative introduction to design. It’s meant to help you understand what good design is as well as the challenges that many designers face.


Udemy is another great resource that has a ton of options to help you learn design. If you’re looking to create something specific, this is probably the place for you. They have a wide range of topics to browse through ranging from user experiences to beginner photoshop tutorials.

Design Foundations on Treehouse you get an introduction to design foundations, an understanding of aesthetics, and learn how to become a problem solver.

Canva is a site that I can’t wait to try out. It’s a tool that promises to make design simple for everyone by giving you everything you need to turn ideas into stunning designs. It boosts a tagline of “A Simple New Way to design”. You can reserve your username today and will be notified as soon as it’s ready.

Aside from the tutorials, 7 Tips for Staying Creative is a great post that offers helpful tips of how to unleash your creativity. Following these will surely help to keep you inspired!

Are you ready to start designing something awesome today? Do you still need a little help getting started, or maybe you rather rely on the design of someone more experienced? Check out all of the awesome products available on Creative Market today and design something beautiful! When you’re done, we would love to see the finished product.

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