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  1. I am unable to log into my colourlovers account. Every link defaults back to your so-called blog.

  2. What happened to the site???????????? Every link goes to the blog and other links take it back to posts from 2010 or 2007???

  3. What is going on? What happened to this site? It’s just a useless blog now?

    You’ve taken away the 13+ years of content created by the users of this site.

    Absolutely appalling. Bring back the original site!

  4. If ColourLOVERS is going to go down, at least release the palettes database. So much love and work gone in the blink of an eye.

  5. Hello. I love the way the new owner copied the original pages from Darius. I have lost about 14 years of contributions, my color therapy, and my last work was beautiful. ✌

  6. it’s still here just can’t be reached through the blog!! this is the address where I am able to use the site. https://www.colourlovers.com/patterns/add?colors=F995B3,F90FBE,F9F9F9,3A7CF9&pID=4416246 I hope this is helpful to you. I got there by going to an old blog post of an original colour lovers blogger, not these hanky ones and clicked on a pallet. normally all the pallets have blue question marks no picture for me but this time hey were showing so I clicked it and there I went. believe me, I’m giddy!

  7. I can get to the site but it eventually tries to revert to the blog post, making it unusable. Go to: https://www.colourlovers.com/lover/yourusername and you can get to your page. But after a minute or so it tries to revert to the blog and everything gets wonky. You can refresh and it will be ok again for a bit. Trying to use COPASO is impossible because you can add colors but after a few seconds it tries to refresh and the page gets messed up making it a struggle, same goes for PHOTOCOPA. They really messed this site up. *sigh*

  8. Hello.
    I found the site outside of Firefox browser. The site still steals works by “bad language” tag. Too many pop-up ads to allow concentration.
    i like it. It gives love.

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