Rocking Color on New Year's Eve

Rocking Color on New Year's Eve

If there's any good excuse for a new party dress, it's New Year's Eve. Once the holidays wind down--after the family get-togethers are over and the kitchen is finally clean--the last day of the year arrives with no obligation other than to celebrate the year that's passed. It's a true celebration, and maybe that's why ladies trend toward the brightest, shiniest, most fun components of their wardrobes. Of course, there are different kinds of New Year's Eve parties, and several go-to fashion sites have recommendations at the ready. The Fashion Spot has a few ideas for formal and casual events, WhoWhatWear helps you transform pants and skirts into party-worthy ensembles--New York Times style reporter Eric Wilson even offers dressing advice from a few drag queens: "I think feeling your very best is knowing that you’re comfortable in everything you’re wearing," said DJ Lina Bradford. "Having something too tight or that you’re not feeling is a no-no." Because around here, we feel color, I've culled 10 bright cocktail dresses to get your wardrobe creativity flowing. My advice? Find something you'd want to wear again, doll it up with a pile of bangles or a big crystal necklace, and have a great time.

[Gryphon, Rag & Bone;]
Happy_New_Year! Happy_new_Year_[3]

New_Years_Eve happy_new_year

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Covering your Customers with Color

Covering your Customers with Color

We've come a long way since industrialization and Mr. Ford's assembly line that made the first affordable automobile giving everyone the opportunity to buy a car in "any color as long as it's black." While the reality was that Mr.Ford's Model T first came in grey, green, and red, his stated "only black" policy finally came into effect in 1913. At the time, he was only concerned with the time and cost to produce each vehicle, and black paint was cheap and durable. Today, the same manufacturing ideals and process are still used but we've moved into a world of color and customization.

One of the great examples of color customization is the sneaker. For years it has been possible to apply your favorite colors and design sense to a pair of shoes. This type of flexible manufacturing will continue to develop and we expect to see this kind of customization applied to many other product categories in the future.

Another way to cover your color loving customers is to add a color product search to help them sort through the increasing number of color options. According to Alon Atsmon, the CEO of Picitup, "47% of the top 100 online retailers offer color search, only 26% of those ranked 401-500 deploy it," but from handmade indie sellers, to sporting goods, to home interiors, many companies have already integrated a color search. And now the color search technology is catching up with this new demand, or at least one company is trying to spread color search to the masses:


Picitup process your stream of images, carefully, separates the main object from its background and accurately extracts its color. Later on once a user clicks on the color palette; only products of the selected color would be presented.

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Interior Design Trends: Pink & Gray

Interior Design Trends: Pink & Gray

Pink and gray remind me of the eighties: sneakers, sweaters and decor. Even though thoughts of the eighties flood might flood your brain, pink and gray are again a current trend. Does the combination remind you of the eighties? If not, then what? How does it make you feel?

agate bookends · bench · poufs · carafe · tealight bowl · pendant · pillow

room 1, 2

pablo_neruda Best_Wishes_For_2009

Pick_me_up_and_run See_How_She_Shines

pink_ribbon_weave Pink_Cotton

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Postcards From Mars: Inspiration from the Red Planet

Postcards From Mars: Inspiration from the Red Planet

NASA's mobile robots Spirit & Opportunity have been exploring Mars for six years now, 25 times longer than predicted. Due to the extended life of the robots the photographic team, headed by Jim Bell, has had more time to capture the Martian landscapes with lighting, framing, color, depth of focus in mind. To date, the robots have sent back over 250,000 photos. Some of which have been selected for Jim Bell's recent book Postcards From Mars, which contains over 150 full-color-process prints.

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Interior Design Trends: Brown & Green

Interior Design Trends: Brown & Green

The horoscopes can be very fun and interesting thing to read. It can help us along with our day or week with words of wisdom and encouragement, most of the time. Astrology is fascinating, and what I find to be intriguing are the colors
attached to our zodiac signs. The colors that are associated with my sign are green and brown. Interestingly, these two colors put me at ease and I find them to be extremely comforting, especially brown. So, perhaps there is some truth to Astrology.

Green and brown work well in studies, these are the two colors that I automatically think of when a 'study' is mentioned. Of course, they are not limited to only thet study. The darker and heavier shades seem to have a traditional feel to me, though I know that is not always the case. There are so many pieces, in so many styles of design, which is absolutely wonderful. I do have to add that I feel burgundy is also a traditional type color but I have not found many decor items in a variety of styles, they seem to be limited to a few particular styles (I do hope that changes soon).

So, what do you think about green and brown?

frame · sofa · lamp · votive holder · owl · rug · plaque · throws · pillow

room 1 · 2

green_brownie_garden job2

green_brown_yellow green_brown_plaid

Green_Brown_Plaid green_brown_forrest

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Holiday Love Guide: Color Therapy Gifts

Holiday Love Guide: Color Therapy Gifts

While color therapy month doesn't start until March, most feel it is never too soon to start therapy after the holidays. To help everyone chill out, relax and bring themselves back to center, try some of these color therapy gifts.

Color-tinted Sunglasses

What better gift for a color lover than to turn their entire visual world into the color they love most! Okay, so that's not exactly the intended purpose of these glasses, but even if you're not into the whole 'color therapy' thing these look pretty awesome. The makers claim that the glasses provide 100% UVA and UVB rays protection (UV 400)... So, let the stylish healing begin! Three styles in multiple sizes. All from Biowave. Large Fit Over StyleProstyleRound Style.

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COLOURlovers in Your Pocket: Our Official iPhone App is Out!

COLOURlovers in Your Pocket: Our Official iPhone App is Out!

Put the over 1.4 million color palettes from in your pocket with ColorSchemer Touch.  With our new iPhone/iPod Touch app you can create and share the color love from anywhere with signal.  The endless stream of palettes makes it fun and easy to explore fellow COLOURlovers' creations and interact with them by loving their work.

And with palette creation tools inspired from our ColorSchemer desktop software, you can make a beautiful palette whenever inspiration strikes.

Available on the App Store ...for the price of a latte (only $2.99) you can take the entire community with you.


Browse palettes Search palettes

Browse 1+ Million Community Created Color Palettes

Connect to the COLOURlovers community to browse through over a million member-created color palettes, with hundreds more being added every day.

Search for the Perfect Palette

Tap out a few keywords ("ocean", "sunset", "spring") to find exactly the mood or theme you're looking for, right at your fingertips.


Palette details Palette comments

Connect with the COLOURlovers Community

Share the love to let others know how much you like their work, or bookmark your favorite palettes so you'll always be able to find them later.

Comment from Your Perspective

Get social! Share your thoughts on your favorite palettes, or get feedback from the community on your own creations.


PhotoSchemer: palettes from photos Color wheel

Pull Color Palettes from Photos

Create unique palettes from your camera or photo library, and capture the colors in the world around you.

Spin the Color Wheel

Visualize color harmonies and relationships on the built-in pocket color wheel. You can even tap the wheel to watch it spin like a real-life artist color wheel.


Go Beyond the Color Wheel with LiveSchemes

Use the LiveSchemes tool to rotate color palettes with a quick tap, all while maintaining their harmony relationships.


Sync palettes Share palettes

Sync Your Palettes with COLOURlovers

Automatically sync your palettes with your free COLOURlovers account, so you'll have them wherever you go, or on the web.

Share Palettes with Others

Email your favorite palettes to friends and co-workers, or save them right to your camera roll.

Have You Downloaded the App? If you have and want to help us share the COLOURlove with the rest of the app world, please give us a review. Thanks!

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Holiday Love Guide: 10 Tees from Indie Shops

Holiday Love Guide: 10 Tees from Indie Shops

Wear your heart on your sleeve! (Or thereabouts.) We've been tweeting out COLOURloving finds from the Storenvy marketplace the last month or so and I thought showcasing a few shirts here on the blog would be a nice way share with you all a holiday gift guide of love... and give some indie merchant a bit of link love too.

HFL Logo Tee

Hooray For Love logo shirt

Heart is all you need

Sometimes you don't need words.. A simple picture will do the talking... Wear a heart on your chest and spread the love to everyone you meet. Heart Heart Heart!!!

Heart In Stereo Tee

Tune in to your heart and never stop listening.


All walk in love.

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Florian Pucher's Landcarpet Series

Florian Pucher's Landcarpet Series

Florian Pucher's LANDCARPET is a modern area rug inspired by nature and farmed landscapes. It shows the world from straight above, as we usually see it only out of the window of a plane. Based on Satellite images, Land Carpet is a fascinating aerial view that you can touch. The stylized fields are of different height and appear like a miniaturized landscape. As each country deals with landscapes and farming in a different way the carpet comes in different versions, each representing a different continent or country. Limited editions of 88 pieces per sereis. Hand-tufted from New Zealand Wool.


yerba next_level

practical Landcarpet_Europe

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Interior Design Trends: Red & Gray

Interior Design Trends: Red & Gray

Red is a complex and very intriguing color. It is often associated with boldness, pain, blood, anger and danger. Though these negative associations are contrasted by many opposing associations. The one that stands out the most would have to be love.

Red affects my mood, as do all colors, of course, but red the most.  I've noticed that when I wear or am surrounded by red, it gives me a boost of energy, confidence and puts me in such a cheerful mood!

Gray is one of those colors that looks good with just about any color it is paired with– a huge neutral for me. The versatility that the color gray possesses is truly impressive, which is why i chose today to pair it with the lovely and daring color red.

pendant · glasses · art · napkin holder · vases · spreaders · plate · cloth · curtain

room 1 · 2

red_gray Gunboat

red_gray red_gray_light_lime

Red_Gray red_gray_2

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