Happy Huesday: Announcing The COLOURlovers Tuesday Newsletter

Happy Huesday: Announcing The COLOURlovers Tuesday Newsletter

Your email registered on COLOURlovers will receive a mighty delicious treat today! That's right! Today we sent out the very first newsletter in the history of COLOURlovers. From now forward, you will know every Tuesday as - Huesday!

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You can expect to receive this beautiful Huesday newsletter each week to get your fill of colorful ideas, inspiration and special goodies (aka giveaways, contests, announcements and the like) sometimes only available in the weekly Huesday mailing.

patterns featured this Huesday: The Dark Snow | Dulce Aroma | santa came to town

As you might know, we currently hand pick colors, palettes, patterns for daily Facebook and Twitter features (you are notified if your creation was featured). Now, Huesday will be another excellent platform for member creations to be featured because there are so many fantastic patterns, palettes and shapes to know about. We will include most popular as well as some hand-picked.

more patterns featured this Huesday: it's raining! | Duckling's Splash | sight

Don't miss out on getting some great inspiration, awesome announcements and must know COLOURlovin news each and every colorful Huesday.

Templates to the featured patterns:


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Seamless Lite New Features: Custom Shapes & Shape Galleries (How-To)

Seamless Lite New Features: Custom Shapes & Shape Galleries (How-To)

COLOURlovers spend countless hours creating amazing Patten Templates using Seamless Lite. Today, we are happy to announce some amazing new feature updates to the in-site seamless pattern design process.

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Along with the new features, Seamless Lite has been given some big love and a smoother, speedier designing experience should be noticeable.

How-To: Custom Shapes + Shape Gallery from COLOURlovers on Vimeo.

How-To: Custom Shapes + Shape Gallery

"Save as Shape" Tool

You can now save individual elements using the newly installed “Save as Shape” tool. This will allow you to keep those wonderfully complicated design elements you have been creating for a single Pattern Template. Only NOW, you can re-use those awesome pieces in any number of Pattern Template variation by using, “My Shapes” located in your Shapes Library on Seamless Lite (when you are logged in).


 How To Use "Save as Shape"

In Seamless Lite, create a shape from multiple shapes using the preexisting shapes in the Shape Library. Select all layers that make up this custom shape. No need to group these either, when you save the shape as a single element it will automatically group it and give it the name you give your shape upon saving,

Select your shape layers and click, Save as Shape" in the layer tools area. 

Preview your shape element, give it a title, description if you want, tags and then Save Shape.

That simple! At this point, shapes cannot be shared with one another (unless you do that privately - it's your choice).

Shape Galleries: A Place to Show Off  Your Abilities!

A new gallery for all of your custom shapes, will be added to your profile page the moment you create and save your first shape with the "Save as Shape" tool.


Gallery element for your Shapes (above)

Gallery view of your shapes allows the same filter-view options as other creations on the site.

Each shape has its own information page just like the other creations on CLCOLOURlover.com. Everyone has the ability to LOVE, FAVE and SHARE this shape made by you! Additionally, you have the ability to download the .SVG file, located under the, made "with Seamless Lite" link and DELETE or EDIT the shape profile under the OPTIONS drop-down.

Shapes will also stream on to the homepage of COLOURlovers.com as they are being created. So let's see what you got?!

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Reaching More Lovers of Color: Color Stream iPhone App Acquired

Reaching More Lovers of Color: Color Stream iPhone App Acquired

We've known developer/designer Sahil Lavingia for a while now and have continued to be impressed with the apps and services he puts out. One app in particular we've had our eye on is his color app Color Stream, an iPhone app that helps create & save color palettes... Something near and dear to our hearts.

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So when the opportunity came along to acquire the app and provide continued color inspiration to the tens of thousands of Color Stream users, we jumped at the chance. And one of the reasons we made our iPhone app free is so all Color Stream users could switch over to our ColorSchemer app without having to re-buy anything. They'll be joining the nearly 100,000 users of the ColorSchemer app and can continue to get the updates for our top color app at no extra cost.

If you're a Color Stream user, now's a great time to join the family and get the free ColorSchemer app to continue to receive updates with the latest and greatest features and integration with the COLOURlovers community.

The Color Stream app was a well-designed and built app that worked great for creating palettes from scratch, or from a photo... but the biggest thing it was missing was an awesome community of creative people to share those palettes with, and now that's changing! We're excited to extend our community to more and more creative people and we look forward to even more inspirations that this growing and diverse mix of new users will create.

Download ColorSchemer for iPhone Now.

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Our New Rights Management System... All the Colors Belong to You!

Our New Rights Management System... All the Colors Belong to You!

When I first built COLOURlovers as a weekend project I had no idea it would become this amazing community. At the time, I threw together a terms of use and privacy policy modified from some of the big sites on the web... and the language used about who owned the content you uploaded here was WAY too aggressive. Basically, it said we "owned" anything you uploaded. It may have said that in small print somewhere, but that's never how we thought about or treated your creations.

Recently we took the time and the budget to update the terms to appropriate language clearly stating that you own everything you create here... but that you give us a commercial license to also use your content (without this we couldn't run the site or showcase your work in things like the Color Inspirations book).

BUT... Updating the terms weren't enough, as we want to fully hand over control of your content to you. Today we're launching two new features that hand the rest of the control of content here at COLOURlovers to you, our awesome and creative members.

Rights Management for all COLOURlovers Content

Can I use this pattern as the background for my blog? Is it free to use this? I don't understand the license you provide for the content on COLOURlovers... We get questions like this all the time. And although we've had a Creative Commons license on the bottom of every page... It hasn't been very clear what people can or can't do with the content shared on COLOURlovers.

License Display Area
So we've added a new section in the right column of each creation page to clearly show the license for that content. There are icons and bullet-points to explain what is allowed with each specific license, as well as a link to the Creative Commons site to learn more about the license terms.

Changing Your Content Licenses
To change the license for a specific color/palette/pattern/etc. you can click the "Edit" link above the license box in the right column. A window will open and allow you to change the license for that specific creation.

Default License Settings
The default license for all content on COLOURlovers is a By Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike license. (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

You can change your default license for all future creations in your account settings area (Set Default License). You can also update the license for all your existing content on this page. There is a checkbox at the bottom of the form to "Change All Existing" which will do a big bulk update for all your creations... ie, would you like to allow commercial usage of all of your existing content? You can do that here.

What Each License Means

There are a few different ways you can specify what people can and can't do with the content you share here on COLOURlovers.

All Rights Reserved
Nobody can use your creation without first getting your permission. This is the most protective license option. Ie, Selecting this license on a pattern template you've designed means that nobody else can color the template in. The license area for a creation with this license will link people to a page to send you a love-note to ask for permission to use the content.

Creative Commons
The Creative Commons is a non-profit that aims to "give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to keep their copyright while allowing certain uses of their work — a “some rights reserved” approach to copyright — which makes their creative, educational, and scientific content instantly more compatible with the full potential of the internet."

All creative commons license options include "By Attribution"... meaning people can use it as long as they credit you for the original creation.

Additional options under the CC license are:

Allow commercial use.
Selecting this license option will allow other people to use your creation in work that they sell or market commercial services with. It could be an Etsy seller using a pattern as part of a gift wrap paper package they sell, or a real estate agent using your pattern as the background of their website.

Allow derivative works to be created.
Selecting this license will allow users to remix & modify your original creation. For example, if you have created a pattern template that you would like others to be able to color in... it needs to be licensed with a derivative license.

Derivative works must be shared with the same license you’ve selected.
Selecting this option will require all derivative works to be shared with the same license as the original creation. If this option is set for a pattern template, there is no option to change the license terms of colored-in patterns. They must retain the original pattern template license.

License for Colors & Palettes

It's easier to understand these licenses in the context of pattern templates, but it's a little trickier when talking about named colors & palettes.

Technically you can't own the rights to a color (despite some large corporations trying to copyright their specific branding colors). All 16 million colors already exist, we're just allowing you all to come up with clever names to associate with those colors. For now, all color names on COLOURlovers will continue to have our default (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) license.

You also can't technically own the rights to the usage of certain colors together... ie, if you make a palette with Red, White & Blue... you can't prevent the US from printing more flags. What you can own the rights to is the combination of the colors in a specific order, and or the amount of colors presented as a 5 color palette like the way we do here on COLOURlovers. Ie, if you select an All Rights Reserved license for your palette: Somebody else can't present your palette anywhere else the way it is presented here on COLOURlovers. Even with an All Rights Reserved license though, they could still use that color combination to draw an illustration or design a logo.

We'll be adding a section to the site to explain the licenses better moving forward, so if you have any questions or think we should better explain something, please let us know.

Deleting Creations from COLOURlovers

If you really own all your creations, then you should be able to remove them from COLOURlovers too... and now you can. There is a new OPTIONS button in the About header for all creations. You're able to Edit & Delete your creations from here.

It's rare, but we know that sometimes people want to remove something they've shared on COLOURlovers... a palette they no longer love, a template they messed up on, etc. You're now able to delete all your creations, but the way we handle how things are deleted is a little different depending on what's being deleted. Here's a little more about what happens when you delete your different kinds of creations:

Colors. When you delete a color it will remove the color from your creations list, it will clear out the name, description, loves, faves, comments and all other associated information. The color will now be available for another member to name and list as one of their creations. A deleted color will still show in any palette or pattern, but will no longer have a name and will simply display the HEX value.

Palettes. When you delete a palette it will remove the palette from your creations list, it will clear out the name, description, loves, faves, comments and all other associated information.

Patterns. When you delete a pattern it will remove the pattern from your creations list, it will clear out the name, description, loves, faves, comments and all other associated information.

Templates. When you delete a pattern template it will remove the template from your creations list, it will clear out the name, description, loves, faves, comments and all other associated information. Any patterns colored in by other members will still exist on the site even after you delete the template, but no new version will be allowed to be created with the template.

*Gone But Never Forgotten*
Deleted content might still show up in search results in COLOURlovers for a brief time until our database runs it's regular updates to clear it out. Badges for your deleted creations will still exist, but the badge will be updated to show that the content has been removed, and the page for the creation will show that the creation has gone missing.

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The COLOURlovers Family is Getting Bigger... Awesome Investors & We're Hiring!

The COLOURlovers Family is Getting Bigger... Awesome Investors & We're Hiring!

Six years ago in my grandmother's loft, I built out a little idea I had... to let people name & share colors and for others to rate and review those colors. That little idea quickly evolved into 5 color palettes and the beginning of the COLOURlovers community. Since then millions of colors have been named, more than 1.5 million palettes have been created and we're 500,000+ members strong... and a 5x Webby Nominee for Best Community!

Twelve months later Chris aka Pureform started rewriting all my code for COLOURlovers (I won't say it was poorly written before... but he probably would) and making it a much more scalable and feature rich site. And now all of the awesome things that keep this community creating and sharing have been built with his fingers.

And a little more than a year ago I sat down with a friend in the color world, Aaron of ColorSchemer, and we decided that it made a lot of sense for us to merge our projects and work on things full time. It is in this past year that we've had the luxury to focus on COLOURlovers and what it could ultimately be.

The Big Vision

And as we worked on improving the site and developing our business strategy, we had an epiphany. We realized that we didn't need to create a business model that extracted value from the actions of our members (ie, Color Trending & Market Research)... we could build a business adding value to the actions of our members by continuing to create software and services they wanted and to build a way for them to earn a living doing what they love. We realized our mission.... To make good design simple and to empower creativity.

With this vision for the future of COLOURlovers in our hearts and minds we started having conversations with investors who had been successful building their own amazing services and communities. People like the founders of Wordpress, Flickr, Vimeo, Reddit, Groupon & Yahoo!... and VC funds that have invested in the biggest and best sites on the internet. If you'd like to read more about our funding it's been covered here.

Investing in the COLOURlovers Community

Before the big number whisks you off to a world where we're all rich, fat & happy... What we did was take on an investment because we believe in the future potential in what we're building and what you're participating in. The founding team of COLOURlovers is still working for well below market salaries... but now we have awesome perks like health insurance! :)

We're going to use the investment to grow the COLOURlovers team so that we can do a better job maintaining the features we have as well as building and launching new awesome things we have sketched out. The most important thing about having the money is helping us make better long term decisions for the good of our community. Before our funding, we spent a considerable amount of time just making sure were doing things to make enough money to keep our servers online. (And in the earlier days there were times where we were late on bills and both my business and personal accounts were overdrawn) Stressing about short term resources isn't helpful in building long term visions.

*Also, don't worry that we sold out our interest in COLOURlovers to investors who will now take over and change the site... Our investors are awesome people who believe in what we're doing and they wouldn't want to change anything about what we're doing... and the controlling interest of COLOURlovers is still with us the founders.*

The Growing COLOURlovers Team

If you haven't noticed yet, we updated the COLOURlovers About Us page with our two new family members: Molly & Brian. And we'll be adding more names to that page in the coming months as we hire the rest of the awesome team that will help us execute on our big vision. 

If you fit any of the open positions we have... it'd be awesome to promote from within!

Open Positions at COLOURlovers

+ Android / Java Developer

+ Biz Dev / Ad Sales / Partnerships

+ Delphi App Developer

+ HTML5 Developer

+ iOS / MacOS Developer

+ Majestic Unicorn (Web Developer with Design Skills)

+ Wordpress Theme Developer / Designer


Header Pattern Template by Gwenwhyfair, Pattern Colors by southpaws

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The Colors Of Pewabic Pottery

The Colors Of Pewabic Pottery

Pewpabic Pottery is a U.S. National Historical Landmark still in operation today much like it was when it was founded in 1903. The studio and school continues its long history of creating pottery and tiles with the iridescent glazes that made them famous, which are like an oil slick with an incredible translucent quality and a phantasmagoric depth of color. The works of Mary Chase Perry Stratton and Horace James Caulkins, the two responsible for the studio's start, can be seen in collections all over the world from the Louvre to the Detroit Insitute of Arts, and their architectural pieces are in many prominent spots like Herald Square in New York City and Shedd's Aquarium in Chicago.

The History

An integral part in Detroit's contribution to the Arts & Crafts movement in America. The Pottery's first home was a stable on Alfred Street in Detroit. Four years later, Pewabic Pottery moved to a new facility on East Jefferson designed by architect William Buck Stratton in the Tudor Revival style. In 1991, the building (which still houses the Pottery) and its contents were designated a National Historic Landmark and today is Michigan's only historic pottery.

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Colors Of A Cause: Ghost Bikes

Colors Of A Cause: Ghost Bikes

As more people are using bicycles as their main form of transportation, especially within metropolitan areas where most people only travel a few miles everyday, sharing the roads has become more of an issue.

In an attempt to raise public awareness and start a dialog about the rights of cyclists and the problems with our current road sharing systems, people across the country, and across the world, are creating Ghost Bikes as a memorial to those who have been struck or killed while riding on the public streets.

Photo by Howard Kaplan

What Are Ghost Bikes

Ghost Bikes are bikes that have been built from scrap or donated parts that can no longer be reused. They are stripped of all unnecessary parts that could potentially be desicrated or reclaimed for scrapes, painted stark white, then fixed to the site where a cyclist has been hit or killed.

Photo by wiki

The History of Ghost Bikes

The first ghost bike was erected in St. Louis, Missouri in 2003 by Patrick Van Der Tuin. He got the idea after witnessing a cyclist get hit by a car in the bike lane. He painted and placed a bike frame with a hand painted sign using red lettering which read: "Cyclist Struck Here." Since then, similar projects have started across the US and other cities worldwide.

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1,000 (Colorful) Places to See Before You Die

1,000 (Colorful) Places to See Before You Die

Even if you haven't yet been able to travel as your wildest dreams may desire, put these locations on your list of places to see in life. I hope you enjoy the pictures in our color-centric version of the series, and we regret it can't contain every one of the world's gorgeous locations. If you want even more, Read the book of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die or visit the Flickr 1,000 Places Group.

Here Are 19 of Those Places...

by Christopher Chan
The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

by Jeff Epp
Cherry Blossom Viewing, Japan

by Geff Rossi
Notre-Dame Basilica, Quebec, Canada

by Becky E
Ayers Rock and the Olgas, Australia

by il Presbite
Siena, Italy

by nadi0
The Great Ocean Road, Australia

by Barrosopal
Palacio de Cristal, Retiro Park, Madrid

by Christopher Chan
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

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Dexia Tower: An Exercise in Interactive Architecture

Dexia Tower: An Exercise in Interactive Architecture

Think you can't find beauty in a bank? Think again. The Dexia Tower, located in Brussels, embodies just that. Thanks to the creativity of LAb[au], a Belgium based digital design lab, the Dexia Tower has become infinitely more than just a home for paperwork and numbers.

The tower itself went up in 2006, and since then has been host to a variety of fantastic light shows. The third tallest building in Brussels has a lot more going for it than just height, however: Of the building's 6000 windows, 4200 of them contain an installation of 12 light bulbs, each housing 3 LED's (a green, blue and red) that can be combined to form a complete palette of color. The result is a tremendous canvas that can display anything from letters to geometric designs. Seem wasteful? It isn't --recent tests show that the tower uses 1/3 of the electricity that Paris' famed Eiffel Tower uses, thanks to a highly efficient energy saving LED lighting system.

pierre-j.jpgimg by Pierre J.

The tower is currently exhibiting a show called "Who’s afraid of Red, Green and Blue?" which is shown in the picture above. In a two month collaboration with the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, the tower exhibits the temperature of the following day using color. The color code follows a naturally coordinating scale, with violet symbolizing -6° or colder and warming through the color spectrum, red being at the opposite end and symbolizing +6° or warmer. The result is beauty with something useful below the surface, and while there is much to be said for beauty and art all on their own, the function of the Dexia Tower's current show lends a lovely depth to the spectacle. Hit the link below to see this stunning exhibit in action.

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Landmark Color: The Eiffel Tower’s True Hues

Landmark Color: The Eiffel Tower’s True Hues

Located in the City of Lights, the Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most familiar structures and one of the most treasured symbols of France. Weighing a total of 10,100 tons and rising 324 m (including the flagpole) the Eiffel Tower has survived and been protected through the years because of paint. Paint, it seems, “is the essential element in the conservation of metal works”. [Gustave Eiffel]

Well, I don't know about you but when I think of paint, I immediately have a coloring urge.

What Color is the Eiffel Tower?

colors of the Eiffel Tower
by Bret Arnett

Monsieur Eiffel chose to paint the Tower red after it was erected and since then the Eiffel Tower has changed colors several times transitioning between red-browns to mustard yellows back to red-brown and more recently, variations of brown.

According to the official Eiffel Tower website, the most current colour is labeled Bronze though others have labeled the current colour Milk Chocolate Brown or Brownish-Grey.

(Left: The layers of paint and colors of the Eiffel Tower through the years. You can find this on the first floor of the Tower.)


Which Color is the Official “Bronze”?

Eiffel Tower Photo by absolutwade
by absolutwade

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