Marketing Mistakes To Avoid as an Illustrator

Marketing Mistakes To Avoid as an Illustrator

Marketing, using illustrations, is more powerful than using text, which most people don't read. After all, they say that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' A marketing illustration needs to have a strong message to the intended market to make an impact. Most news indicates that all illustrators are different, so what are the various marketing mistakes they need to avoid when doing their work? This article will highlight some.

No smooth illustrations

Illustrations use more drawings than from just the imagination. However, there are many tools to make such marketing arts fine and smooth. People get attracted to fine finishes rather than rugged ones. Most young haven’t got commercial illustrators portfolio and  would give up on the way and end up delivering unfinished work. For instance, the adobe illustrator will offer the simple and smooth tools you need to tidy up your work, but one must know how to use it.

Use of the wrong file format

Well, one would conclude that it's not worth spending a whole day designing a logo for a client and creating the best resolution only to download it in the wrong format. In fact, there are few high-quality formats that will be compatible with your illustration program without changing the resolution. Thus, it's crucial to understand the compatibility between the two documents, particularly for web purposes.

Using the wrong colors

Colors are very crucial in marketing illustrations. Suppose you want to make a logo or design for a coffee house and you use all yellow colors. Does it make since? People would expect more of a dark brown to represent the dark roasts of coffee; similarly, one cannot use purple to illustrate tomato juice. This mistake can cost a company great sales, time, and energy when they reject your work.

Not using swatches

While most young illustrators will try to build their own swatches to remain unique, this can use up most of your time and never achieve the best quality. The most popular illustrator software will have their own hues, skin tones, and color schemes. When used well, such capabilities will always give a unique outcome, so there is no need to create some from scratch. The experts advise that one can create color schemes that have never been seen before with such tools.

Poor cropping

It's one of the popular mistakes young marketing illustrators make. If one is going to crop, the relationship between the image and cropping must be logical. Thus, one cannot crop more than 1/3 of the image; otherwise, it will lose meaning. Additionally, trimming also depends on the effect one wants to create in the illustration. For instance, one may decide to trim the lower part of a human portrait and leave the upper part with enough allowance from the image to the trim.


Illustrations are used in more than marketing setups and all need great creativity. As a rising way of marketing, illustrators must, by all means, produce classic work. A combination of great tools alongside creativity is what will give the best results.

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Color Inspiration in Cake: A Rainbow Array of Birthday Confections

Color Inspiration in Cake: A Rainbow Array of Birthday Confections

Once a year, we each get to be king or queen for the day, having the world (theoretically) shift on its axis to center around us! We're talking about annual birthday celebrations! And who doesn't love those?!

And what makes any birthday party complete? A dazzling, delicious, and colorful cake, of course! We've gathered here some of our favorite colorful confections, as well as the pigment-infused palettes they've inspired. We'd love to see your birthday cakes (or cupcakes!) from past years, as well as patterns and palettes you've been inspired to create because of them! Until then, we're wishing you all many more anniversaries and yearly celebrations filled with awe-inspiring Birthday cake bliss!


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Sunshine Celebration

1-Sunshine Celebration


Coming Up Roses

2-Coming Up Roses


Sweet Celebration

3-Sweet Celebration


Farm Daze

4-Farm Daze


Pastel Party

5-Pastel Party


Pretty Princess

6-Pretty Princess


Floral Fantasia

7-Floral Fantasia



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Color Inspiration in Coffee: A Collection of Bright and Magical Mugs

Color Inspiration in Coffee: A Collection of Bright and Magical Mugs

Infusing one's life with a little (or a lot of!) color is always a great thing, but if choosing the most important time to really represent the rainbow, it would be those early morning, crack-of-dawn moments...say, like when you are making that first cup of joe to give yourself just that extra jolt of energy for the day.

Caffeine, of course, is what you're primarily after in this instance, but isn't it just honestly a better wake-up for you (body and soul!) when your jolt of javahhhhh arrives in a joyfully colorful coffee cup? We think so, too! So we've gathered here some of the most YAY-worthy magical mugs. You're welcome ;)   Feel free to post your preferred morning mug, Colourlovers, and the palettes or patterns they inspire within you!



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Daisy Mae

1-Daisy Mae


You're a Ringo Starr!

2-You're a Ringo Starr!


Mickey Morning

3-Mickey Morning


Color Me Caffeine

4-Color Me Caffeine


On the Spot 

5-On the Spot


Pastel Pick-me-up

6-Pastel Pick-me-up


Rise N' Shine Rainbow 

7-Rise n' Shine Rainbow



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Color Inspiration in Nature: Sizzling Shades of Sunrises and Sunsets

Color Inspiration in Nature: Sizzling Shades of Sunrises and Sunsets

The naturally occurring bookends to each day, the sunrise and sunset have always held a beautiful symbolism for life. As brilliant as its hues held within, each morning sunrise holds the promise of a brand new day--a fresh start to begin again. Sunsets, sizzling with a kaleidoscope of shades and tones, remind us of a day well spent, opening the way for reflection, and gratitude to enter our hearts each evening.

Gathered here are just a handful of some of the most beautiful and versatile sunrises and sunsets we've seen, as well as the color palettes they've inspired. Please feel free to share your own sunset inspirations and Colourlover creations in the comments below, community!


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Mountain Morning

1-Mountain Morning


Fire in the Sky

2-Fire in the Sky


Tranquil Waters

3-Tranquil Waters


Evening Embers

4-Evening Embers


Cumulus Hither

5-Cumulus Hither


Pier Group

6-Pier Group


Cotton Candy Clouds

7-Cotton Candy Clouds


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Color Inspiration in Fairy Tales: Disney Dazzles in Every Shade of the Rainbow

Color Inspiration in Fairy Tales: Disney Dazzles in Every Shade of the Rainbow

Who doesn't adore the magical world of wonder created by Walt Disney? Throughout each of our childhoods (and well into many of our adulthoods!), we have joined alongside this visionary to journey on whimsical and wonderful fairy tale adventures.

This post pays homage to a few of our favorite fairy tale heroines, brought to life (and brilliant color!) by Walt Disney's highly talented creative artists. Feel free to post a palette or pattern and photo of your own beloved fairy tale princess, warrior queen or heroine here, as well, Colourlover community!

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Magical Mulan

1-Magical Mulan


Awe Inspiring Aurora

2-Awe Inspiring Aurora


Iridescent Ariel

3-Irridescent Aurora


Beautiful Belle

4-Beautiful Belle


Radiant Rapunzel

5-Radiant Rapunzel


Shining Cinderella

6-Shining Cinderella


Stunning Snow White

7-Stunning Snow White


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Color Inspiration in Decor: Lighting that Dazzles

Color Inspiration in Decor: Lighting that Dazzles

When it comes to home decor, lighting is one of the most important features to decide upon. Whether it be daring statement fixtures, more classic sconces and the like, or more, filling your domicile with light can be a super fun experience! We've gathered here some fantastic and super colorful lighting options that'll make you oooh and ahhh, along with the color palettes each has inspired. Feel free to add your own creations, and perhaps even some of your favorites from your own dwelling!

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Light Bright

1-Light Bright


Orange Rouge

2-Orange Rouge


Color Splat

3-Color Splat


Sha La Chandelier

4-Sha La Chandelier


Lighten Up

5-Lighten Up


Spring Bulbs

6-Spring Bulbs


Lighter Side

7-Lighter Side



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Color Inspiration in Animation: Vibrant Video Game Characters

Color Inspiration in Animation: Vibrant Video Game Characters

From the early days of Atari and Nintendo Super Mario Bros, to the modern likes of Halo and more, video games have gained a fan following beyond near pastime enjoyment. From interactive online gaming, where players can literally play against one another onscreen, while living oceans apart, to myriad other modern innovations, video games have come a long way since day one.

Yet one thing has remained the same: the colorful clad characters within these imaginary worlds of wonder. Gathered here is an homage to some of our favorite oldie but goodie video game players, and their wonderful rainbow wardrobes. Pictures of each, as well as the palettes they've inspired can be seen below, and we'd love to see your own additions as well, Colourlovers!


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Watch Your Colortone Toadstool

1-Watch Your Colortone Toadstool






Linking Up

3-Linking Up


Pretty Pretty Princess

4-Pretty Pretty Princess


Colourlovin' Luigi

5-Colourlovin' Luigi


YO Yoshi!

6-YO Yoshi!


Super Shade-y Mario

7-Super Shade-y Mario




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Color Inspiration in Clothing: Spinning Yarn in Every Shade

Color Inspiration in Clothing: Spinning Yarn in Every Shade

We all know that one form of "Spinning Yarns," means when someone is telling some amazing, fascinating, and "colorful" stories, but on another level, colorful yarns can also be found spun around a spindle! Whether ultimately used for shirts, skirts, sweaters, or more, fantastical selections of yarns--from every shade of the rainbow--make you smile just by looking at them, much less wearing them!

Gathered here are some of the most cool--and colorful--yarns we could find, along with the awesome palettes they inspired. We'd love to see your own colorful yarns and palettes as well, so don't be shy, Colourlover community, chime in below in the comments section with your own rainbow-worthy threads!


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Striped Shades

1-Striped Shades


Bundle of Joy

2-Bundle of Joy


Pinky Swear

3-Pinky Swear


Crown Jewel Tones

4-Crown Jewel Tones


Orange J(y)ello

5-Orange J(y)ello


Bright Braiding

6-Bright Braiding






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Color Inspiration in Food: Oodles of Pretty Pasta Noodles

Color Inspiration in Food: Oodles of Pretty Pasta Noodles

When one mentions "pasta," the minds of the majority of diners the world over immediately meander toward visions of Italy, with red and white wine sauces swathing fresh made strands of spaghetti and the like amid an authentic Italian cucina. However, you might be surprised to hear that while most think of pasta as having Italian roots, it's more than likely that the doughy noodles can actually be traced back to a beginning in ancient Asia.

More specifically, evidence of these whispered beliefs are somewhat confirmed in the case of some historical retellings, like that of the famous explorer Marco Polo, who brought the fare to Italy following his discovery of an Asian breadfruit tree that produced barley-like flour/meal--all of which he documented in his 13th century book, "The Travels of Marco Polo." But regardless of where--or whom--these ringlets and stringless of deliciousness derived from, gourmands across the globe adore them. Gathered here are a few of the most colorful pastas we could find, along with the palettes they inspired. Feel free to add your own fun and fantastical foodie finds in the below comments as well, Colourlover community! We always love connecting and collaborating with you!

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Seeing Stars

1-Seeing Stars


Razzle Dazzle Rigatoni

2-Razzle Dazzle Rigatoni





Curly Qs

4-Curly Qs


Fruit Stripe Fun

5-Fruit Stripe Fun


Neon Noodles

6-Neon Noodles


Techno Tortellini

7-Techno Tortellini



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Color Inspiration in Laughter: Clowns Clothed in Rainbow Wear

Color Inspiration in Laughter: Clowns Clothed in Rainbow Wear

Whether it be a gleeful performance by iconic actor Donald O' Connor in Hollywood classic film Singin' in the Rain, lyrically encouraging us to "Make 'Em Laugh," or velvety voiced Cole Porter coaxing us to "Be a Clown," we all recognize the merits of mirth, and gaiety. Inspiring us to keep the chuckles coming, clowns have always been synonymous with hilarity and guffaws. So, thank you clowns, for all the laughs, and for the colorful attire you always seem to sport (we love that, too!) Gathered here are just a few of those psychedelic threads, along with the palettes each inspired. Feel free to jump on in with your own images and palettes of joyful rainbow clown wear, Colourlovers! We'd love to see those shades and styles!

Chubby Checkered

1-Chubby Checkered


Green Being

2-Green Being


Betty Blue

3-Betty Blue


Cosmic Clown

4-Cosmic Clown


Confetti Clown

5-Confetti Clown





Mermaid Mirth

7-Mermaid Mirth



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