Color Inspiration in Animation: Vibrant Video Game Characters

Color Inspiration in Animation: Vibrant Video Game Characters

From the early days of Atari and Nintendo Super Mario Bros, to the modern likes of Halo and more, video games have gained a fan following beyond near pastime enjoyment. From interactive online gaming, where players can literally play against one another onscreen, while living oceans apart, to myriad other modern innovations, video games have come a long way since day one.

Yet one thing has remained the same: the colorful clad characters within these imaginary worlds of wonder. Gathered here is an homage to some of our favorite oldie but goodie video game players, and their wonderful rainbow wardrobes. Pictures of each, as well as the palettes they've inspired can be seen below, and we'd love to see your own additions as well, Colourlovers!


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Watch Your Colortone Toadstool

1-Watch Your Colortone Toadstool






Linking Up

3-Linking Up


Pretty Pretty Princess

4-Pretty Pretty Princess


Colourlovin' Luigi

5-Colourlovin' Luigi


YO Yoshi!

6-YO Yoshi!


Super Shade-y Mario

7-Super Shade-y Mario




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Check out these super fun characters we discovered cruising along the Colourlover forums! Feel free to add your own unique additions by simply copying and pasting the badges in this comment section, Colourlover family! We'd love to showcase YOU, too!




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