Color Inspiration in the Air: Hot Air Balloons in Every Hue

Color Inspiration in the Air: Hot Air Balloons in Every Hue

The year was 1783, and the world's first air balloon "flight" was about to be completed on October 15 in France by a balloon named the "Aerostat Reveillon." Piloting the launch was French scientist Jean-Franíçois Pilí¢tre De Rozier, and while to some, the "flight," which saw the balloon basically lofting to the end of a 250-foot tether, and hovering there mid-air for roughly 15 minutes, before landing safely nearby, would seem lackluster at best nowadays, at the time, it was a revolutionary aerobatic accomplishment.

Just a mere 30 days later, De Rozier and co-pilot Marquis d'Arlandes braved alighting untethered this time, soaring unattached to a height of 500 feet, and traversing nearly 5.5 miles, to achieve the first official "free flight" made by man.

We've come a long way since that day (thank you, Wright brothers, and beyond!), and so, we are dedicating this blog to the humble hot air balloon beginnings of our world of aviation! Below are some beautifully, colorful favorites, along with the palettes they've inspired. We'd love to see your own state fair or balloon rally photo snaps and personal palettes as well, Colourlover community! Cheers, and happy flying!

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Yellow to You

1-Yellow to You Too


Plum Tickled

2-Plum Tickled


Cacti Affair 

3-Cacti Affair


Striped Sky

4-Striped Sky


Rainbow Whirled

5-Rainbow Whirled


Check Me Out

6-Check Me Out


Swirled Piece

7-Swirled Piece


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Found this pattern by Mountain Beauty that is inspired by one of these Hot Air beauties! LOVE it! Hot_Air_Balloon

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