Color Inspiration in Fun: A Kaleidoscope of Rainbow Festivals

Color Inspiration in Fun: A Kaleidoscope of Rainbow Festivals

Do you have a favorite childhood memory of a local festival, state county fair, or school carnival that you looked forward to going to with your family and friends each year? We sure do. And with those sweet memories, come equally sweet (and delicious) recollections of all the accompanying food that so often could be found there....puffy clouds of pastel cotton candy (pinks, blues, lavenders, oh my!), funnel cakes dusted delicately with clouds of sprinkled sugar, psychedelic shades of syrupy snow cones, and so much more. The tastes are special to be sure, but those colors of these carnivals, matchless! Gathered here are some vibrant captures of super fun carnivals, festival, and fairs, with the color palettes their images inspired. We'd love to see your very own photos from real state fair and festival visits, and your shared links to your own Colourlover palettes to match! So read on, enjoy, and post away in the comment section, revealing your own unique personality (and palettes!)

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Golden Ringlet

1-Golden Ringlet

Clowning Around

2-Clowning Around



Whirled of Fun

4-Whirled of Fun

Give Em the Chair!

5-Give Em the Chair!


Swing Dance

6-Swing Dance

Raise the Flag

7-Raise the Flag


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