Color Inspiration in Art: Fingerpainting a Fantasia of Rainbows

Color Inspiration in Art: Fingerpainting a Fantasia of Rainbows

Who remembers when getting messy was synonymous with being FUN?! We sure do, and   one of our favorite ways of really getting knee (or hands!) deep in the thick of it all was fingerpainting! Whether a simple, after school arts and crafts project to while away the afternoon or more sophisticated designs and swirls on canvas made by the bigger kid (okay, maybe us adults too), there's just something cathartic, and oh-so-joyful about dunking your fingers in a dab of rainbow paint and letting your inner artist shine, and swirl, (outside those lines!) Here are some super fun (and colorful) master finger painters, along with the color palettes their creations inspired. Feel free to jump in and post your own!

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Bon Apetit 

1-Bon Apetit


Peace Out

2-Peace Out


Splatter Shadows

3-Splatter Shadows


Pinky Swirl

4-Pinky Swirl


Hands Up!

5-Hands Up


Goggles N' Goop

6-Goggles N' Goop


Purple Palms

7-Purple Palms


Rainbow Dining

8-Rainbow Dining


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