How to Incorporate the Color of the Year into Your Site

How to Incorporate the Color of the Year into Your Site

Every year, Pantone announces the Color of the Year. In 2014, the Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid. While this may seem like news that only affects fashion designers and paint manufacturers, it also affects web design trends.

Trends Are, Well, Trends

It is more than likely that the average web designer will have at least one request to design a site that is decked out in Radiant Orchid in 2014. Though using a trendy color for a website may draw attention this year, next year Pantone will announce another color. This means that a website that was cool in 2014 may look dated in a very short time. If the clients want to ride the trends, then they will need to update their websites every year, incurring more costs. This is probably something the trendy client didn’t consider, so having a discussion about trends is likely a good idea.

Another thing about using a trendy color is that it’s everywhere. Just like a song played over and over on the radio, people will get tired of this trendy color pretty quickly. That doesn’t mean using Radiant Orchid is a bad idea, but these are all avenues worth considering as a web designer.

Does It Fit The Brand?

Another thing to discuss with your clients is whether or not they are being trendy at the detriment of their brand. Usually, brands use specific colors throughout the company’s lifespan. The right colors for their site generally are ones that echo their brand color. If businesses are choosing a trendy color for their brand color, you may want to ask them if they are sure this is the color they want to use long term. Small businesses without marketing experience may think that going with a color like Radiant Orchid will make them look current but haven’t thought through the long-term consequences.

This can directly affect your work. For example, if you start building a site in 2014, and it isn’t finished until 2015, your client just might send you back to change the color as soon as the new Color of the Year is announced.

Small Doses

If your clients are set on using Radiant Orchid in their web designs, suggest they use touches of it around the site. Small touches will be easier to alter and won’t look like a complete website overhaul when the color changes are made.

Flat Design

Another way to incorporate a trendy color without it looking dated quickly is by using it in a flat color scheme. In flat color schemes, many different coordinating colors are used in a design. This design, while colorful, is also simplistic. Often, the designer will leave out shadows, bevels and other fancy design elements and focus on how the colors work together to create a pleasing look.

So, when you get website design requests for the number one color for 2014, Radiant Orchid, make sure to discuss the color’s uses with clients to be sure they aren’t heading down an expensive road that may not fit with their brand. Then, if they are set on the color, give them several design options that will make the site modern for a longer period of time.

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Why would I incorporate this color into anything I use? It is a wimpy pastel at best and not in my palette of favorites at all.


I think its a very pretty shade, could definitely work for a spa, or beauty company :)


Good suggestion. I would like to implement it in my online wedding cards website.


Some colors are better suited for print ;)


Not in love with this years color.... Not a big fan of anything purple-hued! Just a few more months to go to see which is the next color!!

Shamaness Bhann

not into purple pastels.
i guess it serves its purpose somewhere.


Lowes carries the pantone paint line. this color ad is a little off to the actual is a purple pink color a little brighter than the toned down ad. I do see what they did as to vary the degree of color. However, i liked the teal color of the year last year much better.... The color does represent the name as it is a clean color which all of their line seems to be. Even if its not a color you would use it is still a clean defining color and will pop against white. Even their muted colors pop when placed against a trim. here is a look back over the last few years.


This is the color of Lumpy Space Princess.


"Ugh! That tickles my lumps, Melissa!"


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It looks great paired up with a gray color.


It still needs some oomph!


Good suggestion. I would like to implement it in my online wedding cards website.


I used it in this site - check it out!


Lot of creative stuffs can do be done using this kind of colour. Let me try with different colour combinations to put it on my profile.


All images looks too professional. This is an alternative way to get done with color combinations. Thanks for sharing with us and Find here all branches and IFSC Code of Canara Bank in Bangalore.


So...when does the Pantene color come out for 2015?


NeenaT26 wrote:
So...when does the Pantene color come out for 2015?

Already did!


Thanks! Marsala is a much more usable color!


thanks for sharing the place Jepara furniture design


This is an awesome color but when I think of orchid, what comes to mind is a brighter, warmer, and slightly pinker color:

"Radiant Orchid" seems more of a lavender or lilac.

(I'm looking for a lipstick the color of the orchids in the photo above. If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations, please throw them at me.)


This suggested great ideas. Thanks!


I'd like to hear from the team how we would be able to incorporate Marsala in a multitude of ways. Radiant Orchid is so last year.


Well these are really useful suggestion and people working in wedding card industry can surely utilize these in the best way.

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