Scribble: One Pen, Any Color

Scribble: One Pen, Any Color

Ever since I was a small child, I knew that more was better in terms of color options. I showed up to the first day of school so proud of my box of 24 crayons only to be disappointed and extremely jealous when I spotted my classmate's box of 48. There was no way around it, the bigger the box, the cooler the kid.

What if you could have absolutely any color in your artist's arsenal? Imagine how large your tool set would have to be to pull off such a feat! The folks behind Scribble will blow your mind with an unconventional answer: one pen. That's all you need to replicate any color you see.

How is this marvel of technology accomplished? The tip of the pen is equipped with an RGB color sensor. When you point it at an object, it grabs that object's color. The pen is smart enough to mix the included ink to arrive at your chosen color!

Too good to be true you say? Unfortunately, cool tech doesn't come cheap. You'll have to hand over a whopping $150 for a single pen. If you're a digital doodler, there's a stylus alternative for $80.

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I'm definitely getting the stylus in the future, if it is sold somewhere nearby of course.

The pen is expensive indeed, but I'm more worried about the ink price, I bet the cartridges are going to be really expensive and as with older printers that had the 4 inks on 1 cartridge you'll have to change it when a color is spent, even if the others have plenty left.

Still, having one of those would be amazing.


oh my. this is my dream pen.


that seems pretty amazing!


Sounds interesting :)


Amazing technology in hand. Now students will feel to sketch in any color.


omo...thats so amazing!! has technology grown since ever or what>? okay so if i had another b-day i want this!! ...^_^ even has an app to show how much ink is left!! WOAH ! this is like...amazing....thanks o much for informing me!!! woah....


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